Progressive Rock

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This is the most complex genre out there, and is better to listen to than one of those easy-to-listen to 4 minute songs. People should listen to longer songs at 20 minutes in length, with a bunch of tempo changes, key changes, and many different chords and time signatures, and stuff like that. It takes a lot of talent for someone to make good songs like these, with all the really long instrumental sections, with many solos in any instrument, whether it be keyboards, or saxophones, or flutes, they are all there. Unlike other genres, this one actually gets you to listen very closely and pay attention to the song to enjoy it. A lot of these songs are masterpieces because of all these things, and I recommend listening to Pink Floyd, Genesis, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Rush, and Kansas.

Most often, experimenting with music is the best possible way of discovering the greatest tune. Progressive rock consistently shows how successful this method can be, and is constantly regenerating into new things - perhaps not well known in the world, but most definitely significant. In conclusion, I find that musicians become much better at playing their own respective instruments and there are a number of examples of why this is absolutely true. To name a few: Asia, Be Bop Deluxe, Blue Oyster Cult, Kate Bush, Camel, Chicago, Deep Purple, Elbow, ELO, Focus, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Journey, Kansas, King Crimson, Kraftwerk, Marillion, The Moody Blues, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rainbow, Renaissance, Roxy Music, Rush, Sigur Ros, Sky, Supertramp, Toto, Jeff Wayne and Yes.

In many ways, it encompasses a lot of genres that could possibly never connect otherwise. It also gives the artist free reign to create the music that parallels their emotions and thoughts.

Most of these bands/artists you mentioned, despite being great, don't make progressive music. - RalphSaad

Ambition, creativity, complexity, diversity, and soul. Its just so much more interesting than normal classic rock bands. Even though it isn't really a genre... Progressive is an attribute which not many bands are. It means to push boundaries is music, to create standards instead of embracing them. To be able to do this takes a band like King Crimson or Genesis (70s genesis) and many more! There are infinite prog bands to discover, nothing is money oriented. Its self inspired, and absolutely beautiful. Too bad that word "pretentious" exists. "Your music sucks because you believe in yourself." Wheres the logic there? Without being pretentious, music would just stay the same forever. Underrated, but amazing in my opinion.

Progressive Rock involves a lot of talent to create complex songs with long instrumental sections and a variety of different musical sections with little verse-chorus structure. The music takes elements from the classical and jazz genres which creates a classical song made with a variety of instruments mostly including your typical rock instruments, and sometimes saxophones and violins. British bands including Pink Floyd, Genesis, and King Crimson have greatly influenced the genre with their good music, and others like Rush and Kansas have brought the music to North America. This is real music.

Progressive Rock is a great genre, but it's overshadowed by others that are better. The good thing about this music is that it is very original and shows that the musicians that play this music are really talented. The problem though is that the songs are most of the time boring and over 20 minutes long. The complex beats and super long duration with half the song being crazy solos and the other half being boring can be overwhelming for the average listener, but the music itself is better than most popular music nowadays, and bands such as Genesis, Rush, and King Crimson have proved that to be true.

Prog is at least one if not the best genre! Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, ELP, and Kimg Crimson! Plus this includes Prog metal.

The fact that this genre is at no. 20 in this list and not no. 1 shows how far humanity has fallen. Progressive rock is true music. True, proper, monumental music. How music SHOULD be. For people who actually listen to MUSIC. Not radio poppy crap or bland rock/metal "classics". It contains musicians who actually know how to truly craft timeless compositions that can and never will date, and frankly, anyone who doesn't listen to this astronomically brilliant and ever-expanding genre, I am personally sorry for.

It can be included within the Rock genre obviously, but there are just so many fantastic bands from this genre I'm surprised it's at the bottom of the list.
Bands such as Yes, Kansas, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush, Tool, Mastodon, Jethro Tull, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Opeth, etc. For something a bit more complex and less predictable, look no further. You can pretend to be an intelligent person by claiming you listen to all these bands, people will think 'Oh my, he listens to Prog Rock, he's a cool guy', and sadly there's a lot of posing nowadays, young folks wearing Pink Floyd t-shirts without having even listened to Animals, the Wall or the Dark side of the Moon.
Other great albums are 2112, Close to the Edge, Selling England by the Pound, Black Clouds & Silver Linings, Moving Pictures...

