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21 Carnillean Rising

Decent story and low requirement to start. Most of all, the rewards are epic because of the 8000xp, so many items that are worth well over 300k gp total, ability to kill the Cave Wolf Matriarch again for even more items, and the ultimate Treasure Chest which allows you to bury whatever you like, in almost anywhere in RuneScape so that your friends or whoever you want can uncover it for the treasure within (this is an awesome activity for party holding). Therefore, Carnillean Rising is a must-do!

22 The Fremennik Trials

The quest really introduces the player to amazing characters. I think the thing that made this quest so good is that is was similar to the best quest, one small favour.

23 Rune Memories
24 Ernest the Chicken

Because the guy gives you a whole load of feathers and eggs when you turn him back to normal

25 Song from the Depths

This quest is amazing. I had shivers down my spine the whole time because of the atmospheric music and voice acting, not to mention what I felt could have been a deeper meaning. Does this quest feel allegorical to anyone else? If you interpret it to be about the "fallen woman" in the Victorian age, it's almost a spot-on narrative. The siren is the "sexually transgressive" woman whose only repentance is death, in a typically Victorian Christian way. The Raptor represents the archetypal patriarchal Victorian voice that restricted sexual expression (of women) and gender expression (again, of women) and made the era seem so austere to everyone who lived after it. It was a nice touch for the quest to quietly portray the siren in a sympathetic light by telling her story and giving the player the option to "avenge her death" as a quest reward.

I know it's unlikely that most RuneScape players will care about the Victorian era and much less so gender roles and feminism, but I couldn't ...more

26 Mountain Daughter

One of the best quests I've done for story, explained it to 4 non RSer friends and even they loved it, catches you completely off guard at the end, no spoilers!

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