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41 The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You

There is something so addicting about this song. It sounds SO good. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge album is my favorite of all time- All of the tracks are just amazing. This song draws me in every time. One of my favorites on the album! Also recommend Helena, Thank You For The Venom, and Hang Em High.

So underrated and overlooked. Great song, everyone who likes My Chemical Romance needs to listen to this!

Recommend this track to all!

Ahh I love gee on this song its very good but the bad part it was about gees adiction to

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42 Blood (Hidden Track)

Amazing, love the vibe in it it just gives me a smirk, I amagine them playing it with a cheeky look on their faces!

Very underrated track. It may be short, but in a really kickass way. It doesn't need hard rocking drums, shredding guitars, or Gerard Way's vocals to be just good. All it needed to be was simple and that's why I love it. So can we get this to the Top 10 at least please? - OnyxDash

This is one of those songs that just kind of stands out. And who doesn't love a hidden track?

This song is my jam, all the time! - Wutevergirl

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43 The Kids from Yesterday

Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. The ballad of growing up. This song should be AT LEAST in the top 10. This song and My Chemical Romance in general changed my life. Please vote for The Kids From Yesterday, Today!

Best song I've ever heard in my life, I love it with all my heart and it has so much meaning I cried the first time I heard it for no reason other than it being perfect in every way. It will always be my number one song all my life ah

Why is it so low? It should be at least in their top 10, maybe top 5. Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. I cry every time I listen to this and think about My Chemical Romance break up. It will always be in my top 5!

#45? Are you people crazy?

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44 Kill All Your Friends

This song is truly awesome. It has good riff and lyrics.

It's been eight bitter years since I've been seeing your face.
Ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba
And you're walking away
And I will die in this place.

This song should seriously be in the top 20.

First time I heard this song I was like this is a great song, how can I didn't know this before? This song should be on top 20 along fake your death and disenchanted

Well you can hide a lot about yourself, but honey what are you gonna do

What this song is so underrated!

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45 Drowning Lessons

One of my all time favourite songs, the effort Gerard puts into the vocals, should be in the top 20 at least. It's one of My Chemical Romance's best song and any hardcore fan should truly give it a listen.

How, HOW is this at 55! ' 55! Easily the best My Chemical Romance song, from the opening chord sequence to the closing riff and everything inbetween. The people who voted for SING!, Planetary and anything else off Danger Days have obviously not bothered listening to I Bought You Bullets or anything pre-Black Parade. RIDICULOUS!

Great lyrics, amazing guitar riffs and amazing vocals. It sounds like Gerard put a lot of time and effort into this song. This song needs to be in the top 5.

In my eyes one of the best riffs ever

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46 Destroya

One of my all time fave My Chemical Romance songs

Definitely an entertaining song. Love it too bits and Gerard is just the sass queen all through it.. Should be closer to the top!

It pains me deeply that this song is number 50 on the list.

HOW IS THIS 51?! This is one of my favorite My Chemical Romance songs

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47 Ambulance

May be my favorite song by My Chemical Romance. The melody and crazy vocal harmonies are just amazing to listen to, and the return to the chorus after the bridge is absolutely incredible!

New song from Conventional weapons. Great chorus, lyrics and overally music. Come on, vote! It's so catchy!

Conventional Weapons #2 A side. Give it a listen - you won't be sorry. It has a lyrical sound with plenty of melody. I love it

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48 Hang 'em High

I think this song is weird, too intense, and just bad. And yet I love it so much and I can't stop listening to it. I can't really explain it, but this is one of my favorite and least favorite songs. I think it should be higher on the list.

Second fave My Chemical Romance song love it so so so much!

Hang 'Em High is such a good song! From the country-ish start to the real pace and feel of the song, It's so exciting and thrilling and this is one of my favourite songs off of Three Cheers.

So good to sing along to.

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49 Skylines and Turnstiles

The first ever My Chemical Romance song recorded. You can hear the passion and rawness in Gerard's voice, and how young he sounds. Everything about this song is amazing and I find it extremely inspirational and relatable. This song has helped me through so many hard times. The guitar riffs, the catchy hooks, the melody... Everything about it is just so amazing.

Their older stuff isn't high enough. Great message vocals and guitar.

BrUh hOw iS ThIs wAy dOwN HeRe?! This was the first My Chemical Romance song ever. It was about Gerard Way's (the lead singer, which you all should know) terror after witnessing the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He wrote this song to cope with his emotions, this is what My Chem was founded on people! Vote for this song if you care!

46?! This is the song

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50 To the End

My Chemical Romance is one of the few bands that became mainstream for their edgy messages and terrific instrumentation. This is the song I show people when they say they don't really listen to My Chemical Romance

Love this song! It's my favorite, even though I love all the others too. The guitar is awesome, Gerard Way is epic, and it's hands down my favorite.
"(So say goodbye) to the vows you take
(And say goodbye) to the life you make
(And say goodbye) to the heart you break
And all the cyanide you drank"

I really appreciate this song and how it's about the short story A Rose for Emily. It's a very sad story and the emotion comes through in the song

If yOu MarrY mE wouLD YoU BuRy me

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51 Our Lady of Sorrows

How is this number 50? THIS IS MU FAVORITE SONG BY FAR ON I BROUGHT YOU MY BULLETS YOU BROUGHT ME YOUR LOVE AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING BECAUSE ALL THOSE SONGS ARE AMAZING. This song just has such an amazing sound to it and I love it so, so much.