All I can really say is that it's an acquired taste, but if you enjoy the rock of the 70s, you can definitely get into prog rock. In fact, you've probably already heard a ton of it. Bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush, and Genesis defined the genre. However, fans of metal have probably heard some prog as well. Bands like Tool, Dream Theater, Muse, Porcupine Tree, and Coheed and Cambria continue to propagate the genre.

Progressive Rock involves an artistic weight that almost only makes it appealing to more virtuosic and very ambitious musicians and listeners. It's really taking Rock (plus several other types of music) and breaking most (if not all) boundaries. Music shouldn't have boundaries. Prog Rock is musical liberation.

Prog is, in my opinion at least, the greatest genre. Look, it has basically everything, it has epic solos, instrumentals, vocals, stories... I mean, just listen to Genesis's "The Musical Box", or Yes's "Close to the Edge", or maybe King Crimson's "Epitaph".

Why is this low down here?

I mean these are the songs, that can lift your spirit! Can take you to a world of their own. Pink Floyd, porcupine tree, these are veins of Music. Best Genre!

Prog rockers tend to be the best at writing music. I've heard lots of prog in my life, and they always are catchy, have great lyrics (I've heard instrumental prog songs too), the solos are amazing, and have 100% effort put in to complete. Listen to 2112, Echoes, Dance of Eternity, Supper's Ready, and Roundabout, and you'll know what I mean. - naFrovivuS

Progressive Rock is good because of its Epicness. Just listen to 2112, which has better lyrics than Justin Bieber (Its about this person who finds a guitar and shows it off to someone). If that isn't enough, what about Dream Theater's Metropolis, or Octavarium, Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick, Yes's Close to the Edge, and the famous "ROUNDABOUT! ", Genesis "Return of the GIANT HOGWEED! ", and probably my favorite, Kansas's "LAMPLIGHT SYMPHONY", and I guess King Crimson is good too.

Progressive music as a whole is amazing. They have the both the greatest lyrics AND the greatest music, what more can you ask for? Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes are classic prog rock bands - then you have newer derivatives like System of a Down and Dream Theater - all of which is incredible.

In discussions of prog rock, the Moody Blues are often ignored or underrated. So I just wanted to say that they are definitely one of the greats of this genre, and their 1967 album, Days of Future Passed, deserves recognition as one of the earliest progressive/symphonic rock albums.

As far as music moves, most genres are sidesteps and offshoots of previous genres. Progressive Rock was taking Rock and moving it outward and beyond, up. Sometimes demanding to listen to, sometimes the most rewarding of all. A lot of it is acquired taste. All of it worth something.

Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Rush, Yes, Genesis, Tool, Gentle Giant, Camel, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Jethro Tull, Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Transatlantic, Can, Barclay James Harvest... The list goes ON AND ON how can you not like this genre. - SammySpore

All hail the Prog! Progressive rock is essentially a "progression" past pop rock, with added instrumentation and varying recording styles. Even the Beatles could be considered Prog, and they were no doubt the most popular, if not best, band ever. - MrWizard1234

Many genres go and pass yet prog shall always be there a large percentage of the music you listen to (rock and roll and associated) actually have there largest influences from the prog genre, plus lets just stop and appreciate songs such as: Roundabout, Kelpie, 21st century schizoid man and many others. Plus Dream Theater, Yes, King Crimson, The flower kings, Jethro Tull, Nattura and most Italian prog. It Gave people a voice in the form of timeless music that will forever live on, really prog is today's classical music format.

The modern era of progressive music is pure perfection. People always point towards the classic stuff, but more recent stuff like Tool, Mastodon, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, The Mars Volta and Fair to Midland are just untouchable.

Such a difficult style of music to write and then constantly play live over and over again. This style of music could be so much more complicated and interesting if the artists didn't have to memorize such metronome bs. You wasted your life memorizing generic fluff. I wasted mine studying every style and inventing new styles. Whoever throws me into a studio won't waste a penny. All music sounds boring and dull to me. Classical sounds bland and pompous now. Same instruments overdone mathmatical tinkering.

Okay what is Prog doing at 14? Pink Floyd alone would give prog a spot in the top 10. Add Yes, King Crimson, Early Genesis, Rush, and even progressive metal if that counts, and you have a top 5 genre. - Nickelstickman

Musical mastery... any genre with Pink Floyd bearing its title has to be incredible, and that's not to mention all the other amazing Prog bands!

Overrated, and boring. Too complex for people to listen to. Most all of the music by bands such as Yes and King Crimson are very boring and maybe 1% is actually fun to listen to. Forget this and listen to something good like AC/DC or Slipknot.