Top 10 Best Names for a Dog

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1 Buddy

Yasss! Go Buddy the elf!

I think it goes well with my Minecraft dog.

Buddy is a cute name for a dog

Buddy the corgi is the best dog ever

He is my dog

2 Lucky

I love this name for a dog because my dog is called lucky!

I have a 12 year old small poodle named Lucky! - Pegasister12

I agree also a great dog name my dogs is defiantly going to be lucky. Great name!

I like all of these names. Bit this one is cute.

3 Biscuit

I have a tiny fox terrier. The name Biscuit fits him perfectly. Cute name for a cute dog.

Biscuit is ADORABLE! Perfect for a small fluffy dog, like a Maltese or a
Even a golden retriever. But personally, my favourite name EVER for a dog is; Socks or yogurt. They're totally funny names that will suit dogs with fun and affectionate personalities

Hi my opinion is that people should call their dog Biscuit because it is a really cute name my brother and I want a new puppy and we both really want to name it biscuit if it is a boy. I LOVE THE NAME BISCUIT!

Biscuit, it's a perfect dog name. We have a biscuit colored beagle hound mix and it suits him well. It just so happens its also a children's story book collection about a dog called Biscuit.

4 Spike

It's a hip name. The best there is. Finnick, Biscuit, and bronzey are awesome too. But Spike is the best. Snoop and browser are cool too.

I have a friend that we call Spike when he's really MAD like REALLY MAD

From Tom & Jerry. - Userguy44

It is a wonderful name and there is a spike in Teenage mutant ninja turtle 2012

5 Shadow

Shadow is my Minecraft cat's name!

That is so a good name

Because what if it is black? It could be shadow

I have a dog named Shadow. Most commonly used for black dogs. My dog is a Black Lab but also follows behind us everywhere like a little shadow

6 Max

My uncle's dog's name. He is so cute!

I like this name. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

My grandfather's dog had that name - DrayTopTens

That's my cousin's husky's name

7 Snowy

Totally awesome name thanks!

This is my dogs name

Love it

My dog

8 Scooby

How is this a good name? - SilverstarofIceclan

I love this name very much and I will only put my dog 'SCOOBY'

I named my dog scooby 5 years ago and I've always loved the show scooby-doo

My grandparents used to have a dog called Scooby - WinchesterGirl26

9 Angel

It's great. My dog passed away from sickness

Some dog died so uh I voted

Votedd I so car a by died Angel dog My

Very nice name di maria

10 Caramel

What the HELL!

I love this name it is so cute.

Caramel is a cute name I might name one of my dogs caramel

Caramel is a cute name it also reminds me of the chocolate caramel!

The Contenders

11 Snoopy

I watch snoopy from peanuts

I had a fox terrier called snoopy. She died when she was 15 years old.
My next dog after her is also called snoopy. This time I went for a Jack Russell Terrier. She is 2 and a half years old and like most jack russells she is full of beans.

Snoopy is such a cute and awesome name for a dog. Its like one of the most popular. Good grief!

I think that snoopy is a great name it reminds a person of Charlie brown

12 Toby

I Just Adore That Name For A Little Puppy!

toby is an adorable name for a smaller dog

Toby is the name of my golden retriever

I call my German Shephard Toby

13 Jack

Mychonny's husky's name

Going 2 b my dog's name

I like the name

I like this name because it reminds me of my old Guinea pig jack

14 Duke

My dog named dukey boy - Cookboy

Cool - Pokemonfan10

I love this name! It reminds me of the book I read called "Duke". It's about a German Shepard going into war.

My husky is called duke. I love him so much. The name really suits him. He is a strong and dependable dog.

15 Nigel

Nigel is a great name, and it sounds like a competent banker type, so you always feel confident that your dog will know how to handle any important mergers or acquisition deals.

I LOVE Nigel it is adorable who wouldn't like his name but everybody has different opinions.

Nigel. The perfect name for a dog. Like one of mine. - PositronWildhawk

This is a giggity name

16 Kinney

Kinney is a lovely name and you stop bullying

Mean it is not ugly you are what if I don't want to look on YouTube its to far away and so are you

I love this name

I love this name!

17 Swift

It is cool!

Ugh. Who would name a sweet innocent dog after her?!

All these dog name are comment and dumb I don't like swift that which but at lease it's not to DUMB as all the others
So yeh~Runa Okami

18 Skylar

I real like that name. It makes my heart got

I love I mean love that name (not) jk

That’s the name of my Husky

A g that's smooth as the sky!

19 Peanut


I had a mod installed and my dog ate all the peanuts so I called him Peanut. He is still alive. Had him for 1/2 year

I like it so much

I love that name it is cute one of my brother's nick name is peanut

20 Hachi

Best movie it made me cry

That's my pets name. ;-; and yes... The film... Damn devastating


21 Snoop

I like Snoop Dogg so I named my dog this - slbrown

Hahahhahahhahahhahahahahah that's awesome. Thumbs up for this choice even though none of my dogs are called it XD!

