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1 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

How could one rate this song below number one? It is the fines example of what Morrissey's lyrics are about: tragic love. The chorus is truly haunting and I do hope you can find it in yourselves to vote this song as the best of The Smith's career. - drRobert7777

Oscillating guitar. Very unique. Demonstrates the originality of The Smiths.

The best music of the smiths.

Haunting, mesmerizing, beautiful!

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2 How Soon is Now?

Honestly, Johnny Marr killed it on this song and you will never convince me otherwise. Not only that, but the lyrics are very poignant - I wonder whether I would ever be able to forget them... Not that I'd want to.

This song is ace even if your not the keenest on his voice, its 'groovay! ' :'D

This song has the most universal message of the portfolio, really meaningful.

Such a creative song!
It is like there is less singing in the song because they’re trying out different beats to make this song as catchy and creative as possible.
Which is good and smart for the Smiths don’t get me wrong.
Overall this is probably in my opinion on of the best songs by The Smiths ever. - XEROEARTH

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3 This Charming Man

Easily the best song the smiths have produced!

Oscar wilde would be proud to have written this little gem pure class mike luke.

My absolute favourite. Apart from "Ask". However, "it's gruesome that someone so handsome should care".

Hands-down, the most brilliant of their works.

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4 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

I'm glad this is moving up since I was the one who nominated it! This was also my first Smiths song.

This is my favorite The smiths song! Should definitely be in top 10 come on!

Top 10 songs of my life... Amazing song

For once in my life, let me get what I want

My first Smiths song.

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5 I Know It's Over

A song for all the teenagers going through break ups and life turmoil. Morrissey's lyrics always bring you back home in a melancholic way

God, this song should be in the top ten.

I love this song because of how the lyrics are so heartfelt but also because they can be interpreted in many ways.

This is the best song ever, change my mind

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6 The Boy with the Thorn in His Side

Great song though I can't see why they released this as a single. It's just not very commercial in my opinion. It took many listens for me to finally understand its greatness.

Can't get enough of this one...

Touch in the soul...

A musical masterpiece.

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7 Bigmouth Strikes Again

Words for how much I love this song haven't been invented yet.

Best opening lyrics to a song ever Morrissey is a legend the pope of mope

This my jam laugh out loud

#1 without a doubt.

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8 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Don't really like the singing on this one, but it does have the greatest lyric ever written "I was looking for a job and then...and heaven knows I'm miserable now"

Beautiful song with a great guitar riff, and as always Morrissey's vocals are as awesome as ever.

11th? Seriously have you heard this song?

"In my life
Why do I give valuable time
To people who don't care if I live or die? "

A beautiful observation!

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9 Panic

'The music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life'
Awesome lyric- that still speaks volumes, and it summed up what I feel like as an Indie kid against the corporate pop of the modern world.

Catchy as hell and just such a good song

Just the best

Hang the dj tony Blackburn bravo smiths mike luke.

10 The Queen is Dead

One of morrissey's first over political/social songs. He has no agenda but his own and this song exemplifies such, the abrasive nature of the guitar contrasts against the twee pop of the boy with the thorn etc...

A very powerful song, I love the drumming and Morrissey's powerful vocals. This should be considered their best. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out being second. - IronSabbathPriest

I love this song and have always loved it. Usually doesn't get in lists of the best smiths songs. It's hard for me to see why.

The drumming is so hypnotic. Lyrics are great (as always). My top ten songs of all time.

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11 The Headmaster Ritual

Honestly can't believe how low this is. For me, no Smiths playlist would be complete without this song. The opening punches you in the face with some genius guitar and bass and the great musicianship continues throughout the whole song. The lyrics are simple yet some of the best Morrissey has ever written. Everything about this song is great.

Reminds us all of how cruel people can be to children for no reason Morrissey is a genius without question. mike luke.

Best combination of unique catchy riffs, dissonance, master guitar, and lyrics. perfectly captures the artistry of Marr and the pain and insight of a sad English boy being Morrissey.

12 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

This song should be number 2 not number 4 please vote this song up its in rock band 3 amazing guitar singing bass and drums

Love this song please vote it up should be number 2 good guitar bass drums and singing

This song is really good please vote this one up this PBS should be number 2 not 4 great singing guitar bass and drums

My favorite. - JCHOW

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13 What Difference Does It Make?

This is definitely one of the best, if not, the best song The Smiths have done. It's amazing rhythmically, melodically, lyrically, and Morrissey's vocals are unlike I've ever heard before. It's such and intense and captivating song. One of the best ever.

This should be in the top three with There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and How Soon Is Now. The riff that flows all the way through is just so memorable, I would be able to identify it anywhere just from the guitar.

