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1 If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn

This is one of the only songs I could listen to for literally hours on repeat. Every day, I listen to this song, over and over again. Kellin's vocals take the song to a whole other level and his screaming ERMAGHERD :D My friends don't understand how you could obsess over a song so much but they're mainstream folks - they don't understand! This song is really just perfect. 'enough said. Oh and the acoustic version is great too.

Amazing combination of vocals and screaming, not too much screaming which makes it good. He looks great in the video too

My favorite song by them. None other compare except for their cover of the song "iris" by the goo goo dolls, which is so so so so so beautiful! Kellin quinn puts an angel's voice to shame when he sings iris. Any/every SWS fan MUST hear iris. Now back to this song. It's amazing, plain and simple. More screaming than usual, but to a matalhead like myself I'd have to say its not enough. If you're falling in love, looking for love, or simply love love, then you must hear this song. It describes a man loving a woman and serenading her, letting her know that he needs her. And it's catchy! By far the best. Vote it up! Listen to the acoustic version, too if you're not into heavy instrumentals. Good guitar, great vocals, nice harmony, etc. And just listen to the way that kellin's voice gets high as he hits the notes. It'll get stuck in your head.

Love this song so muck I am so in love has so much meaning to me

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2 If You Can't Hang

If You Can't Hang, will forever be a Sleeping With Sirens hit! It isn't as hardcore as there other songs but just as "BA". Kellin's voice is amazing and the lyrics are somewhat relatable, you can feel the angst, hurt, and anger in them. Will always love this song by SWS!

Because your such a pretty pretty pretty pretty face, but you've turned into a pretty big waste of my time. Best song by far

I love this song it got me into sleeping with sirens I loved everything about it I would recommend this to anyone it is just so damn good so buy a copy of sleeping with sirens let's cheers to this it will take you to a different place and you will just be like I hope they do a new album it;s just so great

I'll forever kill myself to hear this

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3 With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear

I swear this is my favorite song by them. The lyrics are just amazing and kellin's voice is awesome as usual. And the screamo portion is great. SWS

There's always a meaning behind the songs Sleeping With Sirens write and they sing them beautifully. I love the band, there songs always suit my situatuation in life. The points they make are always real and down to earth.

Yeah... TRUE FRIENDS LIE underneath :DD and its true


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4 Scene Two - Roger Rabbit

It's sweet, and lovely and great all at once. It's one of my favorite songs, especially is you just start trying to listen to bands like pierce the veil or SWS and you're not used to screamo yes, this song helps a lot
its one of sws's best song.
end of story.

The first time I ever listened to thos song, I instantly fell in love with it, it's so beautiful. I hadn't known Sleeping With Sirens that well then, and when my friend recommended it to me, I fell in love with Kellen's voice. It's because of this song that I started liking them so much. I can listen to this song over and over again and never get tired of it. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good meaningful song.

It is not copied or pronounce kellen the correct spelling is kellin -. - "

I am in love with this song... Even though they are my ultimate fave band in the world, this song saved me and Is the bomb. They have rough around the edges songs but I am glad to see them branch out to pop and softer songs like this! I am so excited for the new song to come out on April twenty third,

This song is just so sweet and beautiful and I just live for kellins voice

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5 Do It Now Remember It Later

GREAT new song! I think it should right after w/ Ears to hear. It has a really fun message, the rockers version of YOLO

I love this song so much. It has such a nice.. Everything- the beat, vocals, speed, scream
(; its perfect.. One of the few songs I can listen to over and over again.

Amazing song! I think it means, do what people tell you, you can't, and go prove people wrong... The music video makes me laugh extremely hard too.

"Why would we wanna make you masturbate? "

Song ruined. - LifeAsAPro

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6 A Trophy Father's Trophy Son

WHY THIS SONG NO IN TOP TEN?! I love this one, a certain boy gave me a listen. I LOVE these guys!

This song reminds me of my life in general.

