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1 Infected Mushroom Infected Mushroom is an Israeli musical duo formed in Haifa in 1996 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. They are best known for pioneering the genre of psychedelic trance, but also for combining this with experimental bass music, as well as rock and Middle Eastern influences. The album "Converting more.

Just listen to vicious delicious, heavy weight, and killing time... You l definitely vote thi...

Melodically complex and interesting and stands out from the crowd, there are tracks that would make you dance on ceilings and walls.

I've been listening to Infected Mushroom for some time now... It has (Amazing) replay value. Great for working out. You have terror injecting songs like Dracul, and mind wrenching visual arts created by songs like The Gathering, or Cities of the Future. And, Now with their new album Army of Mushrooms, all you need is 45 seconds of any song to make Infected Mushroom you new favorite Psychedelic Trance artist of all time.

Heavy weight awesome music played by infected mushroom

2 Astrix

If you want to listen a real psychdelic music just listen to poison, scintific reality, sex style,...

If you are high or something just listen to Astrix any song, I bet you will have a good trip.

Easily number 1. Just listen to Poison. The greatest song ever created in the history of Psytrance. - awanshrestha

Trance4Nations exclusively in my iTUNES. 2 months and counting...

3 Kuba


4 Air Nan

Lol no comments, ell thiere 6th which in my humble opinion means a lot of people like them, and I know why, the rest need to listen to them and then judge..

5 Ananda Shake

One of the best creators of powerful Full on Trance tracks... Listen to Disco Dancer and Magic World...

Should be much higher, they have a fantastic original energetic sound - espyorkshireman

6 Hallucinogen

Nobody can reach him. He is the only one!

Get a grip guys #61, should be at least top ten, one of the pioneers of the sound!

How is Simon not number 1?

A true pioneer. Back in the late 90s this guy was no doubt number 1. These kids doing the voting clearly have no sense of history or perspective.

7 Astral Projection


Listen Mahadeva it's key track

Its exactly what their group name is

Dancing Galaxy - my favorite trance song ever.

8 Krusseldorf
9 1200 Micrograms

Love Raja Ram. I love songs like The World of The Acid Dealer.
He has a great and interesting style.

Shiva's India.. This THE song.

Awesome tracks... This is a joint

"Double Helix" real good music..!

10 Shpongle

Watch the animated DMT flashback video of Divine Moments of Truth.
That's some good stuff!

Such a wide variety of sounds from around the world, really is an immersing experience. Many songs very accurately capture the feeling of a psychedelic trip.

One of The best Artists have ever come acros...
Juz counting on ma breath for shpongle 5...


The Contenders

11 Azax Syndrom

Just listen to tracks like "The Better Man", "Flawless Victory (Bliss Remix)", "Live or Die" and "The Truth"... A work of art!

Azax syndrom :D some good music

Please Listen"The Beast " Track of azax

He is the best!

12 Ajja

You just have to hear the guy... Mind blowing

He knows how to create the most pleasant, and meaningful frequencies while making you dance like it's your last dance ever! he has the most distinctive style, and while keeping it, always discovering new territories in music.

Ajja is an unsung hero of psy. His psy has soul

Ajja is an "alive God".

13 Theobroma
14 Krama
15 Skazi

This guys a bomb!

He is nothing really
He use just one main melody in a track and do some very little changes on it
And it's really nothing
Just do a comparison between this guy and infected mushroom

Keep doing what you do! Love it

The word "Revolution of music"

16 Vibe Tribe

Cum 2 Mumbai and experience the acidic public...

Amazing! He terminated me while dancin' off his tracks live!
He's truly a gifted psychedelic artist, extreme vibes, fantastic beats..
Vibe Tribe will OWN you when you listen to him live!

Wonderful trance... What a beats? Wow.. Magnificent... This type of trance generally rocks the j-bars america... Lovely..
Melodrama and spun are my favorite tracks...

This guys is simply amazing
His tracks take you to a different world
You will come to know if you start listening to his tracks

17 Progenitor
18 Ovnimoon

Just mind blowing! A total cleansing ceremony!

He should be the one for ever. His style is unique.

Very dynamic, deep, layered and textured music.

Creator true spiritual new World

19 Sesto Sento

Best remixes ever heard

Love these guys almost all there songs

Sesto dance.. Ma favrte..!

