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1 If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn Cover Art

Fantastic song. It's a song that I can go straight to if I'm angry and it will calm me down. It's a great song to sing when I'm alone in my room.

I love this song! It's one of my favorite songs by Sleeping With Sirens. Kellin Quinn has the perfect vocals for it and that takes the song to the next level. And his screaming, PERFECT. The perfect amount of screaming and vocals. And the acoustic version is the perfect love song. All of my friends who don't quite like the screaming as much as I do say that they really LOVE the acoustic version. Both versions are amazing and perfect to me!

This is a beautifully written song that displays the immense and undeniable talent of the band. To me the verses display deep meaning and then the chorus crescendos in to the beautiful tones in Kellin Quinn's voice. The instruments sound incredible to, both drums and guitars. This is definitely sleeping with sirens best display of their talent and pure love for their gifts.

This is one of the only songs I could listen to for literally hours on repeat. Every day, I listen to this song, over and over again. Kellin's vocals take the song to a whole other level and his screaming ERMAGHERD :D My friends don't understand how you could obsess over a song so much but they're mainstream folks - they don't understand! This song is really just perfect. 'enough said. Oh and the acoustic version is great too.

2 If You Can't Hang If You Can't Hang Cover Art

If you can't hang, it's actually got so much meaning behind the lyrics, and I can really relate to them. I love the fact that the meaning behind the song is actually so powerful.
"Met a girl at 17 thought she meant the world to me, so I gave her everything, she turned out to be a cheat"
"Met a girl at 23, knew she meant the world to me, so I gave her everything, and she did the same for me"
Number 1 Song by sleeping with sirens, no doubt about it.

Not only are Sleeping With Sirens breaking free of the typical angsty hardcore pack by adding more melodic sides to their music in If You Can't Hang, but Kellin's smooth vocals lamenting over a ex-lover who wronged him turn into surprising rage and anger, creating an atmosphere that we can all relate to. One of Sleeping With Sirens' most iconic tracks.

If You Can't Hang, will forever be a Sleeping With Sirens hit! It isn't as hardcore as there other songs but just as "BA". Kellin's voice is amazing and the lyrics are somewhat relatable, you can feel the angst, hurt, and anger in them. Will always love this song by SWS!

I really do love "I'm James Dean You're Audrey Hepburn" too, but I honestly had to listen to that one a couple of times before I decided I liked it. This song however just jumped right out to me and made me fall in love Sleeping With Sirens.

3 With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear Cover Art

There's always a meaning behind the songs Sleeping With Sirens write and they sing them beautifully. I love the band, there songs always suit my situatuation in life. The points they make are always real and down to earth.

Its amazing I really love it. It expresses their true feelings. It is an amazing song really. Kellins' voice is amazing in it. It is very sweet. The lyrics are amazing too. It is the definition of perfect. Com

My favorite song and will always be one of the best. I hope to hear more songs like this one with lots of meaning and comes from the bottom of their hearts!

This is one of the best songs I've heard and all my friends for some reason don't understand this genre of music. This should be number 1!

4 Scene Two - Roger Rabbit Scene Two - Roger Rabbit Cover Art

The first time I ever listened to thos song, I instantly fell in love with it, it's so beautiful. I hadn't known Sleeping With Sirens that well then, and when my friend recommended it to me, I fell in love with Kellen's voice. It's because of this song that I started liking them so much. I can listen to this song over and over again and never get tired of it. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good meaningful song.

I just started listening to Sleeping With Sirens and I instantly fell in love with this song. This was the fourth SWS songs I have ever heard and 1 minute into this song I was crying because it was just that incredible. I don't know what else to say, this song is just plainly amazing and inspirational.

I am in love with this song... Even though they are my ultimate fave band in the world, this song saved me and Is the bomb. They have rough around the edges songs but I am glad to see them branch out to pop and softer songs like this! I am so excited for the new song to come out on April twenty third,

I love the song so much! Its amazing, absolutely beautiful. It's a much softer song compared to others, but its still got to be one of my favourite's. Its just perfect! Have a listen to it. You will probably fall in love with the song too.