WHAT! Come on people! Many people can literally relate to this song and it's not even in the top 3?! VOTE! This song asks the questions that some kids may be thinking about their father's because many of them often blame themselves for their dads invisible presence.

I just love this even though' I can't relate because' I still have a Father who really loves our family but I can feel the emotion through this song. So Glad I'm a fan of Sleeping With Sirens.

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7 Who are You Now

This is my favorite song by Sleeping With Sirens as well as If I Am James Dean You're Audrey Hepburn. So deep and meaningful. This song basically sums up my life. "So I could try to be perfect but I won't try to be fake. " Absolutely beautiful.

This song is the most beautiful piece of music you can find on earth. Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly...

This song deserves more credit. The lyrics are beautiful (as all of their songs are), it's catchy, and inspiring. Truly the best

Es lo mejor

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8 You Kill Me (In a Good Way)

I actually thing that is one of the more meaning full songs. It's the first song I ever listened to of sleeping with sirens, and remains my favourite to this day.

This song should really be higher! It's amazing and the lyrics are up lifting. The instrumental is flawless and Kellin's voice is great as usual.

First song I've ever heard by them.

It's pretty underrated for a single.

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9 The Bomb Dot Com V2.0

If you area true fan of this band, you will like anything they put out. Not just the soft acoustic songs but also the ones with Post-Hardcore elements. Great song!

Just open up like a page in a book
These words that I'm writing won't be misunderstood
If I'm Dishonest bring me back to my knees
Show me why I'm even able to speak

My favourite song by them. Kellin's voice sounds amazing, the screaming is great and I adore the lyrics and the instruments. I have nothing bad to say about this.


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10 Iris

Kellin Quinn, must I say more? He has such an amazing voice, which is truly portrayed in this cover of an already amazing song, and this cover made me love the song that much more

Having loved the original (by the Goo Goo Dolls, I wasn't sure about how Sleeping With Sirens would manage to do justice to such a moving song. I now know I shouldn't have doubted them. The cover was amazing - the best one I've heard of the song by a long way. Of course, Kellin Quinn's voice is remarkable and his range is just insane. But the musicians were equally as amazing. Jesse Lawson did incredibly on the guitar (as always) and the two from Coyote Theory did really well as well. It is a beautiful song and, although I could never say it surpasses the original which is equally as beautiful, the cover certainly did perfect justice to it.

Kellin's cover of Iris is truly angelic, the range on his voice is unbelievable. Should definitely be in the top 10

LOVE this song

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11 Congratulations

How is this not in the top ten yet? He's singing with Matty Mullins (from Memphis May Fire) for god's sakes! They are awesome together (remember Miles Away? ). AND not to mention, the part when Kellin sang at the end. It was beautiful! He hit those high notes perfectly!
Sleeping With Sirens, I congratulate you once again.

I love the part when Matty sings. "They try to do it like me, but they do it all wrong" and also the part when Kellin says "guess what, congratulations". this is just an amazing song. I can't believe it is # 11. this should be top 5.

They should say this song to themselves for creating a great song

I love this song

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12 Postcards and Polaroids

One of their catchiest songs and always makes me jam. Should definitely be in the top 5 for sure. As always Kellin does an amazing job with the vocals!

Definitely one of their best, kellin is beautiful in this song (well all songs but this one especially) and the lyrics are relatable and the tune is catchy but not annoying

One of their best songs... Its not necessarily the best one but it is definitely up there

Greatest song ever, should be higher up the list

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13 Low

O my gosh how is this so low! This is the first song I heard by them and I fell in love with it. It is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. Its sad and angry and beautiful and deserves to be in the top 10 at least!

Low should be number 4 at least! Its one of the best songs of 2013! Amazing. So addictive!

Its got a punk rock feel to it rather than the traditional Sleeping With Siren's song. Its got a little bit of everything which is what makes it so great.

