Best Songs From the Doors Album Strange Days

The Top Ten Best Songs From the Doors Album Strange Days

1 When the Musics Over

You Sleeping on this song my friend easily there best song from Strange Days. Perfect lyrics if your a huge music fan like myself. Music is your only friend. Until The End! Certainly should be number 1 - OasisFeelsLove

This song is my favorite Doors song out there. The first time I heard it, it instantly became my favorite. Beautiful lyrics, irresistible intro.. 10/10 - LizardKing99

2 People are Strange
3 Strange Days

This one gets overlooked too much by the general public. I think it's one of their best songs. - Gg2000

This is like the Trippiest Song ever Weitten!

4 Moonlight Drive
5 Love Me Two Times

Sure that you know what to do?
Impossible, yes, but it's true.

6 I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
7 You're Lost Little Girl
8 Unhappy Girl
9 My Eyes Have Seen You
10 Horse Latitudes
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