Hey Arnold!

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Hey Arnold! is an American animated television series created by Craig Bartlett that aired on Nickelodeon from October 7, 1996 to June 8, 2004. The show centers on a fourth grader named Arnold, who lives with his grandparents in an inner-city boarding house.


'Hey, Arnold! ' is an underrated classic, and had a serious impact on my childhood. I loved it because it had no sole objective; the goal was never to become famous, get rich, etc.. The main character never put himself on a pedestal, he wasn't even remotely ambitious. Arnold was just a humble kid tackling relatable problems for a boy his age, which is something children's shows lack these days. You really think Hannah Montana's "best of both worlds" scenario helped our youth with anything they were going through? Cartoons are meant for imagination, but they're also good for a different means of inspiration: reality. Sure, no one in real life walks around with a football-shaped head or owns a pet pig, but when I was six or seven, this show taught me tolerance of both myself and the other people who lived with me, it taught me how to live without certain loved ones in your life (even though it's sad), and most of all it taught me how to believe in miracles, love myself the way I am, and ...more

This show was fantastic when I was a kid, and is even better now that I'm a teenager. All the lessons that is taught me as a child are still applicable to my life now and really help me a lot. The characters are wonderfully developed and you can't help but feel connected to them in some way or another. The stories aren't super crazy and ridiculous to where it seems like the scenarios wouldn't happen in real life, which makes you feel even MORE connected to the show. Don't even get me started on the art and the music; it's all BRILLIANT. I actually got into smooth jazz because I loved the music that Jim Lang composed so much that I went out and listened to more songs from that genre and fell in love. The art is beautiful, from the colour composition to the character designs and the urban and rural landscapes throughout the episodes. Even though it may not be the most popular show of all time, I think it's certainly one of the best shows because of the amazing quality of the episodes ...more

Hey Arnold has saved me from so much. It has saved me from my bad family life that resembles a lot of Helga's own family, it has saved me from myself in helping me grow as a human being and growing to be a better person. it has helped me look beyond other's exteriors, and it has helped me deal and learn about serious situations that cartoons simply do not achnolege any longer. Hey Arnold has helped me with my writing, I'm a fanfiction writer, and it has helped me find the urge to continue growing in art. Hey Arnold episodes have been my lifeline and in some situations, saved me from my cutting and suicide attempts. It has helped me see that there ARE good people out there no matter WHAT you choose to believe, and that you should always put your best foot forward and follow your dreams. and to never give up. I never give up hope that I'll be an actress (i'm a bit of a eugene) and I never give up hope in human kind. There's always going to be that Arnold there, no matter how many ...more

Because unlike other cartoons hey Arnold has a moral and teaches kids something for example about bullying, how to do , and if someone is choking it thought kids what to do. Also in hey Arnold they didn't have to do stupid things to make it funny. It was basically a city boy living in a boarding house with his grandparents and other borders. And Helga a girl that was misunderstood but yet loves our beloved Arnold. I just wish they had the 2 movie where Arnold and his classmates go to San Lorenzo to find Arnold's parents. This cartoon needs a proper ending than a orphan boy that he is clueless of why really happens to his parents. So if Nick is actually listening to us please make the movie so the fans know what happened to his parents

It was real. The characters, the stories, and the music (absolutely loved the music). I'm not here to bash other shows because I love "As Told by Ginger", "Avatar", "Rugrats", and (the early) "SpongeBob", etc. But "Hey Arnold" was my childhood. They lived out adventures with a variety of characters I could only dream of having as a kid. Like some of these other top show it had romance, comedy, and adventure but it had things kids, teen, adults, and even older adults could enjoy.

But that's why we have a top 10 because there isn't just one show that's absolutely the best...

Hey Arnold! Is truly a great show. It has relatable characters. It's funny and endearing. It has a good message to kids of all ages. Arnold is a true-blue, nice, caring, responsible kid. Gerald is the quintessential "cool best friend. " Helga is the lovesick girl who doesn't quite know how to express her feelings (at least in public! ) The whole show is great; from the characters to the writing they just don't make shows like this anymore.

The only thing that could possible make this show better would be to make another movie. There was supposed to be a sequel to the 2002 movie called Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, but unfortunately it has yet to be made. This movie would have been the "finale" to the whole series. But that aside, Hey Arnold! Is truly a classic! And it's so quotable... seriously, I remember lines from it all the time.

