Best Songs From Madonna's Hard Candy

The top ten songs from the Queen Of Pop's 2009, eleventh studio album. At 50, Madonna continues to remain younger and in great form. She's irreplaceable. No Britney Spears, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry can EVER replace the real, true Queen! Go, Madonna!

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1 Miles Away

Very beautiful and touching track. I think this song deserved much better recognition and publicity - Irina2932

LOVE the lyrics, and the bridge verse. - TheSudhanva

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful song.

This song is so awesome. she does a great job with the vocals here, therefore it should be number one. - maggot-104

2 4 Minutes

With Justin Timberlake. Cathy tune. - TheSudhanva

3 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

Should have been the lead single for album like come on Madonna time you ask fans for advice

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4 Give It 2 Me

The best song on this album if you ask very good for dancing or just having fun this is muach better than $ minutes

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5 She's Not Me

Love the attitude to this song. It's sort of a diss to fellow pop stars who want to be her. And to people in general!

6 Voices

Not her best in this album but it was something special

Madonna goes trip-hop. A fitting end. - TheSudhanva

7 Heartbeat

My personal favorite non-single track here. I really adore this song. Madonna still rocks - Irina2932

8 Beat Goes On
9 Dance 2Night
10 Candy Shop

Candy shop is the best non single from "hard candy". It's not random that it was the opening song of "sticky and sweet tour" and that on MDNA tour "candy shop" is the only song of "hard candy" in the set list!

The Contenders

11 Incredible
12 Spanish Lesson
13 Ring My Bell
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1. 4 Minutes
2. Miles Away
3. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
1. Miles Away
2. Give It 2 Me
3. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You



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