This is their best song and maybe even the best song ever. The lyrics are captivating, the riff is memorable, and his voice is mysterious.

Marr's best riff ever?

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14 Cemetry Gates

Best lyrics ever written...

One of the greatest songs ever written.

Ridiculously good song

15 Asleep

Despite the fact that prepubescent girls and wannabe hipsters now flock around this song, it still resonates with me. I never grow tired of hearing it, no matter how many times it gets played now. Yes, Perks was a good movie. Charlie, however, is not someone to emulate. Choose to like the song because it's a good song, not because Charlie liked the song.

The smiths sing this song

I think that this song is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

Amazing song.

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16 Ask

Writing frightening verse etc. etc. what a incredible idea for a song priceless. mike luke.

Just ask

Ask Me
Ask Me
Ask Me why this song is not top ten? - XEROEARTH

17 Still Ill

This is such a masterpiece. It tells the story of the whole world against the unrelenting bass and drum lines and then at the forefront, guitar and vocals, bitterly sweet and clever, masterful, and oh so honest. With such enthusiastic agreement, I've followed the words quite literally and yes, the world is mine and owes me a living, so mostly after that I didn't bother, kissed and got sore lips, and yes, I saw the brighter sides of life, but not very often.

"For there are brighter sides to life, and I should know because I've seen them, but not very often." Something about that line stabs me in the heart every time.

No idea why this isn't in the top ten!
'Under the iron bridge we kissed, and although I ended up with sore lips. It just wasn't like the old days"
'Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body- I don't know'
'I decree today that life is simply taking and not giving. '

"For there are brighter sides to life and I should know because I've seen them but not very often"

That's all.

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18 Shoplifters of the World Unite

An absolute masterpiece... The Smiths is one of these few bands which almost all their songs are really good, but Shoplifters Of The World Unite is probably the one that, in my opinion, stands out above the rest.

Reagan and thatcher great lyrics again how do you do it mozza mike luke.

19 Frankly, Mr. Shankly

In my top five favorites. It's very catchy.

This song is just so catchy and underrated

Great song, it's definitely underrated

Great satire on religion so funny. mike luke

20 You've Got Everything Now
21 Handsome Devil

Johnny's riff is so unique and amazing. Only he could have written it.

22 Hand in Glove

Simply the best Love song there is, there was and ever will be.

The greatest love song ever written.

Basic yet so profound. mike luke.

23 Half a Person

I do love this song. With a passion. "Call me morbid, call me pale... I've spent six years on your trail. So if you have five seconds to spare, I'll tell you the story of my life"... - IronSabbathPriest

I always thought this was such a great classic pop song, so so catchy, I never understood why it wasn't a major single.

Sad and funny at the same time. Mike luke

24 William, It Was Really Nothing

This is their best song by far! I can't believe it's not on the list! It's even on Rolling Stone's list of five-hundred best songs of all time.

25 Cemetery Gates - The Smiths
26 Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

Not too long ago I heard this in my playlist and I just lay in my bed and cried for what felt like the entire night. I had that moment of really connecting with the song and somehow I don't think any type of popularity or greatness or whatever can beat that feeling of deepness so for me this is number 1

Just that opening sound, heaves like the agony of a broken heart as it tries to breathe, and then the vocals, like secret internal pain you shamefully hide, and yet Morrissey is so open and vulnerable. I die thinking someone might know they made me feel that way.

Christ, it's not even in the Top 20! Arguably the most depressing song by the smiths, that's saying something. It's truly a brilliant "sad" song. Scratch that, it's a brilliant song, full stop. Should be higher!

By far one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard, tore my soul and heart into a thousand pieces

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27 Rusholme Ruffian

Just a great song for any mood. It deserves to be in the top 40

It Bounces so hard

28 This Night Has Opened My Eyes

This song is brilliant it deserves to be a contender.

So underrated and it's absolutely brilliant.

Most underrated Smiths song.

Best Smiths song by far!

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29 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

Johnny Marr's guitar howls like a dying animal in the last minute - one of the best band ever's best songs.

Best song of the smiths lyrically and musically

The best of an incredible trio of waltzes with Please Please and Stretch Out. And as such, best Smiths song ever.

Best song of the smiths, the guitar y beutiful, the drums, and mostly the lyrics

30 Paint a Vulgar Picture

The greatest song about the music business ever

This song is haunting me. My favourite Smiths song, at the moment.

World tour media whore, please the press in Belgium. how can you beat that. brilliant. mike luke.

31 Girlfriend in a Coma

Very good. Prefer the 4 min version of this song then the 2 min

The most perfect 2 minutes of music I think I've ever heard. It's actually flawless.

A two minute Pop song that makes your head reel and demand for more.
The lyrics have humour, seriousness everything...

