Top 10 Best Songs of 2013

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1 Get Lucky - Daft Punk Get Lucky - Daft Punk Cover Art

Amazing Song!

Beautiful, catchy, with a Disco feeling which makes it stand out!

Daft Punk is an incredible duo and "Get Lucky" certainly deserves to be in the Top 10 of 2013.
And please don't forget Pharrell Williams' part. His vocals are amazing!

Of course the result of the collaboration between these artists is UNIQUE!

If you don't know who Daft Punk is, then you've been living under a rock. I just want to point that out.

Perfect! Amazing song, one of the great songs of all time of Daft Punk! Amazing! Amazing!

It;s just so catchy and reminds me of summer 2013. I love it and mirrors by Justin Timberlake was in my opinion terrible.
Like the legend of the phoenix...

2 Wake Me Up - Avicii Wake Me Up - Avicii Cover Art

This is the best song of 2013. The whole album is even amazing! The fact that critics don't care about Wake Me Up and titles Get Lucky as the best song of the year just shows how full of bull they are these days. Avicii is a really talented and professional artist who's putting a lot of work into his music. This is how the rock music of our generation should sound like!

Energetic, and country-like EDM. Some people hate it, just for the video and what the heck man! It's just a video! And there is nothing wrong with it!

This is still at 2015 a catchy song remembered and people still like it

An amazing vocalist with an original yet creative drop. 11/10

3 Mirrors - Justin Timberlake Mirrors - Justin Timberlake Cover Art

Man, 2013 was a terrible year for songs, if Roar is in the top 10 then it clearly has been god awful year for music this year. But Mirrors is a good song. Sadly music becomes worse and worse each year as we lose great rock music, rap music and classic music to pop music. What happened to Foo Fighters? Kanye West? Dizzie Rascal? Coldplay? Arctic Monkeys? I'm sick of Rihannannannananananna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Dustbin Beaver.

This song is good,but it's way repetitive on every radio station.
When I hear this song again...this song will be worse when the radio repeats this song over and over again. Not trying to be rude to him, but he still seems like a cutie and he still has an amazing voice though:) but this one of his songs that are repetitive on every pop radio station.

It's his Runaway. While this isn't as good as that song, it has a similar sense of scope.

I agree. What happened to Britney Spears? Xtina? So far they are the only icons that make pop music.

4 Rap God - Eminem Rap God - Eminem Cover Art

Anyone who voted for this simply because 'he rapped fast' needs to go and shoot themselves.
Being serious now, the entire track is fantastic. I LOVE that Bill Clinton reference.

This is the ms Jackson by outlast of 2013 it’s as good as it gets with Eminem changing flows tones and the beat which is unique also this is the longest song to be considered a hit and has a very fast part around 4 minutes in

Great song and lyrics! Has to be number 1. He just spat lyrics verse after verse! Also want to say that "Get Lucky" sucks and doesn't deserve to be on this list at all.

I'm not sure about best song of the year, but it is definitely the best rap song of the year. And one of Eminem's crowning achivements, he freestyled the whole song.

5 Royals - Lorde Royals - Lorde Cover Art

Royals is the definition of pop 2013. Her song kept people from turning off their radios everyday due to Miley's Wrecking Balls. And of course, all those other crazy out of this world songs. Especially "The Fox" by Ylvis. It's just so dang popular for being annoying, like "Friday" and "Gangnam Style" Lorde saved us all. A 16 year old singer from New Zealand who wrote a song about not caring about what people think about her. Not like what Miley Cyrus does, not that kind of carefreeness. But like not caring about what you wear, and the way you do things. This song is unique and original and you can spot Lorde's voice out of a one hundred singer playlist. It can't be mixed up with another singer's. The chorus sounds like an actual choir singing her amazing song. Royals saved 2013, in my opinion. Royals ROCKS!

OK, Lorde was a 16 year old, living in New Zealand when she wrote "Royals", and just turned 17. The lyrics are simple poignancy, spot on, brilliance that hits the nail on the head about the rappers of today. That is talent, not to mention the ballsy minimalist composition that is almost never number one material in today's music climate, and her "icy" layered vocals on the song that make it sound like a choir. This is one talented young lady! Even the legendary Cher gave her support to this great aspiring talent. She deserves the number one song on this list like no other.

When I first heard this song, it was so simple and nothing like pop today. It was also better than any pop you'll ever hear... only Get Lucky comes close (baller disco 80s throwback... and the best thing Pharrell will EVER do). The approach she takes to the song, the production, and all of that convinced me that it wouldn't become mainstream, but the lyrics and unbelievable catchiness put it there. And it deserves it.

