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141 Dahlia
142 Lucky Draw

Beat more champions than the majority of horses on this list.

143 Equipoise

The Roger Bannister of thoroughbreds! He's the first horse to break the 1:35 barrier for a mile in a sanctioned race.

The Chocolate Soldier. Avoided the big clash with Phar Lap, but would have been the only one to take him on.

144 Media Puzzle V 1 Comment
145 Horlicks

Great mare from NZ who was the first horse from the Southern Hemisphere to win the Japan Cup. won it then world record time which although Secretariat was not extended, Horlicks would have beaten it by 7-8 lengths comparing times. Fantastic horse, deserves to be somewhere on this list.

146 Silent Witness
147 Golden Horn

We have a new kid on the block after his brilliant Derby win and Arc win. As well as other multiple group 1 wins over his elders this year. He would be unbeaten if it wasn't for the freak race at York. It's such a shame he'll be retiring at the end of the month. I'd say he is more or less unbeatable on good ground. He's gotta be in the top ten at least. Very similar profile to Sea the stars and both incidentally are by Cape Cross. Not quite as good as the number 1 in my opinion which is Frankel but has gotta be right up there!

What he is a brilliant horse and should see great offspring to see of his soon

He is an unbelievable horse I have been with him the whole way and one of the greatest I have trained


148 Solow

He is the best miler in the world, he is also unbeaten on the distance of 1800m

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149 Rising Fast

Won the caulfield cup, cox plate, mckinnon and Melbourne cup in the same year. The next year won the caulfield cup then certainty beaten in the Melbourne cup with a big weight
One of the all time greats
Should be in the top 50 for sure.

Way too low on the list
One of the all time greats

150 Alphabet Soup
151 Admire Rakti
152 Manikato

Simply has to be very high on this list. Second only to Black Caviar. Australian sprinters are the world's best and he was the best for 5 successive years.

153 Assault
154 Gallant Fox Gallant Fox
155 Niatross

Champion who set records that still stand today. - swanning

Remember polinesion

156 Mine That Bird

Happy to see him here. He ran with heart in the Derby and consequently in the Preakness Belmont and Breeders Cup. No one expected him to place and much less win the Derby. He became an icon for underdogs. Mine That Bird has my vote!

He was a very good horse with a big heart. Despite his size he went on to win the Kentucky derby. He was a gorgeous horse. He was very small for a thouroughbred. And had very good bloodlines. He was a come from behind horse.

Not even in the Top 500, wrong selection, good horse with 1 lucky race

Winner of the kentekuy derby he was behind the pack and came up on the rail

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157 Makybe Diva


Amazing to see her blocked behind the other horses then out of no where she clicks and you see it she just makes her move and beats them all I have never been so happy to see a horse win when she won her 3rd melbourne cup.
She should be in the top 10 not number 13.

Proud to say I was there to see her win her third cup in a row. Absolute Australian racing history bar none.

Are you serious maybe diva is one of the greatest race horses ever

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158 Whirlaway

Good grief. Triple Crown Winner - won $5 million to help sell Bonds for the War effort. Single leading lone entity to do so. Won the Triple Crown and the Travers Stakes - only horse to this day to do this. Ran 60 times and came in first 32; second 15 times and third 9 times. Was buried at Normandy before being sent back to Calumet. Unbelievable - 49? He deserves far, far better than this.

49? Are you kidding me?! You're rating steeplechasers ahead of one of the greatest thoroughbreds of all time? This is Whirlaway people. One of only 11 triple crown winners. One of the greatest. So I can't put much credence in this list, especially because I haven't seen anyone here who can even put a sentence together.

How could you do this? He should be in the top eleven. For Pete's sake he WON the TRIPLE CROWN. Because 46th? You have got to be kidding me.

Should be in the top 25 at least if not higher. You'll need to watch him winning the Preakness to know how great a race horse he truly was.

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159 Shergar

Still holds biggest winning margin in the Derby by some distance joke of a position

A true Irish Legend

He was outstanding! Swinburn and Pigott were also outstanding with him. Also very kind and beautiful racehorse.

Geweldig. Ik heb zijn fijnste moment-de epsom downs derby- zo vaak bekeken, en elke keer als ik hem zie demarreren in de laatste 300 meter: kippenvel!

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160 Kingston Town

He was an absolute machine, he was not pampered like a lot of racehorses especially the more recent ones, he won from 1200m to 3200m, his acceleration is like I've never seen before or after. Ran injured for most of his career. 3 cox plates and 14 group ones. He definitely should be in the top 5 at least!

Was greater then most of he horses mentioned here no disrespect to them he destroyed all comers anywhere from 1200m to 3200m and carried injury for most of his career much greater th maybe diva.

Won everything but the Melbourne Cup and just missed that due to jockey going too soon in the final furlongs. A much under rated horse and could of been one of the greats if not for frequent injuries.

The best lv ever seen

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