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Breadwinners is a 2014 animated comedy television series produced by Nickelodeon. It is about the adventures of SwaySway and Buhdeuce, two ducks who drive in a rocket van delivering bread to their customers.


Breadwinners is for dumb@$$es who have no taste in anything but crap, Breadwinners is crap with 0 dimensional artwork, too many butt jokes, which is childish and rude, and some sex jokes, which is completely offensive, Kids need to stop watching this junk and start watching something better, it acts like a drug to those who love it.

People said it taught them to never give up. If some crap show just says "Never give up" then you are inspired? That makes no sense. You really need to think about true inspiration in your life. Like your parents (if they are good people) or people like Mahatma Ghandi or Nelson Mandela. Or maybe a Music artist that inspires you. But not 2 frog-ducks delivering rotten bread and making butt jokes. For the person that was accepted in the Frank Sinatra High School: Congratulations! My dream is to be an actor and singer too. But as you said it was "Thanks to Breadwinners" it wasn't. It was thanks to your dedication, effort, lived ones and passion that got you there. Not this stupid show.

Breadwinners is so crappy, Sanjay and Craig is horrible, but this takes the spot of crappy animation, there's no plot or story, it has way too much bathroom humor, such as butts and farts, and one of the episodes made fun of having sex and got treated as a joke, All that ever happens in this show is two ducks Beudeuce and Sway Sway give bread to more ducks and twerk, It shows you that Nick is making dumb ideas and not learning from their mistakes, Staring at poop on a plane or port-o-potty is better than this, Also, the animation is the worst on any T.V. show as a matter of fact, that it makes The Fairly OddParents and TUFF Puppy look like Picasso's drawings. - nelsonerica

Breadwinners is a pile of trash, those who love it may have been warned by those telling the truth about the show, it's a drug that destroys your brain, it has the worst humor, worst animation, worst music, and worst plot (it doesn't even have a plot), yet it doesn't have any morals.

Those who say this is the "best Nick show ever" have definitely never seen the following shows:
-Ren and Stimpy
-Hey Arnold!
-Pre-movie SpongeBob
-Pre-Poof Fairly Odd Parents
-Danny Phantom
-Rocko's Modern Life
-Drake and Josh
And many more. - Garythesnail

Also watch Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Invader Zim - shawnmccaul22

Listen everyone hear me out. I love breadwinners. Please don't think of me as a moron just because I like this show. Read what I have to say about how appropriate it is. Nudity:2/10 Mild nudity (almost never full buttock) but in the episode birds of a feather one character has his clothes blown of by a pipe (he is completely naked only has his butt shown for about a second. Also in the same episode two characters take off their clothing and are shown in their undies and one says" No one can resist the soft feathery body of a duck and rubs his body (may have been inappropriate however this was probably a mistake or coincidents. Violence 2/10 occasional injuries examples (black eyes and bruises, etc). Language 1/10 only mild name calling. Drugs :none. The only thing to really to worry about is the rude humor in the show. If a movie, this would probably be rated pg for mild action, name calling, and rude humor.

It has poor quality animation, too many butt jokes and one episode has a sexual attempt (that episode was Love Loaf), the ducks look like frogs and deliver bread to more froggy ducks, it has absolutely NO plot, it needs to be cancelled, it's for retards who don't know what Nickelodeon is supposed to be about. - nelsonerica

Breadwinners is very stale in animation, plot and music, yet the humor is WAY too rude, same thing with Sanjay & Craig, All of those reasons is why Breadwinners is hated by so many people, the haters are trying to keep the Breadwinners lovers from becoming brain washed.

I Honestly Have No Idea How This Piece Of Duck Crap Ever Even Got On This List Anyways! It Has Too Much Gross-Out Humor And Sex Jokes In It! Seriously? Who Really Wants To Watch A Show About Two Stupid Ducks Delivering Bread To Other Even Stupider Ducks? I Don't. That's For Sure. You Know Cause That's All They Ever Do!

Breadwinners is the worse Nicktoon of all time, along with Dora the Explorer, It only shows two creepy green ducks delivering bread to more creepy green ducks and shaking their butts, it makes absolutely NO sense to have on a show, yet one time, they tried to sexually abuse a duck, in the episode: Love Loaf.
Breadwinners is a horrible show that drugs you and makes you sick and retarded, just like the scarecrow, you don't even have a brain if you love it.

You guys are retards, except for the guy who said "Please don't think of me as a moron just because I like this show."

Ugh... This Show Is So Gross! I Can't Believe Crap Like This Is Considered A Classic.

The Animation Should Be Enough To Keep Anyone From Liking This Show.

This is a very good show and I think it's better than certain popular shows like drake and josh Rugrats invader Zim Kenan and Kel and hey Arnold no offense to the creators of any of these shows

It's a very bad show, kids can see Rugrats, but not this one, it's too offensive for kids to watch, there's booty content & drug-like behavior.

Breadwinners is horrible, and it has no meaning, it's overrated. - nelsonerica

Why Does Everyone Like This Show? It's Basically Just Sanjay & Craig With Ducks Delivering Bread To Other Ducks!

This show got cancelled back in September 2016. Thank you for getting rid of it Nickelodeon! More of The Loud House and less of this!

Way Too Disgusting For My Taste! So How Did This Show Get So Many Fans Again? I'll Probably Never Know.

Just so you know all of you breadwinners haters I am not mad at you that you hate this show but it is an offense to use vulgar language and comments on someone or an amount of people over the internet. Or in other terms you will be arrested for this crime especially you NelsonErica. I love breadwinners and you can't judge people unless you give your reasons in a respective way unless you want to have your future permanently go down. And I don't like kiddish haters or strong, coarse, or rouge language.

Bread winners is so awesome even though it's a new show. Within a month I would wish this show would rank at least one of the top 15 shows on nick. My favorite episode is the love loaf episode for three main reasons number one buhdeuce farts and mentions about his butt #2near the end the boys got beaten

Look for all you breadwinners haters, fine hate breadwinners all you want but leave us fans alone. I understand that you hate all the crude humor and gross content but I find it funny. Breadwinners is a good show whenever I am sad as it cheers me up and tells me to stay strong and never give up. So you know what say what u want but I will always love breadwinners and anyone who uses vulgarity as a last resort towards me to tell me what an idiot I am it means u r all jerks

Awesome show I love it more episodes it's my number 1 show on the planet

I cannot believe breadwinners is number 180 of each show this is an awesome show come on give this show a chance and believe this show is good make more episodes to improve yourselves creators of breadwinners to tell people this is an excellent show on Nickelodeon

Best show ever please make more episodes

Love this show its funny I love its action suspense and laughs

Breadwinners sucks. Possibly Gary Doodles added this.

This Show Is So Overrated! At Least Only On This List.