This song is bae

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14 All My Heart

Me LOVES this song. It's so perfect! :D :) lolol It's beaitifulest song ever. Sleeping With Sirens is probably my favorite band. I also love 'IF you can't hang' a lot. And do it now, remember it later. They're both really good, but this is by far the best. It's so cute, and it describes my situation perfectly.

This is like, my favorite song my them. I love the more hardcore-songs, but it is SO nice to just have a little bit of calm beauty. Its this song that made me listen to ALL of SWS's song. LOVE IT

This should rank at #5 :) this song is AWESOME! :D

This should be ranked at the top it's the best acoustic song that turns to be rock at last part like " The Strays"

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15 Alone

This song is amazing, they have definitely picked up there game as a band, and the fact that they have collaborated with a fairly big hip hop artist is awesome

Best song of there new album "Feel"

Great song! I found this song because I'm a huge MGK fan, now I'm hooked. This an all around great band.

It's just the best!

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16 Dont Fall Asleep at the Helm

This song deserves more credit and I think it's quite unique for a sleeping with sirens song! I love how hypnotic it is! I think it should be somewhere in that top ten list and deserves more then 1%! And ironically I find it a lullaby

There something about the eeriness of this song that I love. It's almost relaxed yet still has energy. It's so underrated, it needs more love.

I've just discovered this gem. It has such a beautiful sound and it's just haunting. I love it. Plus, it has a different sound from the rest of their music which is great. Should definitely be higher than 19th!

This song is so beautiful... too bad it's really short, I put it in repeat anyway :3

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17 Fire

Because Kellin Quin is sexy.

I thought nothing could love me Kellin more until I listened to this song for the first time. His vocal range is perfect and the lyrics with the emotion he put into them.. I recommend it to anyone.

"keep burning like fire it's burning you" it's an amazing song. I highly recommend it. It's an mazing song from their album "Let's Cheer to this".

I can’t believe this song hasn’t broken the top ten. I mean the chorus is amazing. I can feel the emotion behind this song. It’s also semi-relatable with its relateable self-mutalation message

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18 Kick Me

I'll admit, their first few albums were pretty great and have amazing songs. But Kick Me, to me, is the real deal. It's catchy, has amazing vocals, awesome music, and a really change from what they usually sound. I love the style and how pump up this song gets you when you listen.

I think this song is really their style. They are a post-hardcore band, but they sing lot of slow songs, I like some of them, but they should do more songs like these one or If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn. - tiagocowboy11

The feeling of this song is just amazing. Like "Keeling looking down on me, I am more than you'll ever be" like don't think you're better I'll prove you wrong. Just an amazing song with real anger and emotion

This song is so awesome

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19 F*** You

Tell me what were you thinking When you kept calling us out
Or you thought we would sit quietly And let you keep running your mouth
You don't need to tell me all about
I want original, we are Keep believing that we're over with
We'll prove ya Sometimes they say it should feel something like fire
'Til it burns you as you can't, You know you can't remain the same
Stay the same, Although you know They say it should feel something like fire, No, I can't change.

Amazing kellin is great job with vocals as always and its more rock than pop and I love it and even though he change some of the lyrics still great.

Could listen to this song on repeat for hours! So much better than the real version, Kellin just makes it fantastic! Gotta love Sleeping with Sirens, greatest band!

OKay again better cover than they actuall singer he is so perfect!

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20 Sorry

This song is just one of the best songs I've ever heard

Oh, come on! This song deserves much more than 28th place! This song is amazing, slow and with great vocals! This song made me fall in love with Kellin Quinn

Meaningful lyrics and beautiful vocals.

This song is amazing,because of this song I am back together with my girlfriend.I sang this song for her and forgave me.Amazing song,amazing voice,amazing band.I love Sleeping With Sirens,continue with the good that you do.

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21 Tally It Up, Settle the Score

This song is amazing! Needs to be moved up!

