Best Sci-fi / Horror Movies


The Top Ten

1 Alien
2 Aliens

It’s between Aliens and Terminator 2, everything else is a distance third.

This is a tough one, because both the first and second are excellent. I would learn more toward the second because it had multiple aliens, the queen and delved more into how these creatures exist.

And I do agree that The Thing should keep its 3rd spot. Another great film.

The best alien yet, Sigourney Weaver gives a chilling performance, she is more hardcore now, because she has already encountered an alien so she knows what to do in this one, She was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role she should've won the Oscar! - roblist

3 The Thing
4 Mimic
5 Predator
6 The Blob
7 The Relic
8 The Hidden
9 28 Days Later
10 The Cell

The Contenders

11 Resident Evil - Apocalypse
12 Resident Evil
13 Sphere
14 Resident Evil - Extinction
15 Shocker
16 Alien 3
17 Frankenstein (1931)
18 I Am Legend
19 Cloverfield
20 Planet Terror
21 The X Files: I Want to Believe
22 Deep Star Six
23 Sunshine
24 Donnie Darko
25 The Fly (1986)

How is this not in the top five?

26 Doom
27 Hollow Man
28 The Terminator
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