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1 Purple Rain

This song has multiple nings. You could Study and interpret it endlessly. Its simple, but really complex. Its poetic art and is one of my favorite songs EVER!

I've never been a fan of Prince, but I've always respected him. He may have been a Prince, but he died a king. Rest in peace. - WonkeyDude98

This is one of those songs that someone plays to contemplate and enjoy a starry night!

Simply no reason to dislike this.

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2 When Doves Cry

A beautiful song from a highly talented artist showing all his emotions and capabilities not only from his different voices but also from his hands making tunes and beats from his own

This will always be Prince's greatest song. So original and authentic. Powerful and moving. The long version truly conveys the unbelievably powerful emotion of this legendary hit. From the electrifying opening guitar riff to the brilliant synth ending this song will go down as one of the best songs ever.

Can't Sleep without listening this song, a great song with an awesome music video, Prince Rules...

Definitely a top song by Prince and of the whole decade.

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3 Little Red Corvette

Really good song love the guitar parts in the song - mneilan

This song should be number 4 or higher

Best song ever! The video to this song is the best of prince!

1999 wasn't his best album, but this was definitely his best song. - GameRiderTom

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4 1999

This song made me love & enjoy life while you can

Classic a song released in the 80s about 1999 which was the future (at that time) - mneilan

I dreaming when I wrote this forgive me if it goes to long

He made his own mark with this song

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5 Kiss

This song is so unique and genius, and it's one of the songs that shot him to superstardom. - Celestius

Another great song from the legend Prince a real musician. - Drum1997

This song came out of nowhere, made everyone say, oh my, here comes Prince

Love this song! Watching him perform it was even more sensational.

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6 Let's Go Crazy

The Guitar in this song is amazing - mneilan

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called life."
The intro gives me goose bumps. It's such an amazing songs that should be 2 or 3 because of how prince can turn that intro into an upbeat dancing song

2 master guitar solos, amazing lyrics and a coincidence in it (Lyrics say to not let the elevator break you down and where did he die? ) + the beat is top.

I’m not a Prince fan, but this is a really good song. Great guitar, drums, bass and nice intro. - Userguy44

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7 I Would Die 4 U

The lyrics would be the only reason for me to believe in Jesus.

Spiritual and inspirational, prince could sing anything

April is the fourth month of the year. 'U' is the 21st letter in the alphabet. Prince died on April 21st. Coincidence? I think not.

Funny that this should be titled this...because he died for us. He went down swinging, to put it that way. - WonkeyDude98

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8 Raspberry Beret

Why is this not higher? A really good upbeat feel and great memories from the time of release.

Hard to pick a favorite, but this one is mine. What put this one over the top for me is the subject matter of the song, it has a wonderful quaintness to it.

This is my all time favorite Prince song. It always boost my mood!

Great video too

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9 The Beautiful Ones

This song replaced "Electric Intercourse" (which is a great song in its own right... well it is outside of the garbage released version! ) on the Purple Rain soundtrack. As good as E.I. was it's hard to believe Prince could replace it with something that's even more brilliant, I guess that's why he is Prince and cannot be replaced.

Best song of all time

Prince always had fashion

I'll love me some prince Yolanda toliver

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10 Sign "O" the Times

Has a great and original basslines and is overall a very creative and insightful song that still holds true today.

Live version with guitar intro in awesome

Not the harry styles version, great song. Also Why isn't starfish and coffee way higher!?


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11 I Wanna Be Your Lover

One of my all time favorite songs!

Very wonderful classic song

One of his greatest songs


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12 Erotic City

This song is so addictive! Once you've listened to it, you can't stop - sedatingthesystem21

Incredibly funky song. That bass. That groove. Brilliant.

Fantastically funky song with a great bass line.

Erotic city is so underrated. his falsetto. seriously.

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13 The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

This one should be way higher! Least top 5!

This is my favourite on this list but where is Diamonds and Pearls?

One of the best ones ever!

Great song..

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14 Cream

A great pop song, it was what bought me into the world of Prince

My favorite song. Shows many sides of him

Shows many skills of Prince

I am suprsised he didn't have sex with the girls on the video

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15 Take Me With U

Is song is so awesome and great to sing along.


16 Fallinlove2nite

An unbelievable disco song

Reminds me of when he appeared on New Girl

Prince still can make great discou miusic in 00's!