This song is awesome get the time to hear it, and you'll agree it shouldn't be down here

Amazing band really good song all the way threw somes up sleeping with sirens in one

nice song - desturner866

22 Dead Walker Texas Ranger

It's the best Halloween song I've ever heard. It reminds me of the Walking Dead.

Although this may be a "seasonal" song for Halloween, it is just as good (if not better) than many of the other songs released by this band. It is truly a beautiful song that showcases all the talent that the boys have. Perfect for any season regardless of what the song was put out for.

This is one of those songs that you can just keep on repeat. His voice is just so perfect in this song. Some people say that they don't like the screamo parts, but this has hardly any, and the parts are cute anyways c: This is the second ever song I heard from SWS, and it will always be my favourite.

This is one of meh favorites song I'm suprised its not near the top 10s

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23 In Case of Emergency, Dial 411

This was the VERY first song I heard by this band and it got me hooked

The beatboxing in this song is so amazing!


24 Let's Cheers to This

I love when he says "this is my life, I got the whole world in front of me" this deserves top 10.

This song should definitely be higher

Gives me chills its an AMAZING song come on! Should at least be in top 5!

This is out time! Don't slip away!

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25 Better Off Dead

Amazing! I can't believe that this isn't at least in the top 10! You can really relate to this song, it just seems to speak to you and make you realise how you are being treated in life... at least that's how I feel.

This song is just so good! It's almost impossible to not like it. I know a lot of people can relate to it, including me.

THis song is so real and to live for how the hell is it all the way down here!


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26 Scene Three - Stomach Tied In Knots

This song is just so beautiful! I always wish that kellin was talking to me!

This song is so beautiful..

27 Free Now

This song perfectly depicts how our world is becoming and how we can begin to make it better. I also love how it talks about not making our parents mistakes and passing them on to our children. It at LEAST deserves top 10.

Very touching song. Lyrics can easily make someone cry. You can tell by the lyrics and the way he sings it that this song is very powerful and means a lot to him. Beautiful song!

It is the most inspirational song of Sleeping With Sirens and you can really feel the emotions of Kellin on this song.

This has such powerful lyrics, great message and all, should definitely be higher up in the list!

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28 Captain Tyin' Knots vs. Mr. Walkway (No Way)

Catchy song that is literally life. The changing beat brings interesting elements to it and this song needs so much more recognition

This song is so underrated. My favorite on their first album (Excluding If you were James dean of course... )


THis song is really hard and I love the keyboard! definnetely one of my favorite

29 Your Nickle Ain't Worth My Dime

If you're a girl, imagine this was sung about you & if you're a guy, imagine singing it to your girl... Should be way higher 'cause not only is the singing beautiful but the song as a whole is epic

Definitely should be higher. one of my favorites

It should be way higher. Probably in the top ten at least in my opinion.

This is so good! It shouldn't be so down in the 20s!

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30 Deja Vu

Such a gorgeous song, it should be way higher up. - WarpedTourObsessed

31 Stomach Tied In Knots

I love this song, it's so perfect and matches my mood all the time. I listen to this song non-stop, every day. It's honestly so beautiful and I love Sleeping With Sirens, they're so amazing - as is this song. :3

How is this not in the top ten? First song I ever liked by the band! Amazing lyrics and even better vocals! It's on repeat every single day!

How is this not up higher on the list? This song is one of their best. I love most of their songs, but this is at least in my top five of their songs.

Amazing song, I listen to it everyday

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32 Go Go Go

This is a great new song, I still like kick me better, but this is definitely an amazing song

33 Satellites

Try this song folks its very awesome and a very good song to end the feel album.

Best song on "Feel" album, great vocals as usual

This song has such a deep meaning. It's amazing. I'm listening to it now. This song even inspired my book The Satellites.

32!? This song is so good! The song that really got me into sws

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34 November

The feeling I get whenever I listen to this song is indescribable. It's almost like helplessness and the start of despair, so haunting beautiful is this song.

