Rock vs Rap vs Pop vs R&B vs Country vs Metal (not a poll)

Before I begin, I'd like to express how sad it is that my most controversial and critically panned post would be about SELFDESTRUCT of all people.

To seal my taste in music with a nail (no this is not my last post), I would like to look at six of the biggest genres of all time, rate them, and order them based on my preference.

Pop: Prepare...I like pop. I've always liked pop. It's the genre I grew up on, it's the genre I can connect to the most, and it's the genre I can justify the most. I hate how everyone thinks that being pop = bad. It doesn't. Adele is pop. Michael Jackson is pop. Prince is pop. The Beatles are pop. This genre is also generally very polished and fast, more so than some other genres. That said, I know a bad pop song when I see one. I give it an 8.9/10.

Rock: I like rock even more than pop. It's brasher, rougher, more realistic, and more consistent. I've never actively hated a rock song in my life (unless Revolution 9 by the Beatles counts as a rock song, as well as Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen). It's a shame; only one of my best lists has a true rock song topping it (2008). I give it a 9.5/10.

Rap: I know I'm going to upset a lot of people but I think rap is a good genre. It gives one more options to be technical with their lyrics, more creative with rhythms, more versatile beatwork (there's such thing as hip-pop and rap rock you know), and just as good a story. There are rap songs about apologizing to one's mother, mourning, and even racial and suicidal issues. It's a real genre. I do agree however that mainstream rap has taken a spiral down since about 2004ish; and it doesn't appear to be stopping. I give it an 8/10.

Country: This is where I start to be much less generous with the genres. I admittedly have nowhere near as much respect for country as I do for rap, pop, and rock. Maybe it's just that it died around 2013 and never ally had a chance to peak, but I have never really considered myself a country fan. Yeah there's Jamie N Commons, yeah there was Taylor Swift's old stuff, yeah there's Lady Antebellum, but there's also Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton. It's all southern accents, smothered guitars, banjos, and tractors now. I give it a 5.5/10.

Metal: Hands down this is going to be the most controversial of the picks. I don't discriminate metal fans, but I can't bring myself to enjoy the genre. I wasn't going to rate it as I felt like I didn't get to have a say in this...but then I discovered the existence of black metal. I give it a 3/10.

R&B: I want to like this genre. It's a genre that can potentially be beautiful and sweet but hardly anyone in the genre gives me that feeling. There's...Tony Sunshine and literally that's it. On the other hand, there's the Weeknd, Jason DeRĂ¼lo, Chris Brown, R. Kelly, and Ne-Yo. It's never been an enjoyable genre for me. I give it a 3/10.

So here's the ranking: rock > pop > rap >> country >>> metal = R&B. What do you think? This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


I would rank them like this:
1- Rock
2- Metal
3- Pop
4- Rap
5- R&B
6- Country
Although I do like all of them. - Martinglez

Where does EDM come in? - PositronWildhawk

In between rap and country. I give it a 7.5/10. There's Deadmau5, Daft Punk, and others, but there's also Pitbull,, and others. - WonkeyDude98

Pitbull and are rap, I think. Also, Capital Kings are awesome. And Helion. Don't forget Helion. - RiverClanRocks

Pitbull and are technically rap, but their beats are largely electronic and made to dance to, so... - WonkeyDude98

You may want to listen to some older R&B if you "want to like this genre". I'm sure you're aware, but R&B and Country genres have been around for generations. And while I'm not saying you should like them or that you're certain to find some country songs you'd like, I'm mentioning this since you only cite more modern artists, and you may care to dig deeper when evaluating categories, which I imagine you did for Rock. - Billyv

Give me some examples. Also, 5.5/10 for me means that, "I can listen to the genre on occasion and like a handful of the songs from it, but generally there are more pleasant listening experiences! - WonkeyDude98

In your post, you rated R&B 3/10 yet you also wrote that you "want to like it". So my friendly suggestion was that if you really have an interest that you look beyond the more modern acts you mention. As a courtesy, I'll respond to "give me some examples" (which you could research yourself) with - Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Four Tops, The Supremes, Earth Wind and Fire, Mary J Blige, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight and The Pips... - Billyv

