Top 10 Best Names for a Dog

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1 Buddy

Makes me think of Air Bud and the Buddies series. Buddy was such a good dog- I even name my cat Buddy, but that's because I kept calling him that on accident, it's probably because the name fit him so well, because he was my pal. Not better than my puppy though. Dog's are the best friend you an ever have, and I'm not just saying that because it's true. I've learned from experience.

I knew this would be the best one! Buddy is my favorite dog name and my sister used to have a dog named Buddy. BUDDY!

My dog's brother's name is Buddy but I think it's spelt Buddie. It reminds me of Buddy from Secret Life Of Pets! Cute name!

So true. I once fostered a dog named Buddy and I couldn't stop calling him just to say his name.

2 Lucky

My dogs name is lucky and he likes the name and is easy for my baby brother to say.

I agree also a great dog name my dogs is defiantly going to be lucky. Great name!

I like that name I could use that name for my dog in Minecraft

I love this name for a dog because my dog is called lucky!

3 Spike

It's a hip name. The best there is. Finnick, Biscuit, and bronzey are awesome too. But Spike is the best. Snoop and browser are cool too.

I name my puppy spike because It is a bulldog and in the tom and jerry there is spike the bulldog

It is a wonderful name and there is a spike in Teenage mutant ninja turtle 2012

Spike is a name like it's nice because maybe a dog looks spiky

4 Biscuit

Biscuit is ADORABLE! Perfect for a small fluffy dog, like a Maltese or a
Even a golden retriever. But personally, my favourite name EVER for a dog is; Socks or yogurt. They're totally funny names that will suit dogs with fun and affectionate personalities

Hi my opinion is that people should call their dog Biscuit because it is a really cute name my brother and I want a new puppy and we both really want to name it biscuit if it is a boy. I LOVE THE NAME BISCUIT!

Biscuit, it's a perfect dog name. We have a biscuit colored beagle hound mix and it suits him well. It just so happens its also a children's story book collection about a dog called Biscuit.

My dog's name is Biscuit, she's a mutt. So cute, she still thinks she's small, so she sits in my lap, but sort of crushes me.

5 Shadow

Shadow makes me think of something dark, and mean. But on the bright side, shadow is a nice puppy name because a shadow follows you everywhere. Just like your puppy!

I have a dog named Shadow. Most commonly used for black dogs. My dog is a Black Lab but also follows behind us everywhere like a little shadow

I miss my dog shadow we try to get rid of rats with rat poison but that's how we got rid of him :,( R.I.P. man. Oh yea he wasnt smart either that's why he was so fun

Shadow seems like a cool but cute name I mean who doesn't like a cute dangerous name

6 Max

It's not something that's a little ridiculous like spike or cupcake or precious. That's not how you treat a dog. Dogs are supposed to be familydogs ppart of the family. Make them feel that way and give them a human name. Max is cute, short, and is a great name for dogs of all sizes and colour's. Maybe not he best name for a girl dog but it's perfect for a male dog

Max is a lovely name, because my mother had a dog called Max, and it makes the dog sound happy and playful, which you always want in your dogs name, I think that it is just truly a brilliant name, and I would recommend it to anyone with a boy dog. PS: I wish I could call my dog Max, I would love to.

I love the name max I have a yorkie terrier named max I like the name biscut too I could get my dogs attenion a lot easyer that way! I also like the name buddy too because my dog is my best buddy! I also love the name sarge I have another dog nammed sarge to! I love dogs

What an awesome name I have a German shepherd named MAX and Max is a great name for a dog I LOVE IT!

7 Snowy

What a great name whenever I get out a name tag I wonder what should I name this dog and this one was the answer!

I have a dog that is white for real and I had one on the game with a white colour

This dog is so cute and good for a dog on Minecraft with a white collar

I have a dog called snowy in Minecraft it is a cute name

8 Scooby

I named my dog scooby 5 years ago and I've always loved the show scooby-doo

My grandparents used to have a dog called Scooby

Perfect for those that want to own a Great Dane!

