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61 Never Should Have Let You Go
62 Just Around the Corner

Pierre shows once again his talent. In the first verse, the emotion grows little but little and suddently, when the chorus starts, all the emotions is liberated, it's an awesome feeling! And at the end of the chorus, we think it's over, but noway! The guitar comes again! And the 2nd verse can start in order to make the emotion grow again! And then Chorus again, emotion, emotion, emotion! Just perfect. The bridge is very really awesome and we can hear very well the piano, it makes it even more beautiful.
This song is just perfect.

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63 My Alien

This song is so CUTE! Beautiful lyrics and music, you must LISTEN it!

My favourite song of Simple Plan ever.

64 Try

This song reminds me of how I feel about my friends, partner, parents, basically everyone in my life. I've never really been one to know what to do or to be the best at keeping secrets and being loyal to a person because I just don't know how. This song makes me want to try for them and make them see what I actually can be.

How is this song not in the top 10 a least. This is their best song on Get Your Heart On

I wish I had this song earlier! It really helps, and it makes me honestly want to try. Try for myself

61? 61?! Really! TOP 10!

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65 The Worst Day Ever

Seriously listen to this song and tell me it's not top 10 material. Only true pop punk fans understand the beauty of this song

This song is epic, always fun to listen to when your having a bad day
Can't believe it's not on th list


66 One by One
67 How Could This Happen to Me

Best songs best songs... This list is best comercial songs, but not best good songs. This song is the best tranquil song I've ever heard. The name of this song is "UNTITLED"

68 I Don't Want to Go to Bed

Catchiest song ever! - mukhlzaxc876

69 Famous for Nothing

I like the satire of how famous people and how some of them are untalented. If it's not a satire then that's just how I view it... plus it's funny

70 Crash and Burn
71 Surrender
72 I Miss You
73 Outta My System
74 I Dream About You
75 Saturday

Hear that Song on Saturday Night with my best friends. Memorys will stay forever.

76 Nostalgic

Was surprised this song wasn't on the list! I accidentally listened to it after thinking none of the songs on the album were terribly catchy or great, and DANG I was wrong. This song is so catchy, and reminds me of Blink 182 and older punk music! It is so catchy! If I had to compare it to another song it would be I'd do anything probably! Take a listen, you won't be disappointed! - CTSlacker

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