Isn't Marvin Gaye soul? Anyway, I'll try them out. - WonkeyDude98

"Isn't Marvin Gaye soul"? He and many others often blur genre lines whether at different times in their careers or song to song. It's probably easier to label songs by genre rather than artists who often crossover between genres. Yet so many songs also combine elements from different genres. Assigning a distinct genre label is often a difficult, futile and useless effort.
As for my mention of Marvin Gaye and the others, they all have been categorized by industry sources at some point as R&B, thought most have more than one label applied to their work - Billyv

R&B is Rhythm & Blues, so it's been around for a while and a lot of black music back then was considered R&B, especially Ray Charles. This also included Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, etc. - Mcgillacuddy

About metal, it comes in many different types. It's diverse in such a way that you're most likely narrowing down your opinion about metal towards traditional metal, folk metal, black/death metal and the "core" genres. You can't just say the same towards gothic, symphonic, power and alternative metal. - visitor

If you want stuff considered as "metal" but you don't like those growling and stuff, and you don't want it too hard, maybe I'd suggest Delain, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation or Kamelot. - visitor

Have you heard any Johnny Cash? - PetSounds

Beyond Hurt, no. - WonkeyDude98

You should probably listen to more country before you judge it. If Taylor Swift is one of the first artists that comes to mind, well... - PetSounds

She's not even bad bro! - WonkeyDude98

Yeah, Johnny Cash is the best country singer ever. No doubt about it. - Martinglez

Not all country music is bad I'll admit. There are some good older country songs like Garth Brook's The Dance and George Strait's I Cross My Heart - bobbythebrony

For me, it goes:

Rap (9/10)
EDM (9/10)
Rock (8.5/10)
Pop (7/10)
R&B (6/10)
Metal (2/10) - SwagFlicks

My ratings:
Rap: 5/10. Not it's biggest fan, but I know good rap when I see it.
Electronic: 11/10
Rock: 10.5/10
Pop: 4/10. Most pop music is horrible nowadays, at least for me.
R&B: Don't know it that well.
Metal: 10/10
Country (modern): 1/10, sometimes 0/10, or -1/10. - RiverClanRocks

Country has grown on me immensely. I listened to Dave Cobb's Southern Family compilation album, it was phenomenal. - WonkeyDude98

I listen all kinds of songs of these genres.I judge songs by artists's hard working and creativity in their songs.But still rock is my most favorite among them. - zxm

For me, even if a song isn't very creative and is pretty lazy, there's a scale of quality for that, but it can't be the best of the best. And rock is my favorite as well, though I'd probably bump it down to just a 9/10 for birthing that abortion post-grunge. - WonkeyDude98

Rock: 9/10
EDM: 8/10 (if you find the good ones)
Rap: 7.5/10
Metal: 7.5/10
Pop: 7/10
R&B: 6.5/10
Country: 5/10 - djpenquin999

EDM: 9/10
Rock" 9/10
Pop: 8/10
Metal: 7/10
R and B: 8/10
Rap: 8/10
Country: 4/10 - ProPanda

Yiu are biased - visitor

This is outdated, you know. - WonkeyDude98

My lord, what an awful post. Let's fix that.

Rock: 9.5/10
Pop: 9/10
Rap: 9/10
Jazz: 9/10
EDM: 8.5/10
R&B: 8/10
Metal: 7.5/10

Classical: unfair/10 - WonkeyDude98

Classical: f**/10
Actually make Classical a 4/10. It's not that good anyways... - AlphaQ

And country's 8.5/10 - WonkeyDude98


Rap: 10/10
Rock: 10/10
Pop: 8.5/10
Jazz: 10/10
EDM: 7/10
R&B: 9.5/10
Metal: 6/10 - SwagFlicks

Eileens ratings:
Metal 10/10
Rock 10/10
Pop 6/10
Rap 0/10
Jazz 4/10
Edm 8/10
Rb 2/10 - visitor

Mine would go like this:

Dubstep (11/10)
Rap (10/10)
Pop (9/10)
Trap (8.5/10)
R&B (8/10)
Metal (7/10)
Jazz (7/10)
Rock (6.5/10)
EDM (6/10)
Classical (4/10)
Teen Pop (2.5/10)
Teen Rap (1.5/10)
Teen Country :) (-infinity/10)
Country (-1/10) - AlphaQ

