Best Musical Movies of All Time

What are the greatest musical films ever to grace the silver screen?

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41 Into the Woods
42 Rockstar
43 West Side Story

This should at least be in the top ten, if not the top three. It doesn't belong at 39th place. - Ari00

Fantastic music, great dancing, heart breaking story based on Romeo and Juliet. One of my all time favorite.

Second-biggest selling movie soundtrack of all time.

44 The Devil's Carnival
45 Tangled
46 Hairspray

This movie is so awesome! It reminds us that no matter what we look like, character is what matters.

This has Zac Efron, John Trevolta, Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer and Elijah Kelly all in one! not to forget Amanda Bynes, James Marsden, Brittany Snow, Christopher Walken and the fabulous Nikky Blonsky!
This should be right near the top! You can't stop the voting, run and vote for this, Without voting!

47 Rent
48 Fantasia
49 Frozen

Hell No In A Million Years

50 Annie (1982)

How could you forget Annie? A true classic with a great cast and a touching story.

51 An American in Paris
52 Beauty & the Beast (2017)

Dan Stevens can sing! That I didn't expect.

No-one's slick like Luke Evans
no-one's quick like Luke Evans
no-one portrays Gaston quite like Luke Evans
Yes as Gaston, Luke Evans is entertaining
My what a guy Luke Evans!

Luke is a real scene stealer.

53 Jersey Boys
54 Once

Beautiful music great story and culture

55 Pitch Perfect

Love this movie! The whole time watching this movie make me smile.. Love the song choices! GiRL power!

56 The Book of Mormon
57 Rock of Ages

WHAT45! This movie has the greatest music from the greatest generation. The songs are legendary, the acting is amazing, and the vocals are out of this world. Even Tom Cruise was good in this movie.

58 Cabaret

Joel Grey with one of the best performances in film history.

59 Oliver!

If there was ever a case in point that the villains get all the best musical numbers in a musical, this is one of those cases.

This is brilliant, Oliver should be higher than this, the songs are really catchy and great!

For heartfelt musical movies, Britain seems to be the way to go. Oliver! Created this trend while Sunshine on Leith reinvented it.

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60 The Little Princess
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