Best Songs From Coldplay's X&Y

First Coldplay album, which features influences of electronic music , X&Y was the best-selling album released in 2005 worldwide

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1 Fix You Fix You

This song has encouraged me hundreds of times in the most difficult times. I've wept to this more than a dozen times... It's one that has helped me face myself...

Not just the best song of the album or the best song Coldplay has ever done, it's the best song EVER

Not only is this the best song on the album, but it's the best song Chris Martin has ever written.

"Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you"

2 Speed of Sound Speed of Sound

This should be #1, not #2 - AliciaMae

The piano at the beginning always blows me away. Such Inspirational lyrics too.

Chris knows how to handle a piano fantastically!

I love Coldplay to death, but this song is such an obvious remake "Clocks" from AROBTTH. Would not put it at #2 from X&Y.

3 Talk Talk

Not only the best song on this album but just the best song in their entire discography and trust me that's HUGE! Vote Talk!

One that will be stuck in your head for days, or even weeks. Beautiful.

There's so much power in this song, both from the amazing instrumentals to the thought-provoking lyrics, it's a true masterpiece.

Oh please this is the only good song from X&Y

4 The Hardest Part

How do I even say this? This song is pure holiness. This song is a beam of sunlight through the fog. When Chris Martin takes his heavenly high voice and reaches up to sing the high chorus, my heart feels like a caged bird bursting through and flying out. Rays of love pierce through my skin and shine through, fueled by the glory of Chris Martin's voice, the simple but amazing instruments, and the song in its whole. I am in a cloud of sound and love and it is the best feeling in the world, the music shining through the clouds of darkness in my heart and destroying them. When I listen to this song, it's goodness just can't be held inside, and it shines through me. It is a beacon of love filling the mind, filling the soul. Word's can't express how much I love The Hardest Part. - pandagirl

Sometimes, the simplest melodies paired with honest words turn out to be the greatest hits. And Coldplay does it again with "The Hardest Part".

Really an inspirational song you will REALLY want to listen to... Really amazing dance couple... "He is 26 yrs old and she isss 84"...
Woahhh... Give a listen to this song and a look to its video I assure you will never regret listening it...

A great song, by a great artist. Much better than that crap they've been putting out since Mylo Xylto. Also did you know that this song was written as a tribut to R.E.M. ? The beginning was meant to sound similar to Losing My Religion, as you can easily tell by listening to both.

5 White Shadows

Great! - KRX

Swim out on a sea of faces...

6 Swallowed in the Sea

Favourite song ever, melody is just amazing

This song is honestly one of the best Coldplay songs I have ever heard. You can hear the pain and the love in his voice at the same time. This would honestly be my #2 on all Coldplay songs combined. This beautiful song is misrepresented and deserves to be higher than 9. Between this song and 'Til Kingdom Come, I don't know what's wrong with this list. Fix You has been overplayed and it's nowhere close to being as touching as this song. The person who sings this song (not Chris Martin the one who addresses this song imaginarily) is willing to do anything for the one he loves even though he feels like he doesn't deserve her. "And I could write a so-o-ong a thousand miles lo-o-ong, and that's where I belo-o-ng, and you belong with me. Not swallowed in the sea. Not swallowed in the sea." come on people, let's give this song the credit it deserves.

I really don't understand why this gem isn't at least in the top 3. It's melodic beauty practically glides the listener along and is just completely relaxing. Such an enjoyable song, I'd say it's my favorite song ever because of how deep the song can be because of the lyrics, even with such a simple instrumental. Just breathtaking.

Why is this beautiful song #9 on this list but #2 on the list of Coldplay's best songs that were not released as singles?

7 What If

I'm not sure why this song is so low on so many lists. It is one of my favorite Coldplay songs of all time and should be second in this album to Fix You.

How does nobody like this song, It's really good!

Hey, I like this song! - Songsta41

Best song off X&Y. - Liam31idents

8 X & Y

I haven't heard any of these songs but this reminds me of 2 certain Pokemon games... - RiverClanRocks

It's great how you dive right into this song then it slow down a little. - Songsta41

Third best song on the album behind the two bangers speed of sound and square one

It sounds like the beginning of a great movie song

9 Square One

This deserves to be in the top 3 at least, and this is perhaps the most underrated Coldplay song. The album just wouldn't be what it is without square on.

Are you kidding me!?! EIGHTH!?! This song is one of the greatest album openers of all time and, quite frankly, is the best thing from X&Y.

Probably the best album opener out of any other album I've heard, far too underrated

Such a powerful chorus. Now that I think of it, I really want to listen to it right now. - Songsta41

10 A Message

I was hoping to see this at #1. Honestly, the lyrics are so meaningful and uplifting, and as a song it blends together so well. When I first got this album I couldn't finish it because I just put this on loop.

Should be much higher such great lyrics. - OasisFeelsLove

Not the best song on the album, but SURELY not the 12th best?

Go and listen to this song right now and you will wonder why it isn't at the top


The Contenders

11 Low

You've got to love the Xylophone in this song. No doubt a high point on the Y side of the album. "All you've ever wanted to be, living in perfect symmetry. "

The xylophone in this song is superb, how you not love the roaring guitar and colorful lyrics that bring this song to life? Midway through the "Y" side of the album, this song is a spectacle.

12 Till Kingdom Come

This song is great! Meant to be with Johnny Cash, even made an appearance in The Amazing Spiderman! Has a sort of Phillip Phillips vibe to it, almost.

I know it's kind of a hidden track but whatever I guess it's amazing - goku48

Wonder why this song isn't amongst the top ten. It's beautifu! One of my best Coldplay songs.

13 Twisted Logic

I... am almost speechless. My favourite song in the album, fourth favourite overall, is LAST? I like everything in this album apart from 'Til Kingdom Come' (which I find sort of boring), but the chorus in this song is almost exhilarating to listen to.

This is one of the best songs on the album! Why isn't it higher?

Wow. This is my favorite song on X&Y. Why is it last? :'(

This is like the 3rd best song on itit besides low and then number 1 x and y itself

14 'Til Kingdom Come

Add this with #12, which is the same song, this song will be #10 - AliciaMae

15 X&Y

Very underrated song. - esambuu

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