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1 Buddy

Buddy the corgi is the best dog ever

He is my dog

Too common of a name for me. You'd call it and 15 dogs will come running. - SirSheep

So true. I once fostered a dog named Buddy and I couldn't stop calling him just to say his name. - Solacress


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2 Lucky

I like all of these names. Bit this one is cute.

I have a 12 year old small poodle named Lucky! - Pegasister12

I agree also a great dog name my dogs is defiantly going to be lucky. Great name!

I've always wanted a little puppy named lucky

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3 Biscuit

I have a tiny fox terrier. The name Biscuit fits him perfectly. Cute name for a cute dog.

Biscuit is ADORABLE! Perfect for a small fluffy dog, like a Maltese or a
Even a golden retriever. But personally, my favourite name EVER for a dog is; Socks or yogurt. They're totally funny names that will suit dogs with fun and affectionate personalities

Hi my opinion is that people should call their dog Biscuit because it is a really cute name my brother and I want a new puppy and we both really want to name it biscuit if it is a boy. I LOVE THE NAME BISCUIT!

Biscuit, it's a perfect dog name. We have a biscuit colored beagle hound mix and it suits him well. It just so happens its also a children's story book collection about a dog called Biscuit.

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4 Spike

From Tom & Jerry. - Userguy44

Do not name a fancy pink poodle this.

It's a hip name. The best there is. Finnick, Biscuit, and bronzey are awesome too. But Spike is the best. Snoop and browser are cool too.

I have a friend that we call Spike when he's really MAD like REALLY MAD

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5 Shadow

Ya, this name would go good with a Black Lab or some dog that is black.

Because it keeps on with you like a shadow!

That's my dogs name!

Because what if it is black? It could be shadow

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6 Snowy

Totally awesome name thanks!

This is my dogs name

Love it

My dog

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7 Max

My grandfather's dog had that name - DrayTopTens

That's my cousin's husky's name

It's been found that most dogs respond better to a two syllabul name. - SirSheep

"There is a movie about a german shepard whos name is max that's a good name I got a blue heeler

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8 Scooby

How is this a good name? - SilverstarofIceclan

I love this name very much and I will only put my dog 'SCOOBY'

I named my dog scooby 5 years ago and I've always loved the show scooby-doo

My grandparents used to have a dog called Scooby - WinchesterGirl26

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9 Caramel

I love this name it is so cute.

Caramel is a cute name I might name one of my dogs caramel

This si the best name for a minecraft dog caramel is so cute!

I named my dog in mine craft Caramel!

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10 Snoopy

I had a fox terrier called snoopy. She died when she was 15 years old.
My next dog after her is also called snoopy. This time I went for a Jack Russell Terrier. She is 2 and a half years old and like most jack russells she is full of beans.

Snoopy is such a cute and awesome name for a dog. Its like one of the most popular. Good grief!

I think that snoopy is a great name it reminds a person of Charlie brown

I like the name.

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? Athena

Da ba - lemur

? Squid

Yup this is beast!

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11 Angel

I used to have a dog named Angel, the wet had to put her to sleep forever. I cry about her...Please vote for her...for this name...

Some dogs are pure joy and angel like!

Very very pretty now for male stuff!

Super cute name!

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12 Toby

I Just Adore That Name For A Little Puppy!

toby is an adorable name for a smaller dog

Toby is the name of my golden retriever

I call my German Shephard Toby

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13 Duke

Cool - Pokemonfan10

My husky is called duke. I love him so much. The name really suits him. He is a strong and dependable dog.

My German shepherd is called duke and he is adorable

I love this name! It reminds me of the book I read called "Duke". It's about a German Shepard going into war.

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14 Jack

Going 2 b my dog's name

I like the name

I like this name because it reminds me of my old Guinea pig jack

Jack is so cute

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15 Nigel

Nigel is a great name, and it sounds like a competent banker type, so you always feel confident that your dog will know how to handle any important mergers or acquisition deals.

I LOVE Nigel it is adorable who wouldn't like his name but everybody has different opinions.

Nigel. The perfect name for a dog. Like one of mine. - PositronWildhawk

This is a giggity name

16 Kinney

Kinney is a lovely name and you stop bullying

Mean it is not ugly you are what if I don't want to look on YouTube its to far away and so are you

I love this name

I love this name!

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17 Swift

Ugh. Who would name a sweet innocent dog after her?!

All these dog name are comment and dumb I don't like swift that which but at lease it's not to DUMB as all the others
So yeh~Runa Okami

18 Hachi

Best movie it made me cry

That's my pets name. ;-; and yes... The film... Damn devastating


19 Snoop

I like Snoop Dogg so I named my dog this - slbrown

Hahahhahahhahahhahahahahah that's awesome. Thumbs up for this choice even though none of my dogs are called it XD!

