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1 Undisputed III: Redemption

Wow what an movie it was I just love every action of scott... A man with simple but perfect body and mad skills.. This film became my most favourite action film. I LOVE you SCOTT. As he said he is d most complete fighter in d world and tat is 100% true

I adore this action and Scott is my new hero - Magnolia

Wow! The movie makes me stronger I mean these days I have started to IMPROVISE, ADAPT & OVERCOME obstacles in life! Laugh out loud

Scott Adkins is a man of his own talent,a hero of action movies.

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2 Assassination Games

Duet with Jean-Claude Van Damme (Scott's idol) worked - Magnolia

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3 Ninja V 1 Comment
4 Undisputed II - Last Man Standing
5 The Tournament

He should have had more of screen time - Magnolia

Excellent keep it up

6 Black Mask 2: City Of Masks
7 Stag Night
8 Special Forces

I love all the movies of Scott Adkins he is the best in what he do his latest NINJA is the best

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9 The Bourne Ultimatum

I love this movie this movie is awesome

10 Green Street 3: Never Back Down

I like this movie, scot you are professional man

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11 Deine Mutter
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