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41 Lay's Sour Cream and Onion

So good. I could eat a whole bag. Good with dip and without.

One of the best

Love them sooo much I'd marry them!

The best

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42 Cheetos Crunchy

I think they taste better than Cheetos puff they taste great and they have a great taste!

43 SmartFood Popcorn
44 Pringles Xtra
45 Bugles

Bugles are really good I wish I had some now. I wish I had enough money

Awesome with Cream Cheese put in them.

Nacho cheese and carmel are they're best flavors I am eating both right now! So good!

46 Pringles Salt and Vinegar

Amazing, addictive, and you just can't really get enough!

47 Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar V 1 Comment
48 Beanitos
49 Pringles Light
50 Krunchers Original
51 Miss Vickie's Salt and Vinegar

This should at least be in the top tens!

These are so addicting!

This kind is to die for!


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52 Lays Max Cheese
53 Onion and Cheese
54 Takis Fuego

Takes are my favorite chip of all time they are too die for

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55 Veggie
56 Kettle Jalapeno

Good heat, nice kettle crunch. Lingering fire in your mouth. Also, withstands liquids well without getting soggy.

Tons of different flavors going on in my mouth so good

Best flavor out there! They are sooo addicting and the best flavor of kettle chips. I highly recommend this to
Anyone. They are a bit pricey but worth it! I can finish a whole big bag in less than twenty minutes!

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57 BBQ Popchips

I could make love to these chips

58 Munchos

They are light, fluffy with the right amount of salt, and my mouth loves them!

Best potato chips on the face of the earth! Gotta love em

best ever

59 Hot Funyuns

Why is hot Funyuns number 52 when they should be number 1 these chips are sooo good

Hot funyuns are delicious! There like hot cheetos but only in the funyuns form. If u like funyuns and hot cheetos, u should get these chips. Whoever made this list they got it all wrong these should be #1!

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60 Lay's Oven Baked Chips

My dog would win 2 Emmy's and an Oscar for a bowl of this. - Persian

The best ever!

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