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Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .


Jackie has one of the most beautiful voices in recorded history. Add to that her and happy, loving personality and she makes concerts something that will change your life. She is humbly aware of where her talent comes from above.

Jackie Evancho's voice/instrument is a wonderful and beautiful thing to experience. To hear or watch her sing or perform, is an 'out of this world' experience.

The experience is so precious and in a realm of experience so set apart from the everyday norm that it overpowers the emotions of almost all that hear and appreciate her singing.

I have been listening to and watching Jackie sing for almost four years and have never gotten tired of listening to and watching her performances. In fact it is the exact opposite. I look forward to hearing her next song, or seeing her next video performance, from one day to the next with the same appreciation and anticipation I had from the very beginning.

Jackie Evancho "the experience" has been an astounding blessing. I hope, one day, to see her in concert, and greet her in person and this only to be able to personally thank her for sharing her talents, her voice and singing interpretation with the world at large. We are so ...more

Her voice has the most heart capturing quality I've ever heard. You can feel the emotion which is astounding from one so young. I had never in my life bought a record, 8 track, cassett or cd/dvd in my life until heard her voice. It's amazing how she can go from low to a high note with what appears much effort. But I do see the extention on her voice to express emotion, how she pushs the note to get every drop of emotion as she can as any experienced artist would do. Her voice will get stronger and will lose some of that fine quality of youth but she will gain another quality that we have to wait for. If someone could just create a documentary of her first three years as a singer, I would buy and treasure it, we will never see or hear this again. Beautiful story is developing before our very eyes. I hope I'll be around long enough to see more.

Jackie, at age 12, soon to be 13, is a consummate professional with over 50 concerts to her name as the solo headliner at some of the most prestigious venues. She is the youngest classical crossover professional artist and highly respected in the entertainment industry as a reliable and dynamic performer. Her repertoire of songs are difficult to sing for many adult singers let alone a child, so her peers are few. Of course her best feature is her astonishing voice often referred to as the voice of the generation and for good reason. It is unlike any you've ever heard before!

She is the best among our young teen and even the adult best singers, she can compete with them and still be even or better when she reach their age. She had a high standard score. Voice is perfect and she have a mesmerizing personality and captivating style expressing the beauty of a song that we never heard before. She bring back the operatic singers, back to public awareness. Young and adult of the 21st Century. We called her "Wonder kid", with a Golden voice. Wait till she become a lady, we will see more, in the future years of her life. Don't get me wrong, we have few good singers in the music industry. Jackie's case is exceptional, because she is the youngest artist to reach the top, in a short period of time.

I count myself lucky to live at this particular time and be able to witness Jackie Evancho, from the time she has appeared on the world stage as a young child, and to follow her progress as a young adult and hopefully beyond. I was amazed by her when I first discovered her 2 years ago - I have never seen a singer or a child express herself with such beauty, through song, and as a personality. But, then, to see her only getting better and better, is even more amazing.

We are seeing a new level of greatness, thanks to Miss Evancho. She is like a bright light in the world, doing much good in spreading joy to people, which is much needed. In the future, when I'm sure her greatness will be understood even more universally, those who miss her now will only have past recordings available. For that reason, I think more professional recordings should be done of her concerts and other appearances, and be made available. Every performance by her is a unique treasure.

She is so GREAT! Such a mature voice beyond her years! At 10 voice control like 30. Amazing! On pitch. No unneeded crazy vibrato to make up for the fact she can not hit a note on key. Before her, screaming banshees that sound like they have a vibrating fat belt around them. Mozart even hated that form. No wonder opera died out for the most part. Jackie sings an even vibrato and on tune. I turned my back on the banshees door is closed. Jackie has opened it. If I played my violin like the banshees sing, all dogs would howl and I would have tomatoes thrown at me. "Stop! " I do not know how the banshees even exist anymore. But, then there was Jackie. Mozart would have loved her. Now I can listen to arias instead of covering my ears and saying, "Please make that awful banshee noise stop! "

Enjoy the ride, folks... She's clearly tapped into something here. She has a magnetism that is irresistable and I look forward to being a fan for as long as I'm breathing air. She doesn't just have a beautiful voice... She has a beautiful soul, as well. The happiness on her face cannot be faked... This young girl is clearly living her dream and having the time of her life. My greatest wish for her is to always feel the love and gratitude we have for her, no matter what. Her intelligence and humanity will take her far. Bravo, young lady!

Jackie has moved me like no other person ever has in my long life with her beauty, her incomparable voice, her charm and personality, her humility, her joy of life, and such a large loving heart.

Other excellent artists with wonderful voices have come along in the past ten to twenty years to supplant what I can only call "the noises from hell" that have invaded and saturated the air waves and people's minds and souls for much too long, and bring sanity back to humanity through the wonderful world of music that lifts our souls and captures our hearts to heavenly heights.

But none are comparable to Jackie Evancho, who is the catalyst that is moving the earth and has opened the gates of heaven to awaken us to the true beauty of real music once again, so that we can connect with the Source of all that is good, all that is beautiful, and loving.

