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1 Shine

From, Going Public - 1994

2 Born Again

This Is A Good Song

3 Wherever We Go
4 God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)

Great song! Love the message! Every time I listen to it, it makes me feel refreshed and energized.

I like the song because our GOD is not dead

The movie is awesome too

One of my all-time favorite songs!

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5 He Reigns

A really cool song... In Christ Alone should be in this list too because that is by far my favorite - arpanvinayak

This is the best christian song I've heard. Its about all of the children singing glory halleluah he reigns. This should be number one.

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6 Breakfast

It's a very funny song if you think about it.

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7 In the Hands of God
8 It is You

From, Thrive - 2002

9 Take Me to Your Leader


10 Stay Strong

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11 I Am Free

Such A Good

12 In Wonder
13 In Christ Alone

This is just so brilliantly performed by newsboys... I just sang it for days and days when I first listened to it. Trust me.. This is a very beautiful song.

14 We Believe

Great song

I L�'vé This Song

15 Million Pieces
16 Miracles
17 Forever Man
18 Glorious
19 Something Beautiful
20 That Home
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1. Shine
2. Breakfast
3. Take Me to Your Leader
1. God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)
2. We Believe
3. Born Again
1. Born Again
2. God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)
3. That Home

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