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1 The Rains of Castamere - Jackie Evancho

This song is the musical equivalent of a rainy day, with Jackie's ethereal vocals permeating the story. - BobG

Just phenomenal. Be sure to listen to it on a sound system with a subwoofer. You're missing half of the music if you don't. The low frequencies accompanying Jackie's ethereal vocals create a visceral sense of foreboding - the songwriter's intention to be sure.

You will never, ever find a better rendition of this song. This definitely belongs to Jackie.

Jackies way of singing makes any song a hit!

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2 Rain - The Beatles

Maybe their most underrated. Ringo's drumming is fantastic. - PetSounds

3 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall - Bob Dylan
4 Have You Ever Seen the Rain? - Creedence Clearwater Revival
5 Purple Rain - Prince
6 I Think It's Gonna Rain Today - Joe Cocker
7 Summer Rain - Belinda Carlisle

Criminally underrated masterpiece from amazing Belinda. Very strong performance and powerful lyrics - Irina2932

8 Blue Eyes Cryin In the Rain - Willie Nelson
9 Rain - Madonna

Very beautiful and sweet song by Madonna. One of her greatest ballads - Irina2932

10 Rhythm of the Rain - The Cascades

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11 Kentucky Rain - Elvis Presley
12 Here Comes the Rain Again - Eurythmics
13 It’s Raining Men - Geri Halliwell

I love the original version from Weather Girls but Geri's cover version sounds much more fresh and intriguing - Irina2932

14 Black Summer Rain - Eric Clapton
15 I Wish It Would Rain Down - Phil Collins
16 November Rain - Guns ‘n Roses

The longest No. 1 hit in history also features an unforgettable music video - Irina2932

17 Blame It on the Rain - Milli Vanilli
18 Rainy Day People - Gordon Lightfoot
19 The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin

Music Poetry

20 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head - B.J. Thomas
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1. A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall - Bob Dylan
2. Rain - The Beatles
3. Purple Rain - Prince
1. Summer Rain - Belinda Carlisle
2. Rain - Madonna
3. Kentucky Rain - Elvis Presley



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