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The most complete online and mobile ordering site and app in Brazil! At some cities, like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, you can find and quickly order online from more than 50 restaurants. You can also find the number of restaurants if you prefer ordering by phone.

22 YemekX

This is number one system for all restaurants..
YemekX is new company but the have a wonderful system

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23 FoodX

90% of all customers who have ordered through online portals are your customers. These customers are mostly technically savvy, quality people with a high level of education. For this reason, it is more suitable for them to place an order from internet. So that your company does not have its own website and they use these online portals to place an order. Although these people are your customers, so you need to spend hundreds of pounds for each order from these portals every month.

Why do you make free advertising for these sites and in addition give them 10% commission? Create your own website. Make your own advertising. You can save hundreds of pounds each month. Increase your profits and your order volumes. FoodX covers all your needs, and demanded money from you only once. After a few months, you can get this amount back from your online store and after that you can make a profit.

By using this system it is possible that you save on the staff of one or ...more

The customer visits your individually created for your company website. There, the customer selects the desired food from your menu and stores them in a virtual shopping basket.

Then the customer logs on as a member name and sends his order. These orders will be instantly forwarded to our secure server. Our server, however, send the order data to the program, which runs on your computer that you get from us. For each incoming orders makes an audible signal. And the program on your computer prints every incoming order using the supplied printer.

You can use this print-out to make the order and take them out to the customer. The customer can pay more freely at the door, by cash, by credit card or dinner check. In this way, you do not pay the 10% commission to the online ordering portals and the commission paid for each order to them remains in your pocket.

Excellent system, service and the people are very friendly and helpful.

Their online ordering services for restaurants are very good. Donerman

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24 Campus Special

LOVE IT! Probably the easiest system I have ever used, I am on tons of different online ordering websites, but with Campus Special, they have a coupon book that drives traffic, and upon signing up, they didn't just slap my menu up online, they sent me a proof to go through step by step so I could see every single part of my restaurant setup. Also I can log into my account any time and close my restaurant, edit hours, edit the menu, change my logo, cancel my own orders, etc. They assign a 1 on 1 account manager if you ever need help, or just want to strategize, there is always someone to call. I recommend this to ANY restaurant in a college town, my orders have gone significantly since I started using their system!

Campus special is the best place to order from online because it is so simple to navigate. There is 24/7 customer service. You can order online using obviously anything with wifi so YES that includes your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. Campus Special is a very successful company. The name in itself brings many clients on board. The selection is immaculate! I use Campus Special EVERY TIME I order food online. They offer awesome discounts and have so many promotions so that you're never left out of the loop in town. Love love love Campus Special!

Got to say I was pleasantly surprised when I signed up for this online ordering solution. The process was easy and smooth and within almost 3 days from signing up I received my first online order! Shocked, I utilized my personal account manager more and eventually now am mostly able to do everything on my own - self-managing system makes it very helpful to make quick changes. I run a small restaurant in a medium-sized college town and it has made me a real competitor with some of the larger competition in town since this one doesn't charge my users a fee. Who doesn't like free?! My vote is for Campus Special!

I agree with these other comments. Haven't used all the other sites but we are not high tech here at our restaurant and these guys make it easy. They also have a mobile app that our employees (college kids) all use so I'm a believer.

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25 Tasty Alerts

Excellent system, we've been using it at our restaurant Coley's Pizza for 10 months and our sales have more than tripled.

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I have been looking for a restaurant online ordering system for a while for my small takeaway in Kent and have spoken to many companies asking several questions as their websites did not have clear system features and advantages. When I spoke to they have promptly answered all my questions as we were having online and email chat and they have been very helpful to provide me with all the answers I need. Their system is very friendly and best part I liked is their in-built marketing packages and promotional options. The best part is the after support as they deliver what they and best part is that they do not have any monthly fees or payments. I highly recommend them for any restaurant/takeaway.

Good job guys and wish you all the best.
Eric, Kent, UK

Top restaurant provider, best customer service and feedback, they help you get up and running and they are always a call away or email and they get right back to you in real time, now that is what I call a company who knows what the customer wants and needs are. My business has already started to grow from the day my online ordering system was put in by restaurantos

Josephine a new customer from Ireland

The best restaurant online ordering system with the most advanced features I found so far. It is quite easy, fast and simple to operate the system. Also the marketing tools are so effective that you can see an improvement in the flow of orders online. Highly recommended as my takeaway business has increased the sales and customer satisfaction by 45% by using this system from

Yo he votado por edimendoza

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27 Onosys

This ever growing online food ordering system is being adopted by many restaurant chains.

I've used them for my pizza concept and it's been great experience! - pizzaman113

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28 Wow Tasty

They have their own delivery system that delivery can be done by any restaurant.

29 Online Food Delivery in Ahmedabad
30 Menu1

Cool ordering options! Easy to use.

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31 Merosys

This fast, simple and competitively priced online food/menu ordering system helps restaurant owners to run their business more efficiently.

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32 EatStreet

I have not heard of any of these places on this list except GrubHub. EatStreet is better than GrubHub for it's specials they run with restaurants which are always really good along with their app which runs perfectly. GrubHub may be a bigger company, but where EatStreet is strong (which is very competitive with GrubHub in many markets) it easily outshines GrubHub.

33 Waiter Works

Excellent site which provides the Holy Grail! Fully integrated online ordering with each restaurants Point of Sale Terminal. 4 seconds from web order to print in kitchen. W. Eatcity. Ie

Great site. Useful edit functions on my burger... Onions no thanks.

Love the edit function. conformation email and text too which is a good reasurance that the order has arrived. The store tole me they don't have to do a thing. Orders just come in and print out of their own printers like they took the order themselves.

35 Lieferheld
36 MenusClick

Restaurant online ordering system. Leader in Latinamerica. Wordpress based solution.

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37 Weborderingsystem

Web ordering system is probably the best one I found

38 EatOye!

Best food ordering website with thousands of live menu's and user friendly -


Great online ordering features for restaurants at a low cost. -

Awesome all-inclusive service: Website, Online Ordering, Google SEO. Everything was done for me at a great price

I use it for my area fast food customers. It's a fantastik online food ordering system, could use a bit more glamour & doodads

40 Order Eat Save integrated my website to their online ordering system. Now my customers are able to order online directly from my website and also from My customer count, volume and satisfaction is increasing everyday. Their customer service is excellent.

User friendly online food ordering system. offers latest technology to Restaurants/ Takeaways of all sizes.

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