Lorde has definitely proved herself as a force to reckon with. She has an amazing voice for a 16 year old. I love this song because the lyrics are so true! The lyrics are a lot better than Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" honest to god do people even listen to the lyrics in songs anymore? This song deserves top ten. Excellent job

6 Counting Stars - Onerepublic Counting Stars - Onerepublic Cover Art

Gospel songs are always very catchy, but usually do not chart high. But Ryan Tedder and the gang did so well here and achieved it. Very wholesome and good.- Spydyr

OneRepublic and P!ATD are my favorite bands.
Counting Stars is a song that lasted for almost 60 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100.
Why? Because almost no one can hate it.

I love Imagine Dragons. Radioactive is a song that I might have voted for instead, but firstly, it was a 2012 song, and second, this is still such an amazing song and I'm not sure why I don't listen to OneRepublic as much anymore.

Such a refreshing song near the end of year. Most people hadn't really heard of Onerepublic before this - now they can't forget them

7 The Monster - Eminem The Monster - Eminem Cover Art

Eminem's comeback in 2013 saved music! This is a great song about his fame-not just the usual money-cash-hoes, but about how fame is killing him.

2013 was a bad year for music... But out of nowhere the rapper Eminem sang a song with
Rihanna and made a brilliant song! Thank you SO much Eminem!

Thank god Eminem released his album in 2013 otherwise this year would have the most suicides ever!

I don't care that this is mainstream popular, this song is AWESOME!

8 Berzerk - Eminem Berzerk - Eminem Cover Art

Rap god should be in the top ten also. This list is weird, Bon jovi & David Bowie, really? This top ten of 2013, not 1869. Lincoln park and bullet for my valentine both suck. I could see Miley Cyrus being on here because she's super famous, still sucks, I'm sure she'd get a lot of votes. But seriously, who is voting for this BS.

This song was a breath of fresh air in a sea of boring/terrible pop music that was the Summer of 2013. While it's not Eminem's best (though some of the tracks from this same album come close), this song is filled with energy, while also being pretty silly, and I think it works well.

I hate how most of music on the radio is pop. I like pop, but I prefer rock and electronic. This song is a mix between rock and rap, different from the crappy pop music. 2013 was a horrible year for music, but Eminem saved it

Great song. I'm personally a metal fan, but no real contenders on the list. I find it extremely funny how bullet for my valentine is like number 20 right now though. They suck so much.

9 Just Give Me a Reason - P!nk Just Give Me a Reason - P!nk Cover Art

This is an awesome song! It should be number 1. I always listen to this song after a breakup! Great job pink!

How is this beautiful song below Blurred Lines?

Again this song is good I like it

Wow this should be first only 33rd

10 Roar - Katy Perry Roar - Katy Perry Cover Art

This song is bad ass. It hit #1 because is is a damn good song. Do the people that hate this song have ears or what?

This song is fantastic! It's lyrics are good, the beats are good and the singer is also good.

I especially like this song because it has a message that everyone is strong and brave

I don't think it's the best song from Katy Perry but the lyrics are weird to me. and I love Katy Perry though!

The Contenders
11 Applause - Lady Gaga Applause - Lady Gaga Cover Art

Make it the top 10! Click Vote, it is THE best song released last year. amazing - catchy, just pure pop gaga pleasure!

Yes! I love this song! She wrote it for all of her Little Monsters.

Its just the business this song its catchy, dancey, jumpy it makes you want to get up

Gaga's the best, no one else compares

12 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke Cover Art

I'm in misery. That's just what I feel like singing every time I hear this piece of garbage. And this stood at number 1 in billboard for 12 weeks? Kill me please. Statistically this then stands a hit of equal respect as Eminem's oscar winning masterpiece 'Lose Yourself'. God, I think I'm gonna throw up.

This is quite possibly the worst song I've ever heard.

-the beat, awful. The dancing, garbage. The singing (if you can call it that) has no emotion or substance. Everything about this song just screams corporate pandered bull.

I used to cut and I used to take medication to help with the pain and when I heard this song I stopped cutting myself. robin thicke changed my life. his song is so inspiring that now I donate blood instead of cutting myself to feel better. everyone with depression, anxiety, and fear should listen to this 24/7!

Every single person knows this song. I went to a deprived and starving African village and they knew this song. You may hate it, but when you hear it in 10 years, you're gonna be dancing, singing, and partying.

