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21 Marinduque

MARINDUQUE is the very center of the Philippines and the heart of the Philippine archipelago. It was marked by Americans as the LUZON DATUM of 1911 being the center and mother of all majons. Aside from that, the province of Marinduque was ranked number 1 by the PNP and Philippine Security Forces as the 2013 MOST PEACEFUL PROVINCE in the country. It was also a site of natural and man-made resources.. The famous MORIONES FESTIVAL serves as the TRADEMARK OF THE PROVINCE. If you want to explore the what they so called "THE SANTORINI OF THE Philippines".. come here in MARINDUQUE and you'll be amazed with its distinct and peaceful attraction.

One can walk around free from the threats of criminality. After all, Marinduque is the second safest province of the Philippines, next to the Batanes group of islands.

Beautiful island

Go marinduque!

22 Bukidnon V 2 Comments
23 Davao del Norte
24 Bulacan

Besides of being the Province with highest Income in the Philippines, the province is very rich in History and Natural Resources.

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25 Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija is considered the main rice growing province of the Philippines and the leading producer of onions in the Municipality of Bongabon in South East Asia. It is currently the 9th richest province in the country.

Great Province

We're Handsome

Nueva Ecija is one of the most progressive province in the philipines

26 Quezon

To be honest I choose this province as the second most beautiful province but I really. I can say that it needs more power to rise up to top 10 by the way my province is belong to top10 the heart land of the Philippines more than a hundred reason.

"Kind people" "hospitable" "industrious" "best province of the south" "nice places for vacation" "beach beach beach"

..d best and quezon..

Rise up quezon
best province in the south

V 6 Comments
27 Isabela


In ISABELA you can found the biggest project in Asia which is the MAGAT DAM. And also here you can found the biggest grain granary in SOUTHEAST Asia which is the MIN.GRAINS in the municipality of Reina Mercedes.

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28 Cagayan Valley

Just Google this province to see how great it is

Land of smiling beauty

An extraordinary province

29 La Union

God bless the people of fair La Union


The center capital of the nort and of the people of ilocandia as well!

30 Bataan

Rich in history, showcase of Filipino bravery and gallantry, scenic mountain and seascapes.

31 Nueva Vizcaya

Peaceful, Traditional in the same time with technology. Beautiful culture and Even typhoon can't beat us.

The SALINAS SALT SPRING is found in Nueva Vizcaya
A spring that can be found only in nueva vizcaya

The most unique spring in Philippines

I'm from bicol but I love nueva vizcaya so beautiful

Nice province

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32 Misamis Province

Plenty of beach resorts, swimming pools and mountainous terrains in which everybody can enjoy!

Misamis occidental and misamis oriental are separate provinces...

Beautiful province. there are lot of delicious food that can attract tourist.

33 Leyte

Its still oneof the best even though a frequent typhoon's visit on it

34 Romblon

I vote for romblon because, beaches is so beautiful and the people is so very kind full..

Romblon is the beautiful province of the phil. Beacause of beautiful resort especially in tablas and rommbon island.

35 Camarines Norte V 1 Comment
36 Zambales

Great Beaches, awesome people plus the sweetest mango.

The home of world sweetest many,having a more than one hundred mile of coastline covered with fine not just white sand but also black sand,also have numerous number of
island, a mile long mountain range known as zambales mountain range which harbors many wildlife. Zambales is the place to be..

37 South Cotabato

Peaceful. Colorful festival. Friendly people. Clean &green hala bira south cotabato..

V 2 Comments
38 Sultan Kudarat
39 Rizal

Rizal should be at least in top 20. Rizal has famous places like wawa dam, avilon zoo and many more. Rizal has many beautiful people. oh alam niyo na

40 Masbate

Too many cute guys in this province.

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