5 Do It Now Remember It Later Do It Now Remember It Later Cover Art

Yeah, this could probably beat if you can't hang. It has a fun, exciting beat and lyrics to it. It's, like mentioned by another, the rocker's version of YOLO. In fact, when I randomly toast at lunch sometimes I say do it now remember it later.

This soon became my favorite song in the whole wide world and that will never change. Because of this song, this automatically became my favorite band. The meaning here is also very priceless!

Amazing song! I think it means, do what people tell you, you can't, and go prove people wrong... The music video makes me laugh extremely hard too.

It mames me think that I can, and that in the future I'll be laughing, cause they told me I can't and wow, guess what, I did it.

6 A Trophy Father's Trophy Son A Trophy Father's Trophy Son Cover Art

WHAT! Come on people! Many people can literally relate to this song and it's not even in the top 3?! VOTE! This song asks the questions that some kids may be thinking about their father's because many of them often blame themselves for their dads invisible presence.

I just love this even though' I can't relate because' I still have a Father who really loves our family but I can feel the emotion through this song. So Glad I'm a fan of Sleeping With Sirens.

I can relate to this song so much, it's by far my favorite. I listen to this song when upset, or to just enjoy Kellin's voice. When I listen to it I can just feel his emotions behind his voice. Love SWS!

Totally fell in love with this song because I went through the same thing (or going through it) and it makes me realize that me and Kellin Quinn aren't so much differnt...

7 Who are You Now Who are You Now Cover Art

This is my favorite song by Sleeping With Sirens as well as If I Am James Dean You're Audrey Hepburn. So deep and meaningful. This song basically sums up my life. "So I could try to be perfect but I won't try to be fake. " Absolutely beautiful.

The lyrics "Sometimes you've gotta fall before you fly, we're gunna work it out" have literally gotten me through so much. This song is perfect.

My favorite quote of all time, "Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly..." This song really has great meanings in it.

This song is the most beautiful piece of music you can find on earth. Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly...

8 You Kill Me (In a Good Way) You Kill Me (In a Good Way) Cover Art

I actually thing that is one of the more meaning full songs. It's the first song I ever listened to of sleeping with sirens, and remains my favourite to this day.

This song should really be higher! It's amazing and the lyrics are up lifting. The instrumental is flawless and Kellin's voice is great as usual.

It's pretty underrated for a single.

First song I've ever heard by them.

9 Low Low Cover Art

O my gosh how is this so low! This is the first song I heard by them and I fell in love with it. It is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. Its sad and angry and beautiful and deserves to be in the top 10 at least!

Its got a punk rock feel to it rather than the traditional Sleeping With Siren's song. Its got a little bit of everything which is what makes it so great.

This song was on a youtube advert if it wasnt for this song (My favorite song of all time- Not just theirs) It got me hooked on them. Best Song ever! So get it higher, com'on "don't make me feel low"

Low should be number 4 at least! Its one of the best songs of 2013! Amazing. So addictive!

10 Congratulations Congratulations Cover Art

How is this not in the top ten yet? He's singing with Matty Mullins (from Memphis May Fire) for god's sakes! They are awesome together (remember Miles Away? ). AND not to mention, the part when Kellin sang at the end. It was beautiful! He hit those high notes perfectly!
Sleeping With Sirens, I congratulate you once again.

I love the part when Matty sings. "They try to do it like me, but they do it all wrong" and also the part when Kellin says "guess what, congratulations". this is just an amazing song. I can't believe it is # 11. this should be top 5.

I love this song! I've been a fan of sleeping with sirens for quite a while, and this was one of the amny songs that I can keep on repeat by SWS forever! Matty's singing goes excellent with kellin's voice and this song!

"We're gonna give them hell! "
Ugh, this song rocks so much.

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11 The Bomb Dot Com V2.0 The Bomb Dot Com V2.0 Cover Art

If you area true fan of this band, you will like anything they put out. Not just the soft acoustic songs but also the ones with Post-Hardcore elements. Great song!

My favourite song by them. Kellin's voice sounds amazing, the screaming is great and I adore the lyrics and the instruments. I have nothing bad to say about this.

Saw this song in a youtube video about which songs inspired WWE songs. Now I can listen to this for hours.

The transaction between the singing to the screaming is simply awesome. No doubt its one of the best sws songs ever!

