Best Songs From Metallica's Garage Inc.

This is a list of best covers that Metallica did in their album Garage Inc. Also mentions original artists that were covered.

The Top Ten

1 Turn the Page - Bob Seger

Mercyful fate is better than this song. I've heard both versions of this one thousands of times.

This song is very good. - Userguy44

2 Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate

WHAT?!? why is this not at number one? the guitar work, the drums, the catchy tunes, the great vocals, the variety of like six different songs in one... sounds like a winner to me!

Wait... is that...lars... doing GOOD drumming?

By far the best : )

1. Mercyful Fate
2. Am I Evil?
3. Last Caress/Green Hell
4. Helpless
5. The Wait
6. Astronomy
7. Sabbra Cadabbra
8. Too Late Too Late
9. The Prince
10. Die, fue my darling
11. Turn the Page
12. The Small Hours
13. Blitzrieg
14. Breadfan
15. Crash course un brain surgery
16. Killing Time
17. Damage Case
18. Tuesday's Gone
19. Overkill
20. Loverman
21. Stone dead forever
22. Stone cold crazy
23. It's electric
24. So what
25. The more I see
26. Free speech for the dumb
27. Whisky in the jar-o

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3 Am I Evil? - Diamond Head
4 Whiskey in the Jar - Thin Lizzy

Really this song is amazing when Metallica put their twist on it
My favorite cover song of all time

Best Metallica song ever.. Heavy intro till the ending part
Much better than thin izzy.. This should be on the top

5 Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult

In my opinion, this is the best song on Garage Inc. Mercyful Fate and Am I Evil? Are both a close second though.

My personal favorite song on this album! Should be higher on this list.

Very awesome song! I think it should be number 1. m/

This is the best song from Garage, and in general, BOC was a great band, and astronomy is an antological song

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6 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen

I love both versions. I like the way James sings it. - Userguy44

Queen sucked and Metallica is the best band of any genre. Pretty much sums it up.

@Visitor. You don't know what you're talking about man. Queen made one of the first trash metal songs and they inspired Metallica to make a cover of that song. And what makes Metallica better? I love both Queen and Metallica! - Userguy44

As much as I adore queen, I think James’s voice suited the song better. - DaringXx

7 So What - Anti-Nowhere League
8 Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd

That's because it IS lynyrd skynyrd

Sounds almost like lynyrd skynyrd

9 Die, Die, My Darling - Misfits

This deserves to be in the top ten - Toucan

10 Last Caress / Green Hell - Misfits

This is the best

The Contenders

11 Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg
12 Damage Case - Motorhead
13 Overkill - Motorhead
14 It's Electric - Diamond Head

I actually love this song

15 Loverman - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
16 Breadfan - Budgie
17 Sabbra Cadabra - Black Sabbath

This has both sabbra cadabra and a national acrobat

18 The Small Hours - Holocaust
19 The Prince - Diamond Head

Best song on album

20 Crash Course in Brain Surgery - Budgie

Oh my god- I love this song. So much. The bass is almost enough to make up for all of the missing bass on AJFA, and the solo is amazing. Criminally underrated!

21 Killing Time - Sweet Savage
22 Helpless - Diamond Head
23 The Wait - Killing Joke