Best Songs From Florence + the Machine's Ceremonials

The Top Ten

1 Shake It Out
2 What the Water Gave Me

Masterpiece! What a melody!

3 Never Let Me Go

This song has always helped me through hard times. One interpretation of this song is that it's about depression and the calmness derived from drowning

Breaking Down, Only if for a night and Leave My Body are also good songs. Oh, and of course shake it out and spectrum are so well but never let me go is the best by far.

This song reminds me of a song that plays during the credits of a movie. Don't know what movie though.

I think its about the Little Mermaid, personally.

4 No Light, No Light

What the hell, I can't believe it isn't first. Shake It Out is a great work of (musical) art, but it gets old quicker.

Love this song

5 Spectrum
6 Lover to Lover
7 Breaking Down
8 Only If for a Night
9 Heartlines

I fell in love with this song! That's the best, so inspiring, I have no words to describe it.

By far best song on this album.

10 Seven Devils

What 13? This is an amazing song and I don't understand why it's not number one.

The Contenders

11 All This and Heaven Too
12 Landscape
13 Bedroom Hymns

I couldn't believe it when I saw this was last on the list! It is their best song EVER! - amcskillet

14 Leave My Body
15 Remain Nameless
16 Strangeness and Charm
17 Take Care
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