17 7

7 is so complex and full of variations - I totally love this song!

4+2+1= 7 todays date 4/21 of 2016 Seven is the all best!

Love this song...

18 The Dance
19 Mountains

In my top 5



An amazing song, melody lyrics, a great hook and flawless singing,only Prince can make instructions funky - "guitars and drums on the one! uh! "

20 1000 X'S and O'S
21 Gett Off

Dirty sexy and very seductive super cool song to dance to fred s



22 Paisley Park

Yes, very underrated but very appreciated by real Prince fans. Why isn't Sometimes it Snows in April or Condition of the Heart on this list? :/

A wonderfully imaginative song with a haunting and memorable beat! A song well ahead of its time!

Awesome tune and beat

Under rated.

23 Darling Nikki

HIGHLY inappropriate for kids who listen to Prince. But still a good song

One of my favourite songs - the guitar is brilliant

All prince songs are good - Leafykael

The guitar in this is so damn unreal as hell it’s amazing

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24 Gold

His most underrated song by some way. A brilliant hit.

This song should be in the top 5, it's the only Prince song I listened too >.< - Gehenna

This should be number 1 or 2

This song is grossly underrated.

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25 My Name is Prince

Glorious, a remarkable epic opener from the Love Symbol Album and the first for the superstar Prince to re-emerge himself.


26 Controversy

So much covered in this song - religion, looks, sexual orientation - that the title for when it came out was perfect - Controversy!

Funk soul brother Prince - TheMarkA1996

Love his music! - DynastiSugarPop

Number 3

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27 If I Was Your Girlfriend

Gender bending, register switching, reversing twisting, back to front perfection. Prince's emblem. So surprised it's not here already

I love this guy. He is the best artist of all ages. No one can ever take his place!

Describes the best that a relationship between a man and women can be. Deep---Guys-listen closely and learn.

The song is weird, strange, freaky, and kinda melancholic and that's exactly why I love it. It's everything I am. This has to be my favorite song ever. The bass is grrreat. And the Camille voice is iconic

28 Adore

Great song, can't believe it isn't up here yet.

My favorite prince song by far

Probably best ballad ever

It is number one on the SOTT list, but needs to be number one full stop, best song by anyone period. Prince sang it at the concert I went too and winked at me.

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29 Sweet Baby
30 Nothing Compares 2 U

Purple Rain is undoubtedly his best. But only a few knew that he composed this and so I voted this, which easily comes to a second for me. Prince is the big symbol and aura of the 80's funky pop sound, and he is stellar at that. But his ballads are in a whole other realm altogether.

31 Alphabet St.

Sparse, tight and funky as hell. This is Prince at his poppiest and best. RIP.

32 Sexy M.F.

Sexy sexy, shakin dat ass

33 U Got the Look

The video and the song itself are a great reflection of prince's visual and artistic appeal. A true original. R.I.P.

How is this song not higher on the list? It’s literally my favorite Prince song, only tying with “When Doves Cry” and “Little Red Corvette.” R.I.P. Prince! U R a Genius!

34 Scandalous
35 When You Were Mine

High shrills and high thrills - a VERY underrated song!

36 Strange Relationship

Lovable song

37 Pheromone
38 Diamonds and Pearls

This song has got to be higher than it is now. - EpicJake

Love love love this song!

great song

39 Sometimes It Snows in April

Heartbreaking To listen to now, like he was forshadowing and singing about his own death

40 Batdance

One of his best...hit number one everywhere. How is it not on this list yet?

41 I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

So simple. So delightful. The best version of this song is found in the 'sign of the times' concert movie. The song's guitar solo blew me away. I started to learn the guitar soon afterwards. Still do. Thanks P

Excellent song, unforgettable melody, great lyrics. One of the best pieces of a masterpiece album.

42 The Arms of Orion
43 It
44 Pop Life

Great song to hear

Whats the matter with yo life, is the poverty bring u down?

45 D.M.S.R.

Great beat and song

46 Partyman

The song that showcases everything that makes Prince great. Killer vocals, catchy beat, and a hook that makes Partyman a party anthem.

47 Anna Stesia

It ravished me and liberated my mind.

48 Compassion
49 Delirious

A great song with awesome beat

50 The Morning Papers
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