13 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Jackie Evancho

Jackie was only 12 when she emerged on stage dressed as a water nymph and wading ankle deep in a pool of water. It was just Jackie and a piano, but what a breathtaking performance! It was the highlight of the Cirque du Soleil benefit concert for clean water.

Fantastic version of a classic song. Jackie's voice is the best.

There is only one voice around today like this!

Riveting, compelling performance from the young singer.

14 Heart Attack - Demi Lovato Heart Attack - Demi Lovato Cover Art

Demi is an amazingly talented artists with an inspiring past and this is the epitome of a great song.

The tune of this song is truly sickkk! Its got super awesome beats & Demi's voice... No words really... Best song...

When I first hear this song, well... It give me Heart Attack! Amazing song!

This Is The Best Single Of 2013.. After Releasing this song it become #1 on iTunes before 24 H... ]

15 Timber - Pitbull Timber - Pitbull Cover Art

Laugh out loud. This should number better than radioactive and those other songs... Except for the monster, clarity and treasure

Love this song so much its definitely one of the better songs of 2013. Its absolutely hilarious. Well done Pitbull and Kesha

The harmonicas, while not too bad, can get old after a while. Other than that, this song isn't awful.

I enjoyed it when I was young

And I still enjoy it now. 9/10

16 Because We Can - Bon Jovi Because We Can - Bon Jovi Cover Art

Wow! I went on this list to help get this song here but it's already here!
Go Bon Jovi! Even with all the really popular artists releasing this year, they found their way to the top!

17 My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy Cover Art

Great song, it's their comeback single after there 3 year hiatus.

Great song! Should at least be in the top ten. Great beat and sound.

Why is this at 352? On of the best songs of the year!

I listened to this every day in 2014 because of NHL 15.

18 Not Gonna Die - Skillet Not Gonna Die - Skillet Cover Art

Best song ever

This Needs To Be In the Top 10. What A Song. No One Wants To Die While Everything Is Wrong.

19 Dark Horse - Katy Perry Dark Horse - Katy Perry Cover Art

All of these were better than Miley and Jb songs while this song deserve or received to be #1

I really love this song. My top favorite Katy Perry songs are:
Dark Horse
and Firework

Psh. Come on people, this is way better than Roar.

20 m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar Cover Art

To the person who said Miley's songs in 2013 were crap, you didn't even look deep. Look at Wrecking Ball, it's very good. (Probably not it's mv) but it's good. Probably the newer years like 2015 and 2017

The song that convinced me to listen to the album. The production is stunning, as is the storytelling.

This song is this generation's version of Nuthin But a G Thang. It is that good. King Kendrick forever

Erm I'm very sorry people I love this song just as much as y'all do but it's from 2012 not 2013 look it up. It should be on best songs of 2012 list.

21 Burn - Ellie Goulding Burn - Ellie Goulding Cover Art

When it comes to deciding whether a song is the best of that year, I feel like if the chorus mainly consists of one word being repeated, then it's not really a contender.

Number 30?! WTFF this is one of her top songs and one of the ones that maker her even more famous and there are higher songs than this one and the songs are awful UGH this sucks.

This is a truly inspirational song, and is one of the best of this year. It needs to be in the top 10 definitely.

Please be number 1 soon I love this song

22 Treasure - Bruno Mars Treasure - Bruno Mars Cover Art

My top 2 favorite Bruno mars songs are Locked Out Of Heaven and this one. Amazing Beat. Cool melody. And a good song.

Radioactive used to be number one on here but someone must of deleted it. Whoever deleted it is a dick. it deserved to be number one instead of mirrors

I thought it would be Young Girls but instead it was this song and the video looks like MJ's videos

This song is fun to dance to! I loved Burno Mars, and I still do, but especially when I was younger!

23 Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

This amazing song is below Let It Go from Frozen? Is humanity this stupid?

The fact that this is below Miley Cyrus saddens me deeply for the fate of music.

One of Arctic Monkeys' best songs so far, by far the best song of the year.

Why is this stuck down at #70. It's way better than most the drivel before it.

24 I Love It - Icona Pop I Love It - Icona Pop Cover Art

This song is best ever! Come on it should be on top

One of the best pop songs of the year. That BEAT!

Lots of people dislike this one but I enjoy it

I Love It is really catchy and so cool.

25 Stay - Rihanna Stay - Rihanna Cover Art

So sad and it's good.

I do not like Stay.

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