There are not enough adjectives to describe the sensations one gets when listening to the pure, perfect, exquisitely beautiful voice of this gifted wonderful girl. She overwhelms the soul with such intense joy and delight and leaves her audiences awed and spellbound, I.E., the "Jackie effect" we devoted fans all know so well. Cap that off with her beauty, charm, sweet personality, her genuine care and concern for everyone, the planet and God's creatures; she has manners, class and finesse. Jackie has it ALL!

We are completely enchanted and mesmerized by this wonderful child who is beautiful on the inside and out. Jackie's voice is so heavenly perfect, and the way she interprets each note is a skill mostly achieved by seasoned artists, but Jackie possesses this ability at her tender young age. She sings the very high notes with ease without sounding shrill like some sopranos and she sustains them beautifully. We are following her career and are enjoying her journey and wish her the best of everything.

There aren't enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe Jackie Evancho & her magnificent voice. Thousands of her fans think she has the most beautiful voice in the history of recorded music. But that may not even be her greatest strength. What she's really good at is emotional connection with the music & her audience.

Has there ever been another singer, of any age, in any genre, from any era, who consistently has so many members of her audiences who are crying? Other singers make people cry when they sing sad or poignant songs. Jackie makes people cry when she sings about a tree. In Latin.

That kind of emotional connection would be an incredible accomplishment for an adult singer; for a child (who'll be 14 in a couple of months) it is, or should be, impossible. But there she is.

Look around the web for her music & what people say about her. You too will be astounded by the remarkable talent, beauty & poise of this young lady.

Seeing such raw talent interwoven so astoundingly into the presentation of absolutely every single song Jackie chooses to perform, which then, without fail, lifts the heart, the imagination and the hopes or aspirations, of those listening and watching her perform, to heights of joy they have never experienced in such a way before, is truly an experience that can only result in great adoration, praise and thanksgiving for having been witness to such blessed greatness and grace in the person of our most highly acclaimed and beloved Princess Of Song, Miss Jackie Evancho.

Jackie Evancho is just simply the most "moving" Singer I have ever heard in my whole life. I could listen to Jackie sing 24/7 and never get tired of hearing that wonderful voice. Also, what an ideal IDOL for our Youth to follow - Jackie is well mannered and not only really cares about her Career, she cares about People, Animals and the World.

Not only does Jackie have the most beautiful voice and excellent vocal skills, she is also well mannered, charming and poised. It is hard to put into words what Jackie does to her audience - the Jackie effect - so overwhelmed with unspeakable joy and delight. Suffice to say we are totally mesmerized and so appreciative of the gifts God has given her.

Jackie Evancho is probably the Greatest Vocalist that has come along in half a century or more she is a unique natural talent and sh has all the qualities of a Great Performer more she's also a wonderful young person with a caring heart.

Jackie has the most beautiful voice I have heard. She is also an interpretive genius. There is no question in my mind that she deserves to be at least in the top five!

A great performer, she chooses her songs carefully, I think she has to really love the song, the words and the music before she sings it, putting her whole heart into it, that's why we all love her.

Jackie sings in a very challenging and exacting musical genre- she excels in it and is very respected by her adult peers! She is a fine example of a young lady as well- kudos to her parents and entire family for helping her be the total artist, professionally and as a private person.

The most incredible child soprano prodigy of our time. If you do not know who Jackie Evancho is then you must listen to quality of her voice. Not only is she an incredible Classical Crossover Artist but the sweetest young lady you could ever meet

MegaProducer, HitMan, David Foster, said almost 3 yrs ago when Jackie was 10, it is an understatement to say, Jackie Evancho, is at the top of his 40 yr heap of MegaSingers, and she can be the greatest Opera singer of our time. Jackie has the most beautiful pure sweet soprano voice I have ever heard, and it is not just her voice that is amazing, but EVERYTHING about Jackie is AMAZING. Jackie and her parents publicly say her voice and gift is from God, and every time I witness this miracle, it increases my faith

There is nothing else like Jackie Evancho. What a talented and down to earth young lady. Her singing has an effect like no other.

She was mind blowing at barely age 11 that she could sing that way--see Dream With Me in concert video. She converted me to liking this type of music. I went to see her earlier this month and at 13 1/2 she seems to be a mature singer with wonderful expression, tone, and an overall even and high quality performance. Singers must always strive to improve or maintain their abilities since it's such a delicate balance that produces the best performances. The two concerts I saw this month demonstrated that she hasn't slacked off at all, but don't take her for granted. She feeds on the support of her audience. Further, time marches on and she changes. Don't miss the chance to see this version of Jackie as she really gleams.

She is an enchanting young lady with a stunning voice. I've been following
Her since her debut on America's Got Talent. I still think of the goosebumps
She gave me that night and still does and probably always will.

Have you ever said "It's the best thing which happens in my life! "
You only have to change it in It's the best sing which happens in my life! "
She's able to bring out the best from people who hear her voice.
She's adorable and, more of that, she's a real prodigy.
It's difficult to not forget she's only 12!