I love this name very much and I will only put my dog 'SCOOBY'

9 Angel

I used to have a dog named Angel, the wet had to put her to sleep forever. I cry about her...Please vote for her...for this name...

I chose: angel, snowy, angel, carmel. I bet you get my style! Angel really pops out to me, though.

It's great. My dog passed away from sickness

Some dogs are pure joy and angel like!

10 Caramel

If you call it "Caramel", you're just going to end up saying' "Hey, Car-mel! Come here, Carmel! " Like you're a 70 year old Texan. But if you do call it "Caramel", then don't say, CARMEL.

"Tsk, tsk, come her, Caramel!" sounds kind of off when u say it that way but caramel is still cute.

Caramel is a cute name it also reminds me of the chocolate caramel!

This si the best name for a minecraft dog caramel is so cute!

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11 Snoopy

Snoopy is a great name, it’s extremely cute and short enough to call quickly. It’s also a little unusual which I like a lot. It remind me of the movie and also the comic. I would call a sweet dopey dog snoopy that’s a little clumsy and likes to snoop around.

I had a fox terrier called snoopy. She died when she was 15 years old.
My next dog after her is also called snoopy. This time I went for a Jack Russell Terrier. She is 2 and a half years old and like most jack russells she is full of beans.

This used to be my dogs name, until he died. I still get very sad. I get so sad I sometimes call my five month old dog snoopy. :-(

Snoopy is such a cute and awesome name for a dog. Its like one of the most popular. Good grief!

12 Toby

I named m,y dog toby is a really cute name and suits a lovable dog.

Toby is the name of my golden retriever

I call my German Shephard Toby

Really good name!

13 Duke

I love this name! It reminds me of the book I read called "Duke". It's about a German Shepard going into war.

My husky is called duke. I love him so much. The name really suits him. He is a strong and dependable dog.

My German shepherd is called duke and he is adorable

I love that name I'm going to name my dog that now!

14 Jack

I like this name because it reminds me of my old Guinea pig jack

I used to have a friend called Jack

Mychonny's husky's name

Going 2 b my dog's name

15 Nigel

Nigel is a great name, and it sounds like a competent banker type, so you always feel confident that your dog will know how to handle any important mergers or acquisition deals.

I LOVE Nigel it is adorable who wouldn't like his name but everybody has different opinions.

Nigel. The perfect name for a dog. Like one of mine.

This is a giggity name

16 Kinney

Mean it is not ugly you are what if I don't want to look on YouTube its to far away and so are you

Kinney is a lovely name and you stop bullying

I love this name

I love this name!

17 Swift

All these dog name are comment and dumb I don't like swift that which but at lease it's not to DUMB as all the others
So yeh~Runa Okami

18 Peanut

I had a mod installed and my dog ate all the peanuts so I called him Peanut. He is still alive. Had him for 1/2 year

I love that name it is cute one of my brother's nick name is peanut

I don't like this one much because it gives an innapropriate vibe

I love peanut it's a good food and name

19 Otis

Nice I'm gonna use it on minecraft to my dog

That name is so cute

My cats name is otis

Yes I love the name

20 Skylar

I real like that name. It makes my heart got

I have a puggle named Skylar. She is the cutest!

Such a cute name

I love I mean love that name (not) jk

21 Daria

This is a great dog name, especially if the dog has a sarcastic personality

What a pretty name

22 Hachi

That's my pets name. ;-; and yes... The film... Damn devastating

Best movie it made me cry

23 Snoop

Hahahhahahhahahhahahahahah that's awesome. Thumbs up for this choice even though none of my dogs are called it XD!

I like Snoop Dogg so I named my dog this

Thug life Oh yeah

24 Ben

I used to have a really cute dog named Ben. He was really compassionate, adorable, and all around just great! He was part Red Heeler, part Airedale Terrier. He was the sweetest thing. This is a great name.

Love the name. Had a golden retriever that suited him perfectly. Was named after Ben rothesiesberger of pgh. Steelers!

Ben like Ben Solo ❤

25 Robin

My bff is called that but spelt Robyn

Cute just like a bird

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