Best Song From Slayer's Show No Mercy

One of heavy metals most influential and greatest bands, 'Show No Mercy' is what started off their career.

The Top Ten

1 Black Magic

This is outrageous!, this is meant 2 be number 1 - JULESMETAL

2 Metal Storm / Face the Slayer
3 Die by the Sword

This is the Seek and Destroy of Slayer

4 The Antichrist
5 Evil Has No Boundaries
6 Show No Mercy
7 Tormentor

Awesome track

Good song

8 Fight Till Death
9 Crionics

This one is amazing in combination with Show no mercy...

Underrated. This song has some fat riffs.

10 The Final Command

The Contenders

11 Chemical Warfare

We know this didn't become a bonus track until later it came out but come on this song rocks

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