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81 Problems
82 Head Bussa

Best J Cole song lyrically!

83 Note to Self

so good

This 'mazin'.

84 Playground
85 Dead Presidents V 2 Comments
86 Unabomber
87 Chaining Day

Great beat and sample, interestingly different narrative than usual J Cole songs with that familiar smooth husky style

88 No Role Models
89 The Good Son
90 Knock On Wood

He kncoks too hard on that wood. The type of remix you would think its and original song. He outplayed Common.

91 Cousins
92 Dolla and a Dream II
93 Be Freestyle

Awesome freestyle with a awesome beat. Surprised this wasn't on the list, definitely should be at least top 20

94 Last Call V 1 Comment
95 Can't Cry V 1 Comment
96 The Autograph

Why are there no Friday night lights or the warm up tracks on here!

Anything since then hasn't come close

V 1 Comment
97 Folgers Crystals
98 You Got It
99 I'm a Fool
100 New York Times

Honestly my favorite song by cole, should be way higher

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