A unique, humorous, and realistic approach urban-modern day societal problems, Hey Arnold! Is an especially insightful show that truly makes an impact on children. From Helga's passionate love we can see compassion and teens relate to her angst and perhaps even negligence. Arnold inspires watchers to be optimistic, polite, and to always look for the good in people. Similarly, each unique character in Hey Arnold! Has something to share, something to teach us, all with the cherished childish care and abandon that is missed and longed for by the viewer. Humor and certain characters, such as Pookie, do not merely provide simply comic relief, but also deep lessons about how to live life, but it conveys it in a way that leaves the watcher smiling until the end.

Brilliant show that SHOULD be no lower than number 1. It may not be the most dynamic show, but the plot and the characters easily make up for anything else it could lack. All the characters are very well developed and also not developed enough to add plenty more stories that old fans would enjoy! It was snubbed, just because Nick decided not to continue from lack of sales when it was their and Paramount's decision to put it out in the first place. Even the creator is an awesome guy who loves his work and wishes to do more. The voice actors as well enjoyed it. It was one of the only shows of its time to actually use kids for the voices and it even made it more authentic. This show can't be described any less than Fantastic. IT's also a show that everyone who worked on it could come back and finish the story. there's even MORE to the story. So I say 1 million thumbs up to this incredible show!

Unlike other shows, Hey Arnold is truly timeless. It's my favorite Nicktoon of all-time. After 9 years of not watching this show, (Because it was taken off the air) I rediscovered it & instantly remembered how awesome it was! The unrequited love that Helga had for Arnold made this show so golden. I was always on the edge of my seat when Helga's secret love for Arnold was about to be revealed. What I remember about the show the most is when they had stopped airing it, it was never revealed what happened to his parents & the last thing I seen was a map... Nothing would make a Hey Arnold fanatic like myself happier than to see a conclusion to this unforgettable show. %~ THE JUNGLE MOVIE for the win %~ It's a shame that kids nowadays have no clue what Nickelodeon was capable of 15 years ago. They've never even heard of Hey Arnold, which really hurts to hear. Hopefully a crazed Nostalgic Nickelodeon Rep will get bumped up the chain & start running things.

This is the BEST SHOW EVER! I love it so much! I watched Hey Arnold when I was a kid and I still watch Hey Arnold now. The new shows on Nick make no sense to me. They are not educational or have a deeper meaning in the plot. Where are their morals to help support kids so they can says "What would Arnold do in this situation? " I use this to help keep my morals and other things in check. What has these other Nick cartoons brought to the table to help kids? Not a FACKING thing!

Hey Arnold is the best cartoon ever! They need to make The Jungle Movie and bring Hey Arnold back! This cartoon teases kids good morals and teaches us how to all look on the bright side and the meaning of Christmas and the meaning of friendship! Please bring Hey Arnold back! Arnold and Helga deserve there happy ending! I can watch a bunch of Hey Arnold episodes over and over again and will still cry, laugh and all. I still get into the episodes... I love Hey Arnold and I always will even after I die! HEY ARNOLD IS THE BEST CARTOON EVER!

I loved Hey Arnold. It was, and IS special to me. I'm 18 years old! I was watching Hey Arnold BEFORE you guys brought back 90's nick on my VHS tape recordings! Good times. I actually about a couple months ago watched every single Hey Arnold on Netflix, as well as the special Hey Arnold that isn't uploaded onto Netflix. I watched it on YouTube. I rented the movie via Netflix. To tell you the truth I love Hey Arnold, practically a fanatic. So when I found out that it ended in a none other than a cliff hanger I was severely disappointed! I can honestly tell you that I've been a fan watching your show Hey Arnold since it first came out. I had older sisters who'd put it on. It was almost a bonding thing. My sister moved out and I don't know I miss her! I'm rambling about personal things but bottom line is I got all my friends hooked to Hey Arnold and we would just love to watch it. If Nick really honestly did make a conclusion to the movie I'd be thrilled to know that someone out there ...more

Hey Arnold! Honestly deserves to be ranked higher than other Nicktoons, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly OddParents, and Rugrats because, overall, it was a CONSISTENTLY superior show. Yes, the first three seasons of SpongeBob were awesome...same goes for Rugrats. However, these shows went on for FAR TOO LONG and had many seasons full of episodes that just weren't very good. All 5 seasons of Hey Arnold! Were terrific, as well as the movie. When you rank/rate a T.V. show, you need to look at the show AS A WHOLE (you can't just ignore 7 seasons of crap and act like it was always "brilliant". When looking at the entirety of Hey Arnold!, it is clearly one of the best shows that Nickelodeon has created. It deserves at least a spot in the top three (but preferably #1).