Come on guys, this should be on at least top 20.

32 Death of a Disco Dancer

What is wrong with you people?

Definitely a top tenner

33 A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours

Really a powerful and hypnotising song. Like Death of a Disco Dancer, would have rated it way higher. Songs like girlfriend in the coma or I Wish you an hunappy birthday are more troll - like so a bit overatedfor me. :p 18 y o from France by the way

34 Some Girls are Bigger Than Others

I think this song is the most romantic song I've ever heard, it's music is laced with such a lovely poignancy and the lyrics are so clever and bold, the double meaning of some girls being bigger, LARGER, overwhelmingly so than others-as Anthony said to Cleopatra. Stunning. The guitar work by Marr is as jawdroppingly good as This Charming Man but so much prettier, and the drumming! Magic, especially right at the end, where for the last two bars Joyce just switches to the ride cymbal, so subtle but so perfect. Hand me your pillow, the one that you dream on...Dream on.

This is the best I've never heard this type guitar riff. This song has best song in the smiths.

Wonderful song. Great message. My girlfriend actually stopped feeling so conscious about her weight when she heard this

Super catchy. The lyrics are rather strange

35 Reel Around the Fountain

Brilliant lyrics come on

Can't believe this song is so sway from the top 10

One of the saddest songs ever written beautiful beyond words. mike luke.

My favorite!

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36 I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
37 Unloveable

It's like a slow dance at a prom but for the one's who never got asked

How ironic that this song is so loveable, mike luke.

Love the tune and funny lyrics..

38 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Such a hauntingly beautiful song, an absolute masterpiece, listen to the lyrics, impeccable morrisey, and that intro my god, take a bow Johnny Marr, not to mention that this song made the smiths, their first songs ever, and in my opinion their best

Takes a al jolson line and turns it into a thing of stunning beauty unreal mike luke.

Difficult to choose one The Smiths song.
This is a poem ; from perhaps their best album.

39 Meat Is Murder

One of their best songs. Lyrics are good and Morrissey's singing in this song is one of the best songs I've heard him sing

I've decided to become a vegetarian Just because I love this song.

40 Well I Wonder

I'd not argue with many of the choices above, but I searched this one out because it makes my neck tingle in a way no other Smiths song quite manages. There Is A Light does it in a different way. What Well I Wonder does is make me stop and feel like I'm staring out of a misted winter Sunday afternoon childhood window, with the lushest of Phil Spector backdrops for poignancy. Heaven, Marred (but so well).

Can't believe this isn't on this list! Amazing song and amazing band

This is unbelievable. 53? This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Period.

Many characteristics to this song make it very emotional. The melody is subtly vibrant and melancholically beautiful, the bass being very prominent and unforgetful; Johnny Marr’s guitar playing is just as complex but unpretentious as any other song and Morriseys lyrics are poignant and short, yet nevertheless they are not direct. They aren’t vague, but poetically written to conjure relatable feelings of unrequited love. The song is written with a troubled perspective for troubled people. - ElNano7

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41 Nowhere Fast

Brilliant riff throughout, fantastic lyrics and a beautiful voice- what more can you ask for in a song?

This song is fantastic; I especially love Johnny Marr's guitar break. - Gg2000

42 Vicar In a Tutu

The nod to rockabilly is spot on. Come on! 57? Witty lyrics, catchy as hell, this is definitely a top ten Smiths song!

If you can imagine this song you would die laughing so funny. mike luke.

57th is a bit harsh great song this.

43 Jeane

Love this song.


44 Rubber Ring

Fascinating song, I am surprised it hasn't already been mentioned definitely needs to be in the top 10

One of my favorites. Everybody's clever nowadays

I’m surprised this song is not top ten
It should be! - XEROEARTH

I absolutely love this song
I think this is the one song that sums up what it is to love The Smiths.
The song talks of listening in awe on your with bedroom floor to the songs that saved your life.
That's the way I think Smiths fans feel, us and our music against the world.
Although the world won't listen

45 I Want the One I Can't Have

Love this song can't believe it's this low.

46 Sweet and Tender Hooligan

This is an incredibly driven song which deserves classic status; sometimes it's my all-time favourite song.

The smiths do punk, we mean it maan. mike luke.

47 Girl Afraid

My absolute favorite. I just love it.

It really tells a story

Love that guitar riff.

48 Suffer Little Children

A beautiful, soft song.

Every time ihear this masterpiece it moves me to tears. mike luke

49 Pretty Girls Make Graves

My favorite by far! This definitely should be in the top 10!

Great song about horse riding

Natures sorry son will not shine for anyone. what a line,. mike luke,

50 These Things Take Time

So underrated. "the hills are alive with celibate cries"

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