Best Righteous Brothers Songs


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1 Unchained Melody

This is on the verge of being the most beautiful song of all time - Beatlesboy9

You've Lost That Loving Feeling is a great song and Fantastic performance but I think this one just slightly edges it out for their Best Song; and to echo BeatlesBoy9 - one of the most beautiful songs ever. - Billyv

2 (You're My) Soul and Inspiration
3 You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'

This is my favorite song of all time.

4 Rock and Roll Heaven

Describes the time capsule we have in brilliant musicians who died at a young age. They never grew stale--we can only remember them as the vibrant musical geniuses they were in their prime. Their music continues to light our fires, generations after their passing. - PetSounds

It's basically a tribute to deceased artists of the past and I think it's one of their bests without a doubt. - Beatlesboy9

I Know they've got a hell of a band! - Billyv

5 Ebb Tide

So underrated yet similar to Unchained Melody in the beautiful way it sounds - Beatlesboy9

6 Just Once in My Life
7 He
8 Give It to the People
9 Dream On
10 Go Ahead and Cry

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11 Justine
12 Little Latin Lupe Lu
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