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61 Prime Mover
62 Chemistry

This song's constant transitions are mindblowing. The whole signals album is a masterpiece and will be celebrated forever by me and hopefully others. - Flowerwave

This song should at least be higher up in the list. :/

Chemistry is 63? I'm disappointed in people...

63 Countdown

Feels like a countdown...
Awesome synthie part that get higher and higher... Love it

64 Here Again

Honestly, how is this so low? If you ask a genuine Rush fan, like me, about this song, they will say something along the lines of, "an excellent, early blues number with an epic guitar solo." Exactly. Anyone else, such as those fake Rush fans who have only heard Subdivisions and Tom Sawyer, will reply, "What the heck are you on about." - lavillaof2112

In my honest opinion this is the single most underrated song of all time by any band! Listen to this song once and try not to have to listen to it again, it is nearly impossible! Not only is this one of Ale's first big songs it is the edgy Zeplin like wailing that gets me every time! I was suprised how much I liked the Lyrics and how much it applies because it is pre peart.

Agree with other comments. A truly underrated epic that should be much higher.

Sheer bloody genius...just the tiniest glimpse of what was to follow...

65 Kid Gloves

Very song on Grace Under Pressure

66 Middletown Dreams

Builds from an average start to something truly lifting

The synth-era Rush is typically highly underlooked and vastly overrated. But the synthesizer breakdown at 2:00 is amazing. The sheer desperation behind the notes rings so clear. The way the guitar and bass play into that part as well is just so well done. One of my favorite Rush songs.

67 Workin' Them Angels

Listen to the structure of the song... Really well produced with subtle rhythm changes in between. By far the best Rush song post y2k

Modern classic - exactly the sort of song that keeps Rush relevant. - Heyesmar

68 Manhattan Project

I love this song, is isn't the best Rush song but that doesn't mean by any means this a bad song. Its great and captures the tension of the history it speaks of.

Out of all the Rush songs, Manhattan Project truly got me into the band, My first love was Subdivisions, because, I played the entire song on the piano, but it was M.P. That inspired me to not only enjoy the song but moved me to get in to the anti-nuke movement. I also researched the history because, my aunt survived the bombing in Hiroshima, only to die from cancer six months after 9/11.

it was this song that also turned me into an atheist and changed the path I was following all my life...if a song can influence you, then it's probably the most important song in you life...and this song is.

69 Clockwork Angels
70 Animate

The stripped down hard driving drumming introduction, followed by straight ahead bass and guitar and then the soaring bridge work is amazing. Geddy's voice is great in this and Neil's lyrics are among his best, calling for men to embrace their feminine side and find themselves complete.

Even my wife (who loves country music, yes COUNTRY music! ) likes "Animate". Of course, I'm mostly lucky because she lifts her eyebrows and nods her head when Geddy sings "Man must learn to gently dominate"!

Catchy stuff.

71 Afterimage

Last time I saw it is 50th. Why it's down to 60th? When I feel disappointed on something, I always listen to this song. I'm not sure this song is for this feeling or not. But I like it especially the sound of guitar in every riff.

Unlike their other songs which takes a few listens to unravel the beauty, this one is instantly catchy.. Needs to be higher and more appreciated

This song has to be in the top five!

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72 Grand Designs

This song is awesome! The synthesizer is great and alexs crunching guitar riffs along with those harmonics make this song very fun to listen too.. SHould be way higher than 66..!

I am a HUGE Rush fan, but I don't like this song

73 Malignant Narcissism
74 Where's My Thing

I love this song and could not believe I had to add it to the list. It has a really neat and catchy tune.

75 Mystic Rhythms

Very underrated. Shows the incredible amount of musicianship that they have. A beautifully crafted song.

Great song the Power Window album is so underrated here.

The most underrated song, must be at top 10.

One of my favorite Rush songs, actually! I think it sounds amazing both on the CD AND Live! Very underrated song!

76 Freeze, Part 4 of Fear
77 The Wreckers

Amazing tune. Clockwork Angels album is great, and this is the highlight on it, for me.

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78 Presto

Way under-rated! If Genesis would have written this - it would have been in their top 3 best songs ever. Consider that...

79 The Enemy Within

How can this be so low? This song rocks! - Andrevalenca

This is a great, fabulous perfect song

80 The Anarchist

Come on! This song is one of the best on Clockwork Angels! That's one of the best Rush albums in a while! Like, awesome bass, catchy guitar, and furious drumming. 3 basic elements in a Rush song. But basic as a definition for Rush's music is canceled out, since Neil is among the best drummers, plays the most complicated parts and rhythms, and unlike other rock drummers, knows music theory, Geddy plays some of the best bass lines, that as a bassist are like Neil's drumming as well: trying to run a marathon while solving many, genius level math equations, and Alex, who is one of the best guitarists that some other guitarists couldn't dream of even playing the way Alex plays it, cause he's Alex, blah blah BLAH blaaahh. LOL. Sorry this is kinda long - mopofloyd

My 2nd favorite on the album, only after Clockwork Angels

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