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81 Favourite Spot
82 Remedy

"I got the remedy" BEST song by DOGG!

Best song from reincarnated!

83 Get 'Em Girls

This song is about shoes but its still good I love both vocals from Snoop Dogg and Jessica Mauboy so good job very catchy, terrible music video though its worth a look its so bad could have been filmed with a calculator.

84 Bad 4 Me
85 Maad City
86 Press Play

The best! With an incredible beat of Dj Quick. Not very known... Unfortunately

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87 Stoner's Anthem

Perfect song 100% smokers choice..

88 21 Jump Street
89 Keep It Craccin
90 Let the Bass Go

Fantastic song used in films like Turbo, Jack Reachers

91 Do You Remember

A great song with a nice beat

Michael Jackson in this song was great " do you remember when it all began " just one of mj's best hits should be number 1

92 Smokin' All My Bud
93 Can't Say Goodbye
94 Platinum

This is the best song of Snoop Dogg with R Kelly.

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95 That's My Work V 1 Comment
96 French Inhale
97 Rocket Experience
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