Thug life Oh yeah

Snoop Dogg

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20 Peanut

I had a mod installed and my dog ate all the peanuts so I called him Peanut. He is still alive. Had him for 1/2 year

I like it so much

I love that name it is cute one of my brother's nick name is peanut

I love peanut it's a good food and name

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21 Ben

I used to have a really cute dog named Ben. He was really compassionate, adorable, and all around just great! He was part Red Heeler, part Airedale Terrier. He was the sweetest thing. This is a great name. - NoEntranceHere


Love the name. Had a golden retriever that suited him perfectly. Was named after Ben rothesiesberger of pgh. Steelers!

22 Daria

What a pretty name

love it

23 Robin

My bff is called that but spelt Robyn

24 Indie

HEY! I have a guard dog called Indie!

Hey, I just noticed... Where's the name Smoky? It's a great name, and for girls it can be Angel or something like that! - DOGLOVER2006

25 Otis

It's So Cute

Nice I'm gonna use it on minecraft to my dog

Yes I love the name

This name is ugly

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26 Bolder

It's a really good name!

27 Skylar

I real like that name. It makes my heart got

I love I mean love that name (not) jk

That’s the name of my Husky

A g that's smooth as the sky!

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28 Sam

Sammmy though

29 Bob Barker

My Beagle is named Bob Barker it's a awesome name. It can mean a lot of things also " Bob Our Beagle, Big Oh Baby, Best Out of the Box, etc etc. Barker ( self explanatory if you know Beagles)..

My dog is named Bob Barker. I call him Bubba for short. It's a perfect dog name, in addition to the obvious appeal of a celebrity with last name of Barker, Bob was a fierce advocate of animal population control.

Bob is by far the most sensible name on this list. It is short, sounds funny, and is just plain awesome. Heck, it's a good name for a BABY!

Bob is the name of my dog... My family fought me but they all love the name... Just gets awkward when you meet someone with the same name as your dog lol

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30 Mocha


I have always had my mind set on mocha for a dog name I always thought it was unusual but now I guess not

My friend had a dog called like that

I found a book with this name on it: "Puppy Place: Mocha"

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31 Willo

I like Willo because because I named my minecraft dog Willo and it sounds like a cute and clumsy name because my dog ( Willo) is clumsy.

My 2nd most active dog in Minecraft is named willo

I love the name Willo it is so cute.My real dog is a gray cocker spaniel called willow

That's nice ill use that too u are helpful

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32 Jobe

Cute name I like it

Noice. sounds funny LOVE IT!

33 Oakley

I love that name

awesome - OakleyTheBeagle

Nice name

34 Anubis

Its such a creative name for a dog

Makes people think your dog is like a god, which he/she should be ❤❤❤

35 Lucy

My dog lucy is the cutest smartest dog I have ever seen

I have a hound named lucy and she is the best guard dog I have ever known

My Great Dane was named Lucy and it was the best dog I've ever known

My golden retriever puppy girl

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36 Gemma

Yes, yes...wait wha...?! - BloodFang

37 Binx
38 Seito

It's a nice urban name. Suitable for a family, but mainly for a single. I named my Teacup Pomeranian boy Silento and my girl Sieto.

39 Jake

I think it's kinda weird to give dogs human names. I also like to give names that are kinda unusual, like Artemis, Pepper, Sakura, Teddy is a good one.

Good solid male name

40 Bella

Bella is such a sweet name! It's like a rose.

Bella is a very beautiful name explicitly for a German Shepard

My name Is Bella so I agree with all of the reasons

Because it is my dogs name

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41 Newman
42 Ai

H→ ave one

43 Karl Barx

yes all my animals are named this including my brother - zerodice00

Genius! Pure genius! That's all I have to say. This is a good dog name along with Bob Barker.

pretty funny play on words...

They'll seize the means of cat production - Scarr441

44 Rick

If I get a dog, I may name him pups ( its cute! )

45 Butter

I like butter on toast

Butter! It's my favorite

I meant it is really cute

I love the movie butter

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46 Meadow

I think meadow is a very nice name for a dog because it's really mysterious and creature like so it's got too be a music dog ( it is an adorable name)!

Deep in the meadow, under the willow.

It's a nice name if you find it on grass

I like it I think it's calm and great

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47 Mia

That’s my name but spelled Miyah

That’s my aunt’s poodle’s name.

48 Bowser
49 Jasper

Good old jasper. He's a laugh and he is so cute. WHO@s A GOOD JASPER? Oh you good dog oh you good dog. Ready and fetch! Good old jasper. Oh yes jasper oh yes. - bluecameron

My neighbor's have a dog named Jasper and he is the friendliest dog you could ever meet. He is also very cute!

I just love love love playing vetch with him who's a good boy you are you are!

50 Maxwell

There is a user on TheTopTens called Maxwel.

We used to have a staffie called max but he died, so we thought we would never have another dog so now we have a chance of another dog was thinking of Maxwell for his name. Its got to be better than pup

It's a cute name for dogs,
Especially tiny ones like
Jack Russell and chiwawa mix!

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