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101 No Life - Slipknot

Slipkot always dominated the nu-metal genre and this songs does as well.

This song makes me tread The high untrespassed sanctity of space

its different from all other nu metal songs and all of there songs - numetalhead

102 Crawling - Linkin Park

Why Is This Song Way Back here 101 come on this was there second single

Amazing Song!
Why is it at the end of the list?
Are you guys crazy or what?

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103 Engage - Edgewater

Look guys, I don't like Nu-Metal and I'm a thrash metal guy I'm not nu type of metalhead but this song is one of the best songs I've ever listened... It's better than many songs of bigger metal bands!

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104 Bored - Deftones
105 Sun Doesn't Rise - Mushroomhead
106 Counterfeit - Limp Bizkit
107 Truth - Seether
108 Fine Again - Seether
109 All Hope is Gone - Slipknot
110 Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother
111 Did My Time - Korn
112 Yoshu Fukushu - Maximum the Hormone
113 Mind - System of a Down
114 Youth of the Nation - P.O.D.

Seriously? This band consistently ranks as one of the top ten Nu Metal bands. Why are they so far down?

We are we are the youth of the nation...

What The hell is worng with you people?!, how the hell a song of staind is highr then this song?!? This is the youth the nation of p.o.d - one of the top 10 metal bands in the world

115 Collide - Axewound
116 Head Up - Deftones
117 F.E. - 40 Below Summer
118 Isolated - Skrape
119 What Comes Around - Ill Nino

Aargh! The most underrated Nu-Metal song ever. Ill Nino for life!

Best NĂ¼ Metal song of the centeury

120 Sober - Tool

This isn't nu metal, it's alternative/progressive metal. It was released around the time where nu metal didn't exist.

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