Best Pocket Tanks Weapons

Which is the best weapon in Pocket Tanks? Considering that all the weapons are unlocked.

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21 Fire in the Hole

First an explosion, then flames, and then dirt. Deadly weapon. - jimmy12lee

Especially when the main bullet hits the tank at the bottom of the screen.

Best and best weapon.

22 Laser
23 Phase Missile

You may think 120 is the max, but this weapon can hit more than once on occasion. I have gotten up to 180 damage, which is pretty solid.

24 Lightning Rod
25 Rockslide
26 Funnel

The combo weapon to end all combo weapons.

27 Saucer Attack

Oh boy, the cheapest weapon in the game. Two saucers will fly at the enemy tank giving you usually 60 points. But if you're lucky enough to have the enemy in the right position to collide with one of the saucers, BOOM! 250 points given to you. An easy way to set this up is with Showdown.

28 Napalm

I have never gotten less than 150 with this weapon

29 Super Tracer
30 Super Laser
31 Mountain Mover
32 Volcano
33 Super Nova

Try at close range

34 Fuzz Ball
35 Tar Ball

This weapon traps tanks along with doing 30 damage. Similar to Great Wall.

36 Shelter
37 Plasma Orb

Does a good amount of damage and seals them in a ring

38 Bushwhack
39 Gravity Well
40 Stinger
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