Edit: Dubstep is an 8/10. Screw dem mistakes. Oh, and make Metal a 5/10 - AlphaQ

poop - PeeledBanana

Metal: 9.5/10 (Not a fan of death metal)
Rock: 9/10 (There are so many subgenres. This is just the average score)
Rap: 7/10 (I'm quite neutral about this)
EDM: 7/10 (I'm also neutral about this)
Pop: 6.5/10 (I don't really hate it. I just hate its modern version. I mean, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, etc. are awesome)
Country: 6.5/10 (Its modern version also sucks) - visitor

Rap: 8/10 (My favorite genre but I'm not sugarcoating it all thanks to modern rap)
Pop: 8/10 (It's good when there are good artists there to show it some justice)
Metal: 7/10 (Death Metal and Black Metal bring this down)
EDM: 7/10 (Depends on how good the song is, but I've heard a lot that are very good)
Country: 6/10 (Lady Antebellum, otherwise meh) - Mcgillacuddy

Metal is the best. Rock too. Rap is feces. - visitor

Rock: 9/10
Metal: 9/10
Pop: 7/10 (There are still some songs that restore my faith in pop bit by bit.)
Rap: 7/10 (There are amazing rappers, but the majority of the songs are... bad)
Country: 3/10 (There are a few country songs I like, but it wouldn't be the first genre I would listen to)
R&B: 3/10 - 906389

Pop: 8/10 - This category is so broad, that it's hard to grade, but I definitely like a good handful of pop songs.

Rock: 7/10 - Not a bad genre, but also not my taste, for the most part. However, since it's been around for so long, there have definitely been some song and artists I like, such a Queen.

Rap: 4/10 - I hate most rap songs, especially modern, but sometimes they can be a guilty pleasure.

Country: 1/10 - This genre is just all around awful. I can definitely count the number of country songs I like on one hand.

Metal: 1/10 - Same as country, but the fans tend to be way more obnoxious about it.

R&B: 10/10 - Mariah, Whitney, Boyz II Men - there are simply too many phenomenal vocalists in this genre to hate it. I mean, it's basically pop, but with better vocals and less emphasis on the backtrack. - spongerman

Old Pop: 3/10
Modern Pop: 9/10

Old Rap: 10/10
Modern Rap: 8/10

So yea...modern pop is better than modern rap. - AlphaQ

Michael Jackson? - EliHbk

Metal - 9.4/10
Rock - 8.7/10, there is Queen, The Doors, Exodus, and etc. but lower thanks thanks to Simple Plan, Linkin Park, Creed, Nickelback, My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, etc...
Rap- could care less about it anymore
Country- every time I hear it I want to smash the radio, and its never really cared for it at all.
Jazz- could care less about it, never listen to it or hear it

If I didn't mention anything I forgot or don't have an opinion on it,.. - visitor

exactly - EliHbk

Metal: 8/10 (very diverse, has the best of all of the worlds, but things like black metal exist, so...ermmm)
Rock: 8/10 (pretty diverse)
Rap: 5/10 (not too many good artists like Biggie, Eminem, or MGK)
Country: 6/10 (very upbeat genre that always makes me feel good, regardless of quality)
Pop: 7/10 (some notable artists, indeed) - EliHbk

Metal is now a 5/10

Old Rap: 9/10
Modern Rap: 8/10
Old Pop: 3/10
Modern Pop: 9/10 - AlphaQ

Ok my opinion:

Rock 9.6/10
Metal 9.5/10 (you know there isn't just black metal there is traditional metal and other good metal genres too)
Hip hop 7.5/10 (old hip hop is amazing like rapper's delight and rap rock is also cool)
Country 6/10
Pop 4.5/10 (old pop is good, but today it is mostly s***ty) - PanagosBoi17

Metal 10/10
Rock 10/10
Rap 8/10
Pop 5/10
R&B 6/10
Country 4/10 - Idiot244

Metal 10/10
Rock 9.5/10
Gangsta Rap 7/10
Mumble Rap 3/10
Classic Pop 6/10
Modern Pop 2/10
Latin 4/10
Electronic 5/10
RnB/Soul 7/10
Jazz 8.5/10
Blues 8/10
Classical 9/10 - GreenDayFan21