12 Postcards and Polaroids Postcards and Polaroids Cover Art

One of their catchiest songs and always makes me jam. Should definitely be in the top 5 for sure. As always Kellin does an amazing job with the vocals!

The first of theirs I heard and will forever be my favourite. No questions asked.

Definitely one of their best, kellin is beautiful in this song (well all songs but this one especially) and the lyrics are relatable and the tune is catchy but not annoying

One of their best songs... Its not necessarily the best one but it is definitely up there

13 Alone Alone Cover Art

Jesus, this song rocks... I dunno what it's doing so low... This belongs at the top. I've heard so many, and by far I like it better than James Dean and If you can't hang...

This song is my favorite ever! It definitely should be higher up! I recommend you listen to it if you haven't already!

Alone is just amazing I love sleeping with sirens and I think kellin quinns voice is just amazing they are my number 1 band. Can't wait to see them on the 7 th october hehe love Kellin Quinn x

Great song! I found this song because I'm a huge MGK fan, now I'm hooked. This an all around great band.

14 Fire Fire Cover Art

This. Song. Though
If you haven't listened to this, do it now. On YouTube or something. This song is SO good. Honestly, Kellin's vocals are great, the intro is awesome, there's a little aggression in his voice at points. And the lyrics are so good. Amazing song. They need to play this live more...

While mostly unknown, this song, to me, is probably one of the best songs Sleeping With Sirens performed. The raw emotion behind the words, the evocative lyrics, top with Kellin's amazing range�"it's just perfect. Especially when he started screaming.

Definitely recommended. Please listen. You don't know what you're missing.

I thought nothing could love me Kellin more until I listened to this song for the first time. His vocal range is perfect and the lyrics with the emotion he put into them.. I recommend it to anyone.

This song is not well known which is a shame because for me this is sws best song... So meaningful and strong! Great song! Great band!

15 Iris Iris Cover Art

Having loved the original (by the Goo Goo Dolls, I wasn't sure about how Sleeping With Sirens would manage to do justice to such a moving song. I now know I shouldn't have doubted them. The cover was amazing - the best one I've heard of the song by a long way. Of course, Kellin Quinn's voice is remarkable and his range is just insane. But the musicians were equally as amazing. Jesse Lawson did incredibly on the guitar (as always) and the two from Coyote Theory did really well as well. It is a beautiful song and, although I could never say it surpasses the original which is equally as beautiful, the cover certainly did perfect justice to it.

His talent is unmistakable and the rawness, purity, and his vocal ability in this cover is beautiful! This is one if not my favorite cover that I've even heard. Its amazing to discover such a beautiful voice. I love Kellin Quinn

Sounds like an angel! His voice range is spectacular. I didn't think they would be that good, but my mind is blown out of the water. Kellin quinn is rediculously good at singing. Best song cover by them in the WORLD.

Kellin's voice is amazing! He sings it was such passion. That's what I just love! I have to play this song everyday for my boyfriend, because it has so much meaning. Mostly love. Kick ass song.

16 Kick Me Kick Me Cover Art

This... this is my song. I discovered it recently and I've been listening to it nonstop. It makes me feel so much better when I get upset or angry, I listen to this song and it brings me back to normal. I'm not sure why, it just does. This song, and boulevard of broken dreams by green day. Anyways, this doesn't deserve to be top 20, it should be in the top ten at least.. I thought it would be number one for some reason. I blast this also at 2am :) please vote for it

I'll admit, their first few albums were pretty great and have amazing songs. But Kick Me, to me, is the real deal. It's catchy, has amazing vocals, awesome music, and a really change from what they usually sound. I love the style and how pump up this song gets you when you listen.

The energy in this song is just INSANE! Like, all their song have this...something... but... Kick Me is just so strong song. It's not about the lyrics, the singing or the music... It just has something I can't really explain �" something more... I bet we will see this song higher on this list, as it will grow older...

I'm extremely suprised that Kick Me is not in the top 20, it is their best song yet... I came on here expecting it in the top 3 but it's not, it's a perfect song and stands out the most (in my opinion), surely I'm not the only one, let's get this song to the top!

