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61 Do You Wanna Roll
62 Pump Pump
63 Hypnotize
64 I Wanna F*** You
65 G'z Up, Hoes Down

Doggystyle best turn up album of the 90s

66 Boss' Life


67 Late Nights

Cool new song 2016 doggs

68 California Roll

One of the best songs of Snoop Dogg and poeple like the video of this song and the best of the album BUSH

69 Wild Thing
70 1800
71 Gangsta's Life

Smooth flow and excellent beat. Definitely one of Snoop Dogg's more underrated songs.

72 Murder Was the Case (Remix)

Can't believe this wasn't even on the list. Dope beat and raps Snoop's best song for sure.

73 Gangsta Zone
74 For All My N***** & Bitches

One of bis best Songs and the Doggystyle Album is great! It should be Top 20

75 French Inhale

Lets get high with big dogg and khalifa

76 Turf I Bang

Best song ever made of Snoop Dogg with Soopafly and the best of the tape

77 Snoopafella

Epic song.

Dogg's best in my opinion!

78 California Gurls

This song is very much awesome and I like this song very much. My hot lady Katy Perry also in this song. So I like this song very much and specially for the snoop dogg's line. So I think this song must be on the top of the chart and please rate the song more and more...

I love katy and love snoop

What staff this should be 1

79 All I Do is Win

It is great, DJ Khaled make it 'the best', ludacris make my ass blow, t pain make me tired and rick ross... Amazing! (syaheer)

Rick Ross is good ludacris is fast which is good and snoop is very slow but has good flow t pain is great

80 If I Was You
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