Top Ten Best Snack Chips

Out of all of the chips you have ever eaten, which chip is your favorite?

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1 Doritos- Nacho Cheese

I Doritos! I mean, who doesn't? Well people that don't are tasteless and unsasticfactional that need to taste these extraordinary snack chips! They have a ton of commercials and I believe they are the best, even though other people think different

WHO hates Doritos? Let's face it- they have everything you'd dream of. First, they've got three flavors: cool ranch, spicy sweet chili, and nacho cheese. Hey, this calls for a joke: What do you call cheese that's not yours? A: Nacho cheese! Get it? Not-your cheese? Also, they have only 210 sodium, and everything. I can TOTALLY understand why this got first place!

What Doritos should be number one these are my favorite chips they go great for watching sports or just eating. I love these chips. When I want to buy a bag of chips these are the chips that come to my mind. I mean I love these Doritos and who wouldn't. These are great

No other chips leave me licking the the inside of a bag :))

I can have one Lays, but give me one of the HUEG bags they have over here, and I will eat the whole bag in one sitting, despite the fact that I always tell myself I wont.

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2 Pringles

BEST CHIPS EVER! IT SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! I just love the sour cream and onion. And all the other flavors like Jalepeno and BBQ! Mmm... I want some right now!

Pringles are the best crisps/chips ever! The classic flavour is a bit dull, but the paprika flavour is the best! Also, the hot and spicy flavour is great as well. They're a bit pricy but it's ok because they're so delicious.

All the other chips, you're paying for a bag of air. Pringles has an alternative design which makes it more practical than other Chips. Not to mention, the huge variety, and the unique design which is a hyperbolic paraboloid, not something other companies thought about.

Yum, is all I have to say to this crisp. My tummy grumbles in satisfaction and wants more. I just balled a tub with my friend and was eating them. I finished them in a minute. THEY ARE THAT GOOD

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3 Flamin' Hot Cheetos

THE BEST! You have to get used to the flavor at first but then they get so addicting! I finish the whole bag when I get them! Flamin hot fries are also very good.

I eat these like everyday. Once you taste them you can't go back. It's so awesome! I'm not a big fan of the regular Cheetos though. The fries are good too.

Flamin' hot cheetos are sooo good you need to try them. If your not a cheese fan it's okay because they taste like they don't have cheese in them. The first time you ever try them the spiciness or flavor might be intense but eventually you get used to the taste. They also become very addicting and you have the need to crave them all the time. The hot fries are also really good and is a little spicier, but who cares, they are awesome in my opinion.

Sooo addicting

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4 Ruffles

I think ruffles have just the right amount of salt so I love to have them to quench my sugar craving with a mild salt level and drink a minimum of water. I love Ruffles! They're great.

I totally agree, Ruffles with French Onion dip is the bomb! :) They should be in a least the top five, not tenth place!

The taste just makes you feel you want more plus the salt gives it a great flavor it is dam good better than any tye of cheetos, pringles, and doritos

Ruffles are lit so sooo sooo so good and you the different flavor mine is sourcram and onion with cheddar cause you taste the cheese and you taste the sour cream And onion

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5 Cheetos

Just using the word CHEETOS in front of a bunch of kids can cause you serious trouble. Yes, cheetos are THAT good. Number 1 or 2 otherwise I can't take this list seriously.

yummmmm I'm eating them right now

I learned how to walk from Cheetos, that's how much I love them. Even if you don't love cheese, the flavor of Cheetos stays with you. I could eat puff Cheetos for the rest of my life. Granted, it'd be a short life, but a very blissful one.

Iโ€™m brotish so Iโ€™ve never heard of these - Sambazing

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6 Doritos- Cool Ranch

The best chip on earth

Pairs so well with a sandwich... Can't beat it.

Goes great with nacho cheese Doritos strange but true!


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7 Takis

Takis changed my life. The taste of it's lemon lime sour spicy sexy seductive fascination had me turned on. I want to gorge myself in its mouthwatering sexy body that is sometimes broken, and crush its sexy bones with my rough attitude. Takis, you complete me. Fuego.

