Anastasia Petrik


If you haven't seen this young lady perform then you should take a moment and search her on Youtube. You will be amazed at how this little person with a very big voice commands the stage. She has gained much popularity in Europe and people in North America have started to notice her. She has a sister Victoria that is a mega talent as well. Anastasia has also done some acting. Check Anastasia out, you won't be disappointed and you can say that you knew her when she was a child, because she will be an International Star.

Is a beautiful and amazing singer, have a power and strong voice. Is the best child singer!

Anastasia is extremely talented, and she always brings a smile to my face whenever I see her! She has tremendous stage presence and is such a CUTIE PIE! It is amazing she even rates in this poll, considering she can't speak English and doesn't even have an album, but her fans love her so much!

Anastasia is magnificent! She has tremendous stage presence and a wonderful voice! Unfortunately, she is barely known in North America, as she lives in Ukraine and doesn't speak English, plus she is barely 11 years old. Check her out, she will make you smile!

Anastasia is an amazing singer whose stage presence is compelling. Her beautiful, confident and powerful voice is a joy to listen to. And she's pretty too!

Angel on earth! The most talented child I have ever seen. Powerful vocals, dynamic stage presence, very beautiful child, with a wonderful personality.

Apsolutely the best little singer with great alto voice and huge stage presence. She is so professional on the stage, she is amazing. I can't wait for her to become international star and give concerts on all continents.
As far as I am concerned she is a huge star already.

Nastya Petryk's voice: the best. Her beauty: the best. Her stage presence: the best. Overall: simply the best, and she brings smiles and laughs to everyone around her nonstop. Search YouTube: Petryk Oh Darling, then select any video where she's wearing a black and white tie when performing at age 9 as a guest star at New Wave Junior 2011, an international competition, one year after she won the same competition (yes this 8-year old, outscored all the other national stars, even though she was 4 years younger than her competitors). You'll be mesmerized, delighted, and a lifelong fan forever...

I found Nastya and her sister Vika this past December on You Tube while healing from Knee surgery. She made the time I was bed fast so much more tolerable. She is an awesome entertainer, she is more than just a good singer, SHE IS FABULOUS!

It is a stranger, not a child! It is absolutely unreal!

Real talent, no gimmicks, versatile, beautiful, Actress, and can sing any thing! Nastya's voice is not child like, it is strong, mature and captivating. She is the greatest child star to come along in many years.

The most talented and beautiful Child Star on earth today. Nastya has a stage presence that separates her from everyone else. She has very strong vocals that are anything but child like. She can sing, dance, and has an incredible amount of confidence. There are many very talented young ladies popping up around the world, but Nastya is the benchmark!

Love, love, love this child! She is amazing!

I am in awe of this child! She is one of the most talented Child Stars on earth today. Her popularity is mostly in Europe, but she has many Fans in the USA and Canada. With tons of Youtube videos she will keep you mesmerized for hours. Check out Anastasia Petrik, aka Nastya Petryk you will be an immediate Fan.

Thanks David, I may have given up voting without your response! Let's get the VOTES IN for OUR SWEETHEART... NASTYA deserves the votes

This pint size powerhouse was born for the stage!
Confident, fearless, funny and mopping up the competition, lower voice register is rich and smooth. To see her take command of a packed auditorium is nothing short of amazing.

She is a super star...I just hope someday to get to meet her! Keep having fun Nastya. Her voice is amazing and her talents are unsurpassed!

Anastasiya (that is how she spells her name) is a remarkable young girl. Her natural ability to sing and perform sets her a part from other young singers. Anastasiya's beauty is a plus too. She is always dressed appropriately for a young lady and she is obviously professionally trained and managed. It is her clear natural voice, her ability to sing anything and her stage dynamics that will have you captivated. Anastasiya is amazing! To those that follow her and love her, she is Our Nastya!

This child is the real deal. There is nothing she can't sing, from the Beatles to Mariah Carey. Her stage dynamics are far beyond her years! She is a stunningly beautiful child who doesn't have a child like voice. Her popularity is wide spread in Europe and she is gaining recognition in the US and around the world. I would not take anything away from the other Child Stars, but they have met their match with Anastasyia Petryk (Nastya). Talent is wasted if not shared, she is Our Nastya!

I Love Anastasia elle est tres talentueuse elle ira loin j'en suis certaine

I'll be honest, I love to listen to both Anastasiya Petryk and Jackie Evancho. Nastya is just now at the age where here voice is hitting its main stride and will get better and better (just like Jackie's). Nastya has great showmanship, presence, and poise on stage that is undeniable and her voice is fantastic. I would love to see Nastya closer to the top of this leader board!