Elizabeth Gillies

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Elizabeth Egan "Liz" Gillies is an American actress and singer. She appeared in several television series and commercials, before acquiring her first significant role prior to her 17th birthday, playing Jade West on the television series Victorious.


Easily the best voice on Nickelodeon. Her voice is pure and she can sing any genre well. You can feel the emotion in her voice which is something that cannot be said for most of the bubble gum pop singers on Nick. People think that Ariana is the best because she can sing high, but that's her only trick. Liz can sing low (ever heard her do a man voice? ) which is much harder for a female to do, and she can belt out high notes as well. Best singer on Nick and it's a shame she's so underrated; she has heaps of talent.

Her singing on and off the show are MILES above Victoria for sure. I do love Ariana's voice too, but Liz's voice is unique and not the cliche pop voice that Victoria has. I think one of the most annoying things about Victorious is how much more Victoria gets to sing than Ariana and Liz, both of whom are more talented than she is. It also isn't realistic at all that Tori would ALWAYS get all the roles and sing at all the events and I say this having gone to an arts high school, they don't just have the same person perform over and over again. Especially if they sound like every one else on the radio.

Elizabeth Gillies plays Jade, and really should get more singing on the show! She is such a good singer. I don't know why people say she's better than Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande just sounds like Victoria Justice.

Her voice is so different from all the other girls on the Nick shows- it's more mellow and that makes it quite interesting. I wish she got to sing a full solo on "Victorious. " I can live with Tori not having a solo for one episode and can DEFINITELY live with out Ariana's ear-piercing vocalizations. We get it, you're loud and have a high voice. It's impressive, but it hurts the ears. Come on! Jade for a solo!

Whoever says Ariana Grande sings like Christina Aguilera should be shot. Is her voice strong and as amazing as hers? No! And just because it doesn't sound like Christina Aguilera doesn't mean that her voice is "so original and unique! " There are thousands of people BEFORE Ariana Grande who sound like her. Which is obviously why I voted for Liz!
Her voice is unique, soulful, and has a real tone. She doesn't use auto tune like Ariana does. She is VERY underrated. Her most popular video on her YouTube channel, LizGilliesOfficial, has four hundred two thousand twenty five views (402,025). On Ariana's channel (which has the stupidest name, "osnapitzari"), her most popular video has twenty seven million, nine hundred seventy five thousand, two hundred thirty nine views. Seriously? I'm pretty sure the only reason Liz doesn't post any more videos is because she doesn't get the views she deserves. And on her videos, people always say "Ariana is better" or something like that.
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Liz has such a beautiful voice, definitely my favourite out of Ariana, Victoria and herself's. Whilst Ariana's is gorgeous because of her extraordinary power and range, and Victoria's has a unique tone, I honestly love Liz's the best because it's so soulful and can go both high and deep. I love her voice so much.

Liz is by far the best singer on victorious! Sure she can't hit the high notes like ariana but Liz's tone and the soul in her voice make her so much better than ariana. I'm not even going to consider Victoria a singer, she's absolutely horrible. I was disappointed than liz didn't sing more songs in victorious, just Victoria the worst singer in the show had so many! Liz gillies is so talented, she not just the best singer on te show she the best actress on the show too. Victorious didn't deserve liz to be on the show.

I love the T.V. show Victorious mainly because of Liz Gillies who is an amazing singer and is 5 times prettier than Ariana Grande, and don't get this mixed up Liz is NOT the wicked witch of the west like on Victorious, Liz is sweet and she sings with joy and passion. Shes a 1-of-a-kind girl and I would rate her as 1#.

I already commented on this one before but there's one more thing I gotta say about her. SHE WAS ON FIGURE IT OUT LAST NIGHT! FINALLY! Been waiting for her to be on that show... Yeah okay but the one starting from "Deep, soulful voice, " is my comment.. Laugh out loud yeah okay..

Ariana Grande gets way too much attention. I mean, I love her, but what about Liz? In my opinion, she's a better singer in a soulful and powerful way. Her voice just rings. Maybe because Ariana has an album, but when Liz's album comes out, she'd better get the attention she deserves. She seems so down to earth.

I love all of Nick's top singing roster, and I think the entire Victorious Cast can have a separate list for themselves. For me the best singers are (in-no-particular-order), Liz Gillies, Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas III(Welsh ancestry, no surprise as to why he's so talented with his roots in the Land of Song. Google now on Wales and their culture, it's all music/poetry-centric.)

Victoria's talent speaks(sings) for itself, Liz has a voice that simply melts loud speakers and her range is unbelievable, Ariana is clearly a girl who's been singing all of her life, and to me Avan and Daniella are actually the most underrated on the show. As Daniella is nothing like Trina, but Avan does actually have a nice voice of own(he's just pretty self-deprecating.)

She's the coolest person that ever sang before. The first time I heard about her is when my friend told about Victorious. Then, I wanted to watch it. So, I started watching it and Liz just caught my eye! I'm your fan Liz!

Elizabeth is such an amazing singer...she has the most soulful and unique voice! She can also sing in both a high and low range! Elizabeth has a beautiful voice...she has power to...both to rock a stage and own the hearts of thousands of people!
What an awes0me voice :D

Liz has been my idol for 3 years, she has so much talent acting and singing but is so underrated, she is amazing and one of a kind and always sings with passion and meaningful care, she is not just your everyday pop singer!

I have watched Victorious and thinks she sings well. Unfortunately she does not get many chances to do so. Anyway it's mostly about Tori and Liz's styles suit the "Bad Girl" better.

She is ADORABLE! I love her so much she can reach high notes and low notes perfectly, she sings with passion... She is a GODDESS!

SHE IS AWESOME! I listened to Take A Hint, a sort-of-duet with Victoria Justice, and she has a very powerful voice. I love her!

Easily the best singer on Victorious, way underrated. Don't understand what people see in Victoria. She's good, but... Just bubble gum pop, that's all.

She is amazing! Her voice is incredible and yes I agree with the other post, she should have more singing in the show!

I don't even know what to say her voice is just so powerful yet smooth and it makes me feel so peaceful! Her voice is just amazing!

Just listen to her songs, I especially recommend her live cover of adele's "Make you feel my love".

Besides being one of Hollywood's most beautiful young actress in my opinion, she is a great singer. Good for her career as a singer/actress.

Her voice is the deepest and richest voice on Nickelodeon. She has substance. I think she is so underrated.

Elizabeth has the most beautiful voice in the world. She is really pretty and I think more people should vote for her.

Liz gillies is an amazing singer she dizerves to be proper famous like victoria justice. She sings with her heart and soul, she acts with her heart and soul as well everyone loves her and those who don't are crazy.