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201 Hunting for You - Robbie Williams
202 God Is Dead? - Black Sabbath

You know this list is bias if god is dead is at number 186

203 My God is the Sun - Queens of the Stone Age
204 Hush Hush - Avril Lavigne
205 P.O.W. - Bullet for My Valentine
206 Hurt - Big Country
207 Retrograde - James Blake

It's a real shame that more people haven't heard this song. Probably one of my songs, up there with God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. I feel like this song blends sadness and happiness together so nicely, especially when the synthesisers kick in and boost the atmosphere of the song. Truly a masterpiece that I feel needs to be given some more recognition. - Rumje

208 Stay Out - Nina Nesbitt
209 Only Teardrops - Emmelie de Forest

Its a really good song should be at #1

210 Glorious - Cascada
211 The Other Side - Jason Derulo

The Other Side is stunning and catchy. - madoog

212 Come to Me - Goo Goo Dolls
213 Move - Little Mix
214 Lets Get Ridiculous - Redfoo
215 Shine My Shoes - Robbie Williams
216 F*****' Problems - A$ap Rocky

This song is stunning. I like that beat. I like 2 Chainz's vocals. - madoog

I really like this awesome song. Am kinda sad that is #215

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217 Panic Station - Muse
218 Beautiful Pain - Eminem

Best MMLP2 song. My favorite part is Eminem singing in the 2nd verse.

219 Drive Home - Steven Wilson

Amazing. Simple with just enough harmonic experimentation to truly emulate an other-worldly feel, a feeling of flying. I really wish this group somehow would get more notoriety.

Should be away from the top 30 or top 20

220 Hook & Book (Lizard Lick Towing Theme) - Colt Ford

Unlike most of the songs on this list this song doesn't involve love or a break up.

Which in these days of slushy bland ballads is actually revolutionary!

This song is so redneck you'll want to start up a barbeque. Plus Lizard Lick Towing is funnier than the likes of MIC and TOWIE.

The theme song to the greatest "Trash Reality" T.V. show on the planet Lizard Lick Towing. Featuring Ronnie, Amy and Bobby.

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