Thug life Oh yeah

Snoop Dogg

22 Ben

I used to have a really cute dog named Ben. He was really compassionate, adorable, and all around just great! He was part Red Heeler, part Airedale Terrier. He was the sweetest thing. This is a great name. - NoEntranceHere


Love the name. Had a golden retriever that suited him perfectly. Was named after Ben rothesiesberger of pgh. Steelers!

23 Daria

What a pretty name

love it

24 Otis

It's So Cute

Nice I'm gonna use it on minecraft to my dog

This name is ugly

Yes I love the name

25 Robin

My bff is called that but spelt Robyn

26 Indie

HEY! I have a guard dog called Indie!

Hey, I just noticed... Where's the name Smoky? It's a great name, and for girls it can be Angel or something like that! - DOGLOVER2006

27 Bob Barker

its funny

My Beagle is named Bob Barker it's a awesome name. It can mean a lot of things also " Bob Our Beagle, Big Oh Baby, Best Out of the Box, etc etc. Barker ( self explanatory if you know Beagles)..

My dog is named Bob Barker. I call him Bubba for short. It's a perfect dog name, in addition to the obvious appeal of a celebrity with last name of Barker, Bob was a fierce advocate of animal population control.

Bob is by far the most sensible name on this list. It is short, sounds funny, and is just plain awesome. Heck, it's a good name for a BABY!

28 Sam

Sammmy though

29 Mocha

That was one of my chickens name!

So cute!

I have always had my mind set on mocha for a dog name I always thought it was unusual but now I guess not

My friend had a dog called like that

30 Bolder

It's a really good name!

31 Willo

I like Willo because because I named my minecraft dog Willo and it sounds like a cute and clumsy name because my dog ( Willo) is clumsy.

My 2nd most active dog in Minecraft is named willo

I love the name Willo it is so cute.My real dog is a gray cocker spaniel called willow

That's nice ill use that too u are helpful

32 Anubis

Its such a creative name for a dog

Makes people think your dog is like a god, which he/she should be ❤❤❤

33 Binx
34 Jobe

Cute name I like it

Noice. sounds funny LOVE IT!

35 Lucy

My dog lucy is the cutest smartest dog I have ever seen

I have a hound named lucy and she is the best guard dog I have ever known

My Great Dane was named Lucy and it was the best dog I've ever known

My golden retriever puppy girl

36 Oakley

I love that name

awesome - OakleyTheBeagle

Nice name

37 Gemma

Yes, yes...wait wha...?! - BloodFang

38 Jake

Fun Reference to Adventure time, but if another name suits go for it.

I think it's kinda weird to give dogs human names. I also like to give names that are kinda unusual, like Artemis, Pepper, Sakura, Teddy is a good one.

Good solid male name

39 Bella

Bella is such a sweet name! It's like a rose.

Bella is a very beautiful name explicitly for a German Shepard

My name Is Bella so I agree with all of the reasons

Because it is my dogs name

40 Seito

It's a nice urban name. Suitable for a family, but mainly for a single. I named my Teacup Pomeranian boy Silento and my girl Sieto.

41 Newman
42 Ai

H→ ave one

43 Bowser

Who would name a cute dog after Mario’s 8’7 enemy?

44 Karl Barx

yes all my animals are named this including my brother - zerodice00

Genius! Pure genius! That's all I have to say. This is a good dog name along with Bob Barker.

pretty funny play on words...

They'll seize the means of cat production - Scarr441

45 Jasper

So cute! my dogs name is Chili and one is Marley (Chili is 8 months old and Marley is 15(that's 100 in dog years! ). ) post your dog's name!

Good old jasper. He's a laugh and he is so cute. WHO@s A GOOD JASPER? Oh you good dog oh you good dog. Ready and fetch! Good old jasper. Oh yes jasper oh yes. - bluecameron

My neighbor's have a dog named Jasper and he is the friendliest dog you could ever meet. He is also very cute!

I just love love love playing vetch with him who's a good boy you are you are!

46 Rick

If I get a dog, I may name him pups ( its cute! )

47 Butter

That's so cute! I'll name my Minecraft dog that

I like butter on toast

Butter! It's my favorite

I meant it is really cute

48 Meadow

I think meadow is a very nice name for a dog because it's really mysterious and creature like so it's got too be a music dog ( it is an adorable name)!

Deep in the meadow, under the willow.

It's a nice name if you find it on grass

I like it I think it's calm and great

49 Mia

That’s my name but spelled Miyah

That’s my aunt’s poodle’s name.

50 Maxwell

There is a user on TheTopTens called Maxwel.

We used to have a staffie called max but he died, so we thought we would never have another dog so now we have a chance of another dog was thinking of Maxwell for his name. Its got to be better than pup

It's a cute name for dogs,
Especially tiny ones like
Jack Russell and chiwawa mix!

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