I'm not a huge fan of Sleeping with Sirens but I thought I'd listen to them because my friend loves them, and I just fell in love with this song.

If you like there acoustic songs then you will really like this one...

35 Scene Four - Don't You Ever Forget About Me

This song is beautiful! One of my favorites of that album. Not a big SWS fan, I like hardcore, but there acoustic songs are amazing. Very talented guys.

36 Scene Five - With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear

In the rock version this song is already amazing but in this version at almost every part my stomach cringes! I just LOVe his voice!

How in the world is this song not in the top 10? It's one of the most beautiful songs ever!

This song is so amazing! Hasn't anyone heard it!?!?! How is this not in the top ten!?

Why isn't this in the top ten? It's one of their best songs!

37 The Strays

WHY IS THIS SO LOW. This song just captures the spirit of everybody that's probably listening to this song.

For some reason this song sums up my life... One of the best songs of 2015 no doubt



38 Fly

I think this song should be at least number 3 or 4. Let me give a little summary of what the song is about. It's basically about let's use a guy for example this guy has been hurt so Deeply that he has so many emotional problems.Specifically closing his feelings to others. And he meets someone who makes him want to open up and live his life with the person. "i'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside I wanna fly and put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight". And the melody of this song is fenomanol especially the style and tone that Kellen takes in every lyric is electric. This song is the perfect balance of everything and is one of my all time favorite. Just take 4 mins out of your life to listen and look at the lyrics to this song.

One of the best songs in there newer album. This song really needs to be higher up.

Best damn song on the album

- Terabrite's cover of this song is so perfect : where is the attention when needed? -

39 The Left Side of Everywhere

Best song hands down, also known as their original EP "Never Turning Back" and there's awesome violin and piano ending.

I Love this song. The lyrics are perfect /.^

40 Don't You Ever Forget About Me

Awesome song, I'm always getting it stuck in my head!

Love love love this song!

41 Four Corners and Two Sides

It's so amazing, the upbeat melody, the heavy screams, and Kellin's beautiful singing. Nothing can compare, except maybe the left side of everywhere, with eras to see and eyes to hear, congratulations, and who are you now, all of their songs are amazing!

42 Madness

It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I could listen to it on repeat for hours

43 I'll Take You There

This is actually one of my favorite songs! Super catchy & great lyrics! This is probably my favorite song on their album "feel

44 Heroine

Words cannot describe how amazing this song is. One of the bests from "Madness"

I love this song, its gotta be higher on the list!

Everything about this song is perfect.

It's got such a raw feeling to it. I love it!
"My eyes roll back/The ceiling fades/I breathe you in/Exhault your flames"
"Heroine my sweetest sin/I can't seem to get enough"

45 Let Love Bleed Red

I really love this song I have heard it right before I was going to sleep

The most underrated of all their songs.
The lyrics are touching plus there are vocals from the amazing aaron marsh from copeland (kellin's favourite band)
Just listen to it and immerse yourself in it's beauty.

This is a rare gem.

So underrated, I think it's one of the best songs they wrote. It's just really beautiful

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46 Feel

At first I thought that sleeping with sirens was a ratchet band that had a guy who sang like a girl as lead singer but this song changed everything. It also changed my life I found a girl who liked sleeping with sirens and she turned out to be my girlfriend. I love punk rock. And my girlfriend

How is this so low on the list?!?!?

Because it's on their new album that only got released like a few months ago :/

47 Save Me a Spark

I'm surprised it's not higher. Really like this one.

I'm obsessed with this. why is it not higher? UGH

This is one of my favorites and just gives me major feels, this is going to be my wedding song...even though I'm only a teenager...

48 Don't Say Anything

Amazing song

49 Here We Go

Here We Go-This is my favorite Sleeping With Sirens song! Kellin's voice sounds very good in it, same with the instrument playing of Gabe and Jack (Justin and Jesse too). Its really upbeat and just wow.

Okay this is a great song in my opinion... It should at least be on the list

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