Best Runescape Melee Weapons

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21 Zaros Godsword

Worth as much as a blue party hat


22 Noxious Scythe

A 2H scythe with 2011 Damage and 2458 Accuracy, this weapon is the best meele 2H in the game. It has a special attack called Mirrorback which summons a spider which takes incoming damage instead of you, and reflects it onto your attacker. It requires level 90 Attack to use and can be bought at the grand exchange or created by items obtained from Araxxi kills. I quit using drygores alltogether after getting this weapon, its damage is truly awesome!

Acts as a halberd so you have greater range, making it, simply put, OP for arraxor/arraxi!
Pk with this and every attack equals an Armadyl Godsword special attack

23 Spade

I dig so hard my enemies explode in jealousy.

24 Steel Scimitar

Best sword after bronze

25 Flowers

Happy, yet deadly. Obviously the best around.

26 Dragon Kiteshield

Defense is the best offense

27 Staff

This stiff wooden pole will make all your enemies fear you. With the Staff you can easily solo the mighty Vorago in a few hits. It is however said that only the chosen one may weild it.

28 Easter Carrot
29 Enhanced Excalibur

This isn't the best weapon in the game but it is one of the greatest along with a dygore weapon this offhand beast is incredibale

Its ability is very useful one of the best defensive abilities ever I don't get why a defender doesn't have something like this I truly love thisweapon it is hard to obtain but even when your a low level it is a grat weapon and is easy to get even if you don't have it enchanced you can still use it ability then change weapon best weapon I have ever used and I highly reccomend for all levels

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30 Dragon Fire Sword

Easily the best weapon and its free as a reward from monkey madness 3, love it to bits!

31 Chaotic Longsword

This weapon is known for it's very high accuracy making it the perfect bossing weapon.

32 Saradomin Sword

The speed of a whip, with slightly higher numbers as well as a much better special attack.

This is a perfect sword for training Strength. They are perfect against deadly red spiders. Deadly red spiders are weak to crush and a saradomin sword is a crush weapon so... I train a lot with the ss... I highly recommend it for melee training. Greetings from TheEvilRobin.

The attack speed of a whip with the ability to train strength

Speedy, high hitter, devastator.
No more needs to be said...

33 Dragon Halberd

Has high damage and a low attack level and is cheap I think its about 400k

34 Bronze Dagger

I was owned by a level 5 with this bad boy and I'm a level 112 with dragon claws!

Best weapon in the game. Easily outhit my dual wielded drygore rapiers.

Best weapon

35 Mud Pie

So delicious the enemy will drown in their own saliva.

36 Jessika's sword

Can be purchased using 350 Void Knight commendation points after completion of The Void Stares Back. Requires 75 attack to wield.459 damage-1694 accuracy-stab style

37 Darklight

A great sword. It can actually outhit drygores when paired with a drygore off-hand. Unfortunately, it can only hit this high on demons.

38 Magic Secateurs

I love these things they are great for bossing, PKing and don't forget!... Farming

39 Barrelchest Anchor

If you like quests and you are a mid level player. This baby is perfect

40 Khukuri

It is the best wepon in the world

It is used in world war

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