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1 Smile in Your Sleep

This is where it all started for me, and the song itself is just simply amazing, the chorus, the intro, everything, definetely 1, but my heroine is also very amazing!

This song is absolutely amazing, I just love everything about it. This song always makes me smile when it comes on and the lyrics always make me want to cry, its just beautiful.

Amazing song, should be number 1. The lyrics have so much meaning and this is my favourite Silverstein song! Listen to it all the time!

I love it because it gets me down then pumps me up really quick.

2 My Heroine

The best Silverstein song I've ever heard the best of all time and the very first Silverstein song I've listened to

My Heroine is Way better than Smile in Your Sleep.. Especially its Acoustic Version.. :P

This is my favorite song ever! I really love it.. The best..

I listen to this song every day, at least 5 times. Its art, and I can relate to it so well. Thanks, silverstein.

3 Vices

Kick ass song with a with a great and meaningful music video to go along with it. This song should be in the top 3 at least.

The ref is really good. I love this song so much!

This is my favorite among all of their songs.

4 Massachusetts

Don't see why this is # 24. Everyone listen to the new album there are great songs on it.

This is one of those songs that switch between screaming and singing. Those kinds of songs give me goosebumps. Just so awesome. I have listened to this several times and it still hasn't gotten old.

Oh baby please I can explain, why this is their best song

This song is amazing and emotional!

5 Burning Hearts

This song is great! Why? Because is fast and hardcore, the lyrics are great and it tell us why we always hurt the ones we love. Keep rocking guys, PEACE

Seriously the chorus is unforgatable... My heroin is their best work following by smile in your sleep but this song is quot underrated.. Please listen before voting, Silverstein rules 4Eva

6 The Artist

1 of the best songs by silverstein off 1 of their latest albums, The Rescue. That should be placed 2nd after My Heroine. Best heavy song by them.. It has all the essence required.. The appropriate screams, strong guitar riffs and also melody! AWESOME! KICK-ASS! No matter what you say is an understatement..

Badass song, pure and simple. Along with "Medication" which should be on this list. All their songs are amazing though, it's impossible to pick just one favorite or the best song.

It's #1 on my list lol such a badass song.

The first time I heard it, I didn't like it... Second time really weird but I LOVED it!. It's on of my favourit songs on the album.

7 Stand Amid the Roar

Can't get over this song

My heroine was a good song I just think this a little bit better and more polished

Their new single is awesome. Make this to number 1 guys.

This should be #1, don't be dumb

8 Darling Harbour
9 If You Could See Into My Soul
10 Call It Karma

So true, catchy. really defines Silverstein as a band and is awesome as an acoustic song.

You are the fire on my apartment floor I'd rather burn then fall. Defiantly top 3 silverstein songs

Their best song in my opinion

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11 Smashed Into Pieces

My favorite Silverstein song! Also one of my favorite hard rock/ screamo songs!

Brutal, emotional, melodic, everything that a Silverstein Song should be.


This is the song that got me into this band. Clearly the best one!

12 Apologize

Can't get over this song.

My heroine is a very special song I know that many people don't get silverstein at all and that is just dumb. I love silverstein very much and this is the first and most favorite song of them

13 A Better Place

You got to be kidding me. This at 69. This should be second after my heroine

This should be in the top 10 at least. Incredibly catchy and mellifluous song.

This song kicks ass

14 California

Such a great song with a good catchy chorus

15 Je Me Souviens

This was a song that got me through the end of high school. Coming home every day started to feel like coming back from the war. This is a song about coming home.

16 Rain Will Fall
17 I Am the Arsonist

It's a cool song. The screaming is awesome and the chorus nailed it! Really, you have to listen to this song. It'll blow you away.

This song is filled with HATRED nothing else.
And that's why I really love it! I scream to this

18 A Midwestern State of Emergency

I've been a fan for years, man. And I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard this song... Not saying that their other songs don't impress me;all of their songs are great! But this song is just so amazing.

19 Discovering the Waterfront

Wow, didn't expect my favorite song by silverstein to be so low. Guys listen to this song! It's fantastic!

There's a reason their BEST album has the SAME name.

One of their best songs off the album of the same name. Very melo in the beginning but gradually builds up to an epic, angsty end.

20 Sound of the Sun

I listened to this a lot when I dropped out of school.
Memories stick to it.

21 American Dream

When I first listen to this song whatever it's a great song I don't really care about the lyrics of my songs just the rhythm how it sounds any way it's a great song and my favorite band I also like "my chemical romance" the red jumsuit apparatus" and jamies elsewhere

22 Defend You

A true classic by Silverstein. Love it every time it comes on.

The kind of song you listen to when you think of that
Person you love but doesn't love you back and make stupid decisions.

23 Ides of March
24 Kill the Lights

So powerful, bonus track from 'This is how the wind shifts"
I get energy listening to it.

25 To Live and to Lose
26 Bodies and Words
27 Broken Stars
28 Red Light Pledge
29 The End

! This song is awesome! By far my favorite Silverstein song!

30 My Dagger Versus Your Sword

Why is this song so down low on the charts? This song is amazing, it deserves to be higher!

COol song including screams and instrumentals... Nice screamo song

This should have a higher spot in this list

Great song... ! Truelly defines the Frustration... ! - ShaVo

31 Runaway

One of the best covers ever made! Should be in the top ten...


This song is EPIC, Silverstein made a really good cover, I suggest you listening to this song. ^_^

32 Still Dreaming

It's emo style no screamo part. It has also meaning, you know romance could be deep sometimes not in literal meaning. Just enjoy you'll find out!

33 A Shipwreck in the Sand

Amazing song with the deepest meaning totally should be #1!

34 Giving Up
35 Face of the Earth
36 A Great Fire

This is my favorite Silverstein song.

It's criminal that this song is far down the list. This and "Je Me Souviens" are my two favorite songs by Silverstein.

This band always nails its album openers. And with this album being a concept album, it's appropriate that this song begins in media res. There's such a beautiful irony to this song -- the protagonist is by definition the anti-hero, but the song by and large still manages to sound so heroic. Honestly, this song gives me chills every time I listen to it.

37 Your Sword Versus My Dagger

Should’ve seen it coming that this would be at 40 when I saw where Your Sword Versus My Dagger was ranked... These are top 5 songs people.. listen to them and then vote again.

38 Ghost
39 Replace You

This song is powerful and full of memories

40 Always and Never

Always and never is just an incredible song. Ten years ago I heard it for the first time and I still love it!

Its just amazing, also the first song I heard by them, got me hooked on

GREAT SONG! A new start.

41 Bleeds No More

I love this song. I feel the passion behind it, and relate to it every tine I hear it.

42 My Disaster

This song is so underrated. By far one of their best.

Whey to good easily top 5 EASILY!

43 Toronto (Unabridged)

This has to be Silverstein's most underrated song. I adore their earlier work and generally much prefer their heavier work, but this one definitely has a lot of meaning to the band, as Toronto (at least near Toronto) is where they came from. It also holds some of Shane Told's most mature and developed vocals.

44 Sacrifice
45 Worlds Apart

What? Its literally worlds apart to the top ten.. I really loved this song the 1st time I heard it.

Come on one listen to this song and your hooked. It's just great.

46 True Romance
47 A Hero Loses Everyday
48 In Silent Seas We Drown

I heart this! It should be top 3!

49 Last Days of Summer

This song is so beautiful. The screamo vocals kick ass and clean vocals are just dreamy.

50 Medication


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