Ruffian is my hero, my way of life, how can you people not love her, she won every race while Foolish Pleasure won most of his but got beat in a couple, Ruffian was the best two year old in the country and it was sad when she died.

Ruffian should before Secretariat because she won all her races and he won some of his but got beat in a couple, besides I love Secretariat in all I mean who doesn't, but anyway ruffian also ran more races. So who's with me should she or should she not be before Secretariat?

I've read books on all the great American thoroughbreds. Ruffian's story touched me the most, and I place her among the most notable because she exhibited that indomitable winning American spirit and shear will to always give her very best. (Which she did brilliantly, winning all ten races she completed). Sadly, this combination of qualities would not allow her to reduce speed in spite of a crippling injury she suffered while racing Foolish Pleasure, which ultimately led to her being destroyed at the young age of 3. She gets my vote. Go girl power!

Ruffian Is number 1 she was ahead at every point of call in every race she ever ran including the match race she even kept going. She had heart and she refused to be beaten. Unlike Secretariat who lost when he was hurt she was undefeated. Like ManO War we will never know how fast she could go because she never was pushed to her fastest

Ruffian never lost a race that she finished. All but 1 of her stakes records still stand today. She beat all of secretariats 6-7 furlongs records. And most of his other records. Records prove that if she had raced in the triple crown in 1975 she was fast enough to win it. Lucien Lauren (secretariats trainer) said "as god as my witness she may be even better than secretariat

Ruffian, compared to Secretariat, would have easily beaten the stallion if she had been given the chance to reach her full adult stage instead of dying at 3 years old.

I think Ruffian is definitely one of the best racehorses that ever lived. I saw the movie and the ending is sad. I wish she had lived longer. Why did she take that wrong step? Was it the birds? Was it when she hit her back leg on the gate? Did she just mess up her leads? What if she didn't take the wrong step? Would she have won? Was she better than Foolish Pleasure? We will never know.

Ruffian is by far the best race horse! I just love her! She was so beautiful. she always looked liked she was going slower than she really was. And let us not forget. When she tragically snapped her leg, she was in the lead. I bet she would have won

Dude this horse should be number one. She not only won all her races but she also set or equaled a recored in every race she ran. She did something no other horse has done befor or after her. Create a minus winning pool (look it up if you don't know what it is. ) she beat almost all of secretariats records! Love this horse

Ruffian is very much so my favorite race horse of all time! She would have beat Foolish Pleasure in that race and I think it is sad how the jockey kept going. I think she should be the first. She inspired me. The way she was running/trying to get up after she had surgery on her broken leg showed she loved racing and she wanted to do it.

Ruffian was not given a fair chance. She was big, dark, gorgeous and fast. Foolish pleasure wouldn't have a chance against get if she was still alive. She would of won. I find her better than Zenyatta any day.

I feel ill when I read about what happened to poor Ruffian and all other racehorses who have suffered these traumatic injuries and lost their lives. She should not have been racing after she had her first fracture. We don't need to endanger the lives of these beautiful creatures to satisfy our own ego and make money, just let them run free and enjoy their lives.

Never mentioned never given her due! Amazing animal which should be given credit always the best to not mention her is due to lack of knowledge and just plain stupidity! The best

Ruffian was PERFECTION. She never lost a race. It would have been incredible to see her career if she hadn't broken her leg. Even Secretariat's jockey said that she may be better than Secretariat.

She was undefeated and secretariat was so their for making her rank higher than secretariat I do not count the match race because only 1 horse crossed the finish line I think in a match race 2 horses should cross the finish line so she is better than secretariat

Ruffian technically won she was ahead of Foolish Pleasure before she broke down and she would have made it if she would have stopped her fighting heart but she never gave up running. Let me rephrase because they didn't want her to suffer so they put her down. Definitely the greatest horse of all time! - Midnightrum

Ruffian was the second best horse alive. She may not have beaten foolish pleasure but she wanted to keep running even though she couldn't. She is the number one best female racehorse ever. She was the prettiest horse I have ever seen. She was the perfect example of a perfect horse.

Ruffian captured the imagination of the USA in a way no horse except perhaps Seabiscuit had. She was a true racer and the most beautiful horse to watch.

ruffian is the greatest!
the only race she was ever whipped in was the hot n nasty race!
she always set and smashes track and stakes records, she even beat 2 of secretariats miles, and 2 of his 1 1/8 miles and all of his 6 and 7 furlong records!
she was the greatest!

I was a child when she ran that last race and I still remember when she broke stride and eventually stopped. I was heartbroken. I wept as only a child can. All that potential never shown. It still brings tears to my eyes.

She is the best-named race horse ever. She expressed, as only horses can, complete disdain for any rival. She would not allow others close to her. She was aloof and beautiful and she acted as if winning was her due. It was. She was untouchable.

She is so brave! How does she just keep running? Can she not feel pain? The only thing that than can beat her is death! She would have totally beaten Foolish Pleasure!

The first time I ever saw a clip of her falling I cried because I hate seeing horse in pain. I was thinking that might happen to me if I had a horse. She will ways be remember as one of the best horse in america. Why put her in 6th put her in third or second, in my opinion.

I would like to see her a little higher up the list, but I have seen some of the great horses below her ranking. Great horse and very long lived memories of what she accomplished. I'm glad she will always be remembered as one of the top ten.

Secretariat, Zenyatta, and the rest may have won more races or did it faster, but Ruffian tried to keep running after she broke down, and even after surgery... Apart from Barbaro and a few others, I can't think of many horses with that much courage.

Also, Secretariat lost some races like the Wood Memorial, while the only race Man o' War lost was the one where he wasn't ready...