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21 Lay's Ketchup Chips

After my morning dump I know it's the remains of the last batch of lays ketchup chips I ate. I shovel this down my throat like a fat chick eating a Chinese buffet.

These are the bomb. I ate the ones they sell in Mexico though but they taste pretty much the same

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22 Chili Cheese Fritos

Amazing. I used to eat these all the time but noticed I was gaining weight so I gave them up cold Turkey. Fast forward 20 years and my kids start eating them so I do too. I sneak downstairs and eat half the bag! Pure evil!

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23 Sun Chips

I'm sorry, but I'm going on a mini-rant here.

Sun Chips are the most tasteless chips I've ever tasted. Even though I've only tasted the original, I bet their flavored ones won't even taste flavored. The one time I had them, I had to spit them out in the bushes when my friend wasn't looking (he gave one to me). Yuck! - Joansb

I've eaten both cool ranch and nacho cheese for months and got bored of the flavors. Now I've been eating French onion and garden salsa and they're the best.

I'm sorry but these chips taste great. Most commercial food is over powering with addictive additives for flavor. Try going vegan for a month and you'll see the difference.

The origional tastes like burning love
my favorite

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24 Tom's Salt & Vinegar

It's the best & it has to be Tom's cause no one else makes salt & vinegar the same, Tom's the best!

I love these more than my overboard

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25 Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno

These are one of the best type of chips ever

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26 Cheese-Its

I love these and eat them almost everyday.

Four cheese is just fabulous! The Duoz with combination of flavors are fantastic!

Wow! Cheese-Its should be in the top 10! #UR0CKCHEESE-ITS

27 Nachos V 1 Comment
28 Doritos - Red Hot Pepper
29 Pringles Dippers

These are so good! They have perfect combinations.

30 Tostitos

I think they lose a few points for being great only with salsa to go along with them, but once you've got that covered, Tostitos explode with flavor. The most sophisticated and healthy snack available in my opinion.
But the decisive factor is the fact that you can put them in the oven on an aluminum sheet with salsa and cheddar cheese, pull it out and find happiness. - PinkflASHES

31 Cheese And Onion
32 Cheddar Fries

Better then hot fries.

33 Pringles Super Stack
34 Doritos - Spicy Sweet Chili

They make me want to shove a bag of these up my ass

The most perfect flavor in the world!

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35 Chex Mix V 2 Comments
36 Lay's

They're just the perfect chip! Nothing wrong about them at all! Why isn't this way higher?

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37 Sweet Chilli Heat Doritos V 1 Comment
38 Pringles Cheddar Cheese
39 Pringles Multigrain
40 Grain Waves
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