Best The Receiving End of Sirens Songs

Top ten songs for the post-hardcore progressive rock band The Receiving End of SIrens (TREOS).

The Top Ten

1 This Armistice

Wonderful lyrics. Simply stunning. Especially the verse, "Oh how I've been teething, in light of your misleading, you've caused this collapse, between the Heart and the Synapse. " Multiple singers adds so much.

I'm really not exaggerating when I say that this song has changed my life.

2 The War of All Against All

Fantastic progressive rock song. Intro is stunning, lyrics are amazing ("Forged casualties with casual pleas dying to please the enemy"), original guitar.

3 The Rival Cycle

Incredibly well written lyrics with interesting meaning. Chorus is so good, with two singers singing separate lyrics. Original guitar, with great breakdown with screaming during the bridge.

4 Epilogue

So simple, yet simply stunning. Who knew that two lines could be so meaningful, and so interesting to listen to. Very relaxing to listen to, and easy to meditate to. Also features the hidden track starting at 10:31, a very different electronic sounding version of the verse "Oh how I've been teething. "

5 Music of the Spheres

Relaxing and beautiful instrumental songs. Very interesting drum beats.

6 The Salesman, the Husband, the Lover

Very moving song about divorce and the effect it has on the children of the broken home. Chorus has a jarring kick that is so awesome to listen to.

By far their best song, so relatable to almost anyone these days.

7 Planning a Prison Break

Good rock song, lyrics flow together very smoothly. Features both rough and melodic guitar. Great use of both higher and deeper voices, especially at the end of the song.

8 Dead Men Tell No Tales

Good lyrics about ships and drowning, and the music even sounds like water. Slightly more ambient than other songs on the album. Lyrics flow together very well.

9 A Realization of the Ear

Very ambient song as the words are rather difficult to understand if you don't know what they are. Once you know what they are, you will like this song a lot more.

10 Smoke and Mirrors

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11 ... Then I Defy You, Stars
12 Broadcast Quality
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