Hey Arnold was one of the best nicktoons I have ever watched as a kid and has become very inspirational for me as an adult, which I have recently watched again during my sophomore year of college last year (I'm 20 by the way)! It taught me that there is always a bright side and that there is no such thing as a bad person. It is very interesting to know that a small, forgotten, town has been dramatically improved by one, nine year old boy. Many times in my life, I wish I were somewhat like Arnold. He sees through everyone that not many people can see, he teaches right to wrong, and sees the good in everything, especially his own bully Helga G. Pataki, the girl who makes fun of him, but at the same time, is deeply in undeniable love for him. While this show made me laugh, it also brought me to tears despite me being a twenty-year-old man. I have confidence that this show will have an ending it deserves and I won't stop fighting until we get that ending.

I LOVE HEY ARNOLD! Men, It was with me all my childhood, I loved the way every episode had a reason and somehow it taught you something at the end, not like the stupid "reality" per say shows they pass now a days. And I so identified myself in helga, god, her life sucked and she still found herself a bit of strength in arnold and her love for him, though it was awful not seeing Helga and Arnold end up together, as a Girl I so dream of watching them together and they way it ended, god I hated it, I still hope for Nick to finish that Jungle Movie, maybe like they finished 'Odd Parents Fairly' even if it's all passed, I would still take my little sister and cousins to see it

Hey Arnold needs to be on top, no doubt about that. It's one of the most creative plot and animation there is, I don't think there is another animated show like it, it surpasses the rest because it has many elements to it: friendship, love, realism, goofiness all packed into one single show. It doesn't try to be anything else because it stays original and to it's own roots. Anyone who is anyone can relate to the show, it's just that epic.

'Hey Arnold! ' has made a huge impact on my life. I may be young, but it didn't take much of me to understand the moral of each meaningful episode within the simple acts done by the characters. Arnold and Helga has been, and always will be, my all-time heroes. Not only did they have a knack of humor and logical thinking, they thought me the true meaning of friendship and love - something that most of us teens have completely forgotten. I wish the series was still up and coming, not to mention since that it was hung on edge without a decent ending. I hope that Nickelodeon bring 'Hey Arnold! ' back. If not for us who grew up loving it, then for the future generations.

How is iCarly beating this? This show had the best music, the best plot, and some of the most memorable moments, what kind of sense is this? This at least needs to be included in the top FIVE.

Truly a great show, Hey Arnold! Teaches kids (and reminds adults! ) about the importance of friendship, loyalty, love, and much more. The titular character, Arnold, is very easy to relate to. He's just your average 9 year old kid but with a heart of gold and a knack for stumbling into adventures. The love/hate relationship Helga has with Arnold is really funny at times and really sweet at other times. As a kid it kind of went over my head, but as an adult I think it's actually really cute that she loves him so much but is afraid to tell him. Now, if only Nickelodeon would make the Jungle Movie so we could see them actually get together!

It's a wonderful show. How it is grounded in reality, and yet, never fails to deliver wonderful comedy and even fantasy elements. It feels like a show about real life. Sure, some things are dramatized and exaggerated for comedic effect and to entertain children, but even then it never fails to deliver the important lessons and messages. Kids can enjoy it, and so can teens and adults. Paying attention is a vital aspect of enjoying it, which is why mostly older audiences can appreciate it more.

invader zim? in front of hey arnold? WTF. this is THE best show of nickelodeon of all-time - alltimelownerdd28

Hey Arnold! Is one of the most deeply moving shows I've ever seen. Period. The writing is fantastic, the characters are all wonderfully, sympathetically flawed, the animation is stunning, and even the music elevates each episode. I think it's fantastic and kids today deserve to see the show on Nickelodeon again. Then maybe we can finally see the end of the series, The Jungle Movie!

Hey Arnold was among the best of the best back in the day. The cartoons nowadays cannot even BEGIN to compare to the cartoons of the 90's. Hey Arnold portrayed all the problems that pre-teens may have going through adolescence, except hitting puberty, as the Hey Arnold cast was only in the 5th grade.

You kids nowadays don't know what you're missing out on. I feel sorry for all of you.

Best show ever! Hey Arnold have been my favorite show since I was little. Even till now when ever I have time I would always watch Hey Arnold even though Nick does not put much this show anymore. Hilarious and touching in the same time.

Probably the most relatable cartoon ever. This show is a masterpiece, a visual and musical buffet coupled with compelling stories, complicated characters, raw emotions, and a touch of comedy genius. The writers, animators, and voice actors really poured their hearts, minds, and souls into these nickelodeon classics. Hey Arnold is more than silly antics, it's beyond slapstick, it's above over the top action/adventure. Hey Arnold rather touches the core of childhood, the adventure of self discovery and self development, and the true meaning behind human relationships.