His frozen dream and M.ways are awosome

20 Ace Ventura

Best progressive psychedelic artist.

Especially their epic track 'connected'

Theee best trance artist ever

Ace is the best progi dj. !

21 Crazy Astronaut

So damn tough... amazing next level artist... alienoscopic

22 Shiva Chandra

How can they not be in the top ten?... Come on...

Slow but solid

23 Bizzare Contact


Es mi favorito grandes tracks como xalala dance o minori

Bizarre contact ❤ So absolute best of psytrance and have earned my deepest respect 👍

24 Talamasca

God! Of all psychedelic Dj's of ALL TIME!

Great artist! Try "day dreaming" for something softer and "psychedelic" for the hard stuff ( it makes me scared )...

Talamasca sets will pump you up. Great live act too. Talamasca definitely top 10.

Waaay too low on the countdown...

25 cosmo

Hi-tech psychedelic music! Superbomb!

26 Liquid Soul

He is one of the leading sound architects, who has set standards for many others! Full appreciation for his work..and I am travelling to his live sets..

Must listen to "ANJUNA" amazing, I have no words for the track...


He should be first :l

27 Electric Universe

Simply the best out of all.

One of my all-time favourites. Brings beautiful memories.

Saw him at rainbow serpent 2015, unbelievable

How can he not be the first place...

28 U Reckon

You recken is perfect in changing the views in a track

Its not URECKON ITS U-RECKEN, listen to aquatique serenade, for the sunrise ;) peace

29 Goa Gil

You give me Full Power

God of psy trance

Inventor of psytrance. He does not need to be seen on any list. Name says it. just that you should b able to handle 180 bpm

Your shri maharaj so so god sir I m you big fan piyush kumar

30 Neelix

NEELIX is the BEST having your system blasting! Partying or at home while being high! I can't have enough!

What? Neelix is No1! All Songs are more then Awesome!

He deserves to be on #1.
He's the best & the most unique. Amazing.
Love from Pakistan.

He deserves to be on #1.
Simply blows my mind with his drops <3
Love from Pakistan.

31 Sick Addiction
32 Ott

One of my best foreva

Should be on top 5... other side of psy...

33 Mad Maxx

The Name Says It All... This Artist is been producing some killer music very often... mad maxx should b number 1.. because when it comes to live performance.. no1 can get even close to him.. it a trip out of this space.. mad maxxx number 1 psytrance artist

34 Hilight Tribe

Very ambient! Songs like Morning Puja, Free Tibit etc. are epic!

Crazy music! Love it...2014 hiltop new year... Killer... you killed it..

35 Kindzadza

Best hi tech artist

The Most Avant-garde, Experimental Cyberdelic Trance ARTIST... THE MOST MIND BENDING SPACE MUSIC EVER>... KING DZA DZA

36 Upgrade

Ground bass at its best

37 Tryambaka

The lord of darkness

38 Myrah

Myrah you are the best

39 Tristan


He's a god, full on psy, fast, very various, keeps it interesting through the whole tracks, uses high range of modern sound technology.
Favorite tracks: The whole album Chemisphere (Terrordactyl, If only! )

40 Electro Sun
41 Entheogenic

Pagan Dream Machine is stoned

42 Abomination
43 Paranormal Attack

One to not be missed! Grooveshark: 56 songs 1 album

They rock with "walking in the sun"

44 Asura

Asura has been aiding my expansion of consciousness for 8 years. Time-tested for deep ecstatic joy, comprehension of complex systems, and endless revitalization. All of their works are TOP-NOTCH, though I haven't quite gotten into radio universe yet.

Try the "butterfly fx", one word awesome it is

45 Eskimo

Most unique and energetic psy artist out there

Full On!


46 Coming Soon

Niceguy Robert in the wheel chair says hi my man

47 Loud

Pure art start slow and only rise

These guys are the best, love their music from deep of my heart. Spritual sounds and something more than just music

An amazing band, they've gone beyond psytrance, when progressive become dancing poetry.

Pure genius

48 Bubble

"Drive" defines bubble perfectly

49 KoxBox
50 Eat Static

Absolut Blast! Mindblowing sound quality and story in liveact - one of the last real liveacts

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