Man, If you like this, listen to the demo version "knives/sorrow". It's awesome.

It gives me the energy I need to go through a long day of school

Best song off Bullets

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52 Heaven Help Us

Most people wouldn't have heard this song as it was the B-side to the single Welcome to the Black Parade, but it is definitely one to try and seek out. One of my ultimate favourite My Chemical Romance tracks, it deserves a far higher spot.

Most of you don't know this song because this was in the hidden track. if you listen to this song, you will piss on your pants. this song deserves to be in the higher spot. PTF it made me laugh out loud when I saw "Dead" was higher than this song. Listen before you vote people. THis song is amazing.

Possibly my favourite My Chemical Romance song of all time. I love the guitar and the lyrics, and the feeling to the song. Generally awesome :) deserves a much higher place

All of the b-sides for BP were amazing.

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53 Jack the Ripper

Don't forget this song. It's good ya know..

54 Desert Song

Come on, this deserves to be in the top 20 for sure. Gerard's voice in this is beautiful. But, the fact it goes with Danger Days and is on I Brought You My Bullets is foreshadowing! My Chemical Romance did an amazing accidental foreshadow to danger days. This deserves to be near the top.

Gerard's vocals are so raw and honest in this song. It really gets to you and makes you feel what he feels as he sings it. Any My Chemical Romance fan should really give it a listen. It wasnt on any albums except for at the end of life on the murder scene I think, on the ending credits of something. Anyways, if you haven't listened really do!

Lol I can't believe this is #50? Really!? It's easily in my top 5. It's very different but it's amazing.

The vocals are so raw and meaningful. I kniw its low because it want really on a popular valbum but I think it is probably there best song. it is WAAY better than sing or any other song on Danger Days.

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55 My Way Home is Through You

Why is this song so low? Even though it is a B-Side, it is truly amazing. I was going through a pretty low point in my life, my grandfather had just died and boys at school were being cruel to my friends and I for being in the school play, and I usually overlooked this song for some reason. Then, one day, I really listened to it. The lyrics are great as always but one line really stood out for me. At the very end, almost drowned out by Ray and Frank's guitar, you can hear Gerard sing, "Come on angel, don't you cry. " And that lyric has gotten me through a lot. My Way Home Is Through You is a good song if you really need something to bring you up. Although a B-side, it is definitely a song to listen to.

This is my favorite song by My Chemical Romance. I think it should have more recognition because it is a truly amazing song.

A different spin on a romantic song. its hard to tell but yes it's a love song and it's so great

Love this one.

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56 Desolation Row

Are you kidding me? This cover is so amazing, it's energetic and punk rock and people need to hear it. It's so good though.

Are you people deaf? (obviously not, this band is great) Seriously. look it up then tell me it shouldn't be in the top 25.

This cover NEEDS to be higher on the list! Desolation Row was so energetic and no matter what mood I'm in, I'm always in a mood to listen to this. The video was also one of my favorites.

Just saying.
Its not like it's a bad song. Its amazing and rocking and so many other things.
Why does everyone hate it all of a sudden? It's a popular My Chemical Romance songs and my FAVOURITE.
I've only been listening to My Chemical Romance since December 2011.
This is a remarkable thing.


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57 Burn Bright

This is their last goodbye to fans! Its a summery of everything they have stood for over the past 12 years as a band.

"Give me all you got, I can take it
We walked alone in your city lights
Did you make it?
We lit the fire and it's burning bright! "

RIP My Chemical Romance!

What? This is my number 1 but why I can't understand why this song at the bottom of list?
Please listen to this song and you will realize how great this song is.

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58 Every Snowflake is Different (Just Like You)

I loved this song, and when I saw it on Yo Gabba Gabba I thought it was really cute

How do you NOT love this song? The whole thing is pure genius.

That awkward moment when My Chemical Romance turned down a song for Twilight, but then performed a song for Yo Gabba Gabba. - Catacorn

65? Your "kid"ding me

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59 The Five of Us are Dying

This is the earliest form of Welcome to the Black Parade. It's similarities are obvious, but it's differences are, too. This song is awesome.

I cried listening to this knowing it was the early version of the black parade

This was the version of WTTBP that they intended on releasing so I think it's a pretty nice song if I do say so myself.

i love it

60 All I Want for Christmas Is You

The song is the best remake ever! Mariah carey's version is not that good. My chemical romance has sung this song in their own version. The way gerald sung this song is awesome. He sings this song with so emotion that it almost mad me cry. I love this song so much. To me it is the best My Chemical Romance song. I don't know why it's not that popular.

I can't blve it's not their best song... It sud b on the top 10! For me it is the best My Chemical Romance song.. Gerard 's voice is what too awesome. The way he expressed his longing makes me cry... If s1 sings me this song... Wel... You know... It's my favorite. Song. Mariah's version was very poor.. But My Chemical Romance's version is the best remake ever! Long live guys!

Aw yeah

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