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321 Electronic Body Music (EBM)
322 Aggrotech

This is good too.

323 World

World is amazing. I think the music industry needs more world in it. I love hearing the sound of western music with traditinal music. this genre should be number 1 its interesting.

324 Sadcore V 1 Comment
325 Neue Deutsche Härte V 1 Comment
326 Indian Classical

One of the purest forms of music. And I'm not even Indian... Oh wait, yes I am.

I don't care if I am the only voter for this... But being a musician and having explored numerous genres, I know that this is the richest form of music in the whole damn world... particularly the Karnatik Indian Classical!

327 Bollywood

Bollywood music is so fun

328 Screamocore

Screamo + Hardcore = Screamocore

V 1 Comment
329 Electropop
330 Classic Latin
331 Schlager
332 Moombahton

This is a great genre. It's more popular then you think as songs like 4U by aero chord and even Where are you now by skrillex and diplo was moombahton

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333 Chap Hop
334 Extratone

Man, this is just noise...this is coming from someone that doesn't mind Death Metal.

335 Pornogrind

Being a death metal person, lyrics about pornographic stuff doesn't appeal to me.

Look up pornogrind, and see what happens!

I never knew there is a whole 294 music genres!

This is the most disgusting genre of music ever. Worse thanpop! - IslanD

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336 Deathstep
337 Southern Gospel
338 Christian Rock
339 Christian Hip Hop
340 UK Garage
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