17 All My Heart All My Heart Cover Art

This is like, my favorite song my them. I love the more hardcore-songs, but it is SO nice to just have a little bit of calm beauty. Its this song that made me listen to ALL of SWS's song. LOVE IT

It's so sweet and loving and realistic. I have to say defiantly one if my most favorites. I can't see how it hasn't ranked higher.

Me LOVES this song. It's so perfect! :D :) lolol It's beaitifulest song ever. Sleeping With Sirens is probably my favorite band. I also love 'IF you can't hang' a lot. And do it now, remember it later. They're both really good, but this is by far the best. It's so cute, and it describes my situation perfectly.

18 Dont Fall Asleep at the Helm Dont Fall Asleep at the Helm Cover Art

This song deserves more credit and I think it's quite unique for a sleeping with sirens song! I love how hypnotic it is! I think it should be somewhere in that top ten list and deserves more then 1%! And ironically I find it a lullaby

I've just discovered this gem. It has such a beautiful sound and it's just haunting. I love it. Plus, it has a different sound from the rest of their music which is great. Should definitely be higher than 19th!

There something about the eeriness of this song that I love. It's almost relaxed yet still has energy. It's so underrated, it needs more love.

People underrate it because I't quite short but I love it. Also, it gives an insight into the bands name. 'The sirens are singing' - talking about the mythical creatures.

19 Tally It Up, Settle the Score Tally It Up, Settle the Score Cover Art

This song is amazing! Needs to be moved up!

This song is awesome get the time to hear it, and you'll agree it shouldn't be down here

20 Your Nickle Ain't Worth My Dime Your Nickle Ain't Worth My Dime Cover Art

If you're a girl, imagine this was sung about you & if you're a guy, imagine singing it to your girl... Should be way higher 'cause not only is the singing beautiful but the song as a whole is epic

It should be way higher. Probably in the top ten at least in my opinion.

This should be in the Top 10, it's filled with so much emotion. One of SWS's best in my opinion.

This is so good! It shouldn't be so down in the 20s!

21 F*** You F*** You Cover Art

Tell me what were you thinking When you kept calling us out
Or you thought we would sit quietly And let you keep running your mouth
You don't need to tell me all about
I want original, we are Keep believing that we're over with
We'll prove ya Sometimes they say it should feel something like fire
'Til it burns you as you can't, You know you can't remain the same
Stay the same, Although you know They say it should feel something like fire, No, I can't change.

Could listen to this song on repeat for hours! So much better than the real version, Kellin just makes it fantastic! Gotta love Sleeping with Sirens, greatest band!

Amazing kellin is great job with vocals as always and its more rock than pop and I love it and even though he change some of the lyrics still great.

Better then Cee lo! With kellins range and heavy metal "dubstep".. This song is amazing! Should be it the top ten! With the high belts, screams, the new sound to the song.. Gah! I just love it!

22 Better Off Dead Better Off Dead Cover Art

Amazing! I can't believe that this isn't at least in the top 10! You can really relate to this song, it just seems to speak to you and make you realise how you are being treated in life... at least that's how I feel.

This song is just so good! It's almost impossible to not like it. I know a lot of people can relate to it, including me.

THis song is so real and to live for how the hell is it all the way down here!

Best song off their new album.

23 Free Now Free Now Cover Art

This song is prefect to me, it has so much emotion like 'A Trophy Fathers Trophy Son', especially as both songs are about Kellin's family, and is also special to me and most likely many other people who share the same past as Kellin..

This song perfectly depicts how our world is becoming and how we can begin to make it better. I also love how it talks about not making our parents mistakes and passing them on to our children. It at LEAST deserves top 10.

Very touching song. Lyrics can easily make someone cry. You can tell by the lyrics and the way he sings it that this song is very powerful and means a lot to him. Beautiful song!

This is a very touching song, he is sayingto not make mistakes as a parent like his parents did. He says that his daughter means the world to him. This song is just amazing, this deserves top 10.

24 November November Cover Art

The feeling I get whenever I listen to this song is indescribable. It's almost like helplessness and the start of despair, so haunting beautiful is this song.

I'm not a huge fan of Sleeping with Sirens but I thought I'd listen to them because my friend loves them, and I just fell in love with this song.

If you like there acoustic songs then you will really like this one...

25 Go Go Go Go Go Go Cover Art

This is a great new song, I still like kick me better, but this is definitely an amazing song

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