Best Musical Movies of All Time

What are the greatest musical films ever to grace the silver screen?

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81 Fame

I never got why this is considered a musical. It is a drama set in a music/dancing/acting school, but the only (! ) song that is played in full length during the movie is "Fame" by Irene Cara, and this is not sung by any of the movie's characters, it is played out loud from a radio. How is this a musical? Several people seem to call it like that, but where are the musical songs sung? - Martin_Canine

82 Spice World

The army scene was funny.

83 Across the Universe

I was shocked that this movie was no already featured! The Beatles songs and the Vietnamese war

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84 High School Musical 2

These films were cute...actually Zac is sexy.
I couldn't stand the hate these films got on the internet, but its died down now.
Weird Zac only sang the first lyric in the first film, but fortunately he sang in this and the third.
The fourth is a hoax.

85 Grease 2
86 The Wiz
87 One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert Film
88 Hedwig and the Angry Inch

The riskiest, funniest, saddest musical movie of all time. Amazing music, and it's movie is so good it's lead actor/director, John Cameron Mitchell, nearly bagged a Golden Globe for his performance. Hedwig rocks!

89 Dancer In the Dark

It's hard to call Dancer in the Dark a musical, it is more like an anti-musical. Plus throughout the first 45 minutes or so there is not a single song sung. Sure, its soundtrack album (by the incredible Björk) is one of the best records of the century so far, but when I'm in the mood for a musical, Dancer in the Dark wouldn't really be an option. It is more like a perfect drama or tragedy (really absolutely perfect), but musical seems to be the wrong word for it. - Martin_Canine

90 The Wind in the Willows (1996)

It features songs like Mr. Toad, Secret of Survival and Friends is what we have.

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91 August Rush
92 Woodstock

All out of their minds on hallucinogenic drugs sitting in the mud. How is this a best musical?

Only the largest-attendance at a live concert in history.
3 Days of Peace and Love.
RIP Woodstock Nation.

93 Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Much more fun the Sound of Music! I bet Sound of Music wished it had a crazy soccer game, dancing fish and flamenco lobsters. Instead it had ditzy nuns.

Nevermind Bedknobs and Broomsticks has plenty of dancing fish and flamenco lobsters.

I actually think that B&B is much superior to Sound of Music because the Nazis actually get spooked in this, and in style too! Add to the mix one of the dirtiest soccer games ever and a memorably trip to the bottom of the Beautiful Briney Sea, and you get one hell of a musical. Plus the kids aren't as annoying.

If only all soccer games in real life were as entertaining as the Dirty Yellows/True Blues game.

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94 Cinderella
95 The King and I (1956)
96 Sing

This is an AWESOME movie to watch. It is one that can easily be watched over and over again!

97 Monster Mash
98 Bugsy Malone

I love This movie!

The GOAT, no doubt.

99 Royal Wedding
100 Mary Poppins
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