Takis are the best chips. Once I went a diet for football season. Then I went to 7/11 and saw the takis down the aisle. I was like I can't buy them dude. Then I started to hover over there and I picked up the ripply bag went to the counter of 7/11 bought them then hovered home sat down watched college football (Oregon at Washington State Cougars) And enjoyed myself with the great memory of the best chip out there, Takis

Takis are he best chips at first it was original Pringles and Kay's originals. But once you taste takis it's not just the taste, the tortilla is nicely baked or whatever they did to it, it is ridiculous how good it is. Try 'em they're at quick trip Walmart and other known gas stations.

I love taxis they are my favorite chips. I like all the flavors. They are like super delicious. Iโ€™d recommend them for anyone if you can take the heat. To me they are not that hot. But try them๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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8 Hot Fries

So good I would jump off a building for a life time supply

I LOVE HOT FRIES! These are better then got Cheetos because they are addicting and they melt in your mouth. Their not to spicy. YUM! This should me #1

Not too hot, but not as lame as all the other chips, love them!

Because its finger lickin good

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9 Lays Bar-b-que Potato Chips

I get angry at the store when I can't find them. Tasty chip by itself no salsa!

These barbecue chips are so good that they are my favorite chips

It's absolutely mind blowing, addicted and with less calories compared to other potato chips! It's the opinion for those who don't wana be so fat with other snacks :')

Their way better then nacho cheese Doritos

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10 Funyuns

These are the best chips ever! Nothing even compares in my opinion. All other chips have been well imitated, but funyuns is the only chip out there that is this unique. Knock-off companies have attempted to imitate these heavenly mastered Greatness in a bag and have all failed. This is better than "the cat's meow, this is the freak'n catnip!

Funyuns are my favorite! I am doing a science project on them right now about the ingredients in them and we have to calculate how much of something is in the whole bag, given the per serving. Otherwise, they are Delicious, The Best!

The flavor that a bag of funyuns carries is so tasty that you'll want more. It should definitely be that top chip because no other chip carries the same flavor.

Are Funyuns even chips? They're just weird fried onions. Who knows if they are even onions.

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? Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream

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11 Lays Potato Chips

these are so good and addicting I want some now but don't have any:( - 7beach77

I just ate some 5 minutes before posting this. They are the best - Razor79

Salt and vinegar flavor=perfection - TheNewGuy132

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10?!? Lays are the best! - pepeagrees1

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12 Spicy Nacho Doritos

I will never eat a plain Nacho Cheese Dorito again if I can have a Spicy Nacho Dorito instead.

I like them way more than regular nacho. They are more flavorful to me

by far the best no one can explain just how good they are - moose4life19

I don't know. for some reason these are just better

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13 Salt and Vinegar Lays

This kind is amazing and so addicting! I can't get enough! I am actually eating them right now... Guilty as charged.

My favorite type of chip. Go salt and vinegar!

These should be #1

By fat the best

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14 Pringles Sour Cream and Onion

I love sour cream and onion Pringles

Awesome chips

The best ever


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15 Dill Pickle Lays

Not as good as old Dutch dill pickles chips but still delicious.

This should definitely be number one!

They satisfy all taste!


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16 Fritos

As long as you don't eat too many in one sitting, you'll be in love with them.

You can eat them all the time and not get sick of them laugh out loud

Chili cheese flavor is the best! Probably not very good for you, I admit, but decidedly very tasty!

The honey bbq twists are my favorite. - BigEJ52

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17 Pringles Pizza

These are the best chips ever, I love the pringles brand and this is what I always get along with any other pringles.

I don't even know where to begin!



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18 Pringles Barbecue

All pringles r yummy


19 Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

These chips are the worlds best this is suppose to be number one and and a good reason why is that they don't give you stank ass breath. Bold flavor and are seasoned perfectly.

They are so good! My favorite chip EVER! I just can't get enough of the flavor... I am so unique! Who doesn't like this one?

These are the best thing I have ever eaten. They are magical and sweet not spicy!

Why are these not at the top?!?!?! these r the best ever

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20 Utz Chips

So amazing! There was this one time where I ate nothing but utz for three days and I have no regrets, they are number one!

They are amazing especially their salt and vinegar

What the heck are these

The best taste of all chips. So good that a Lady visiting from Chicago
Took a can back home with her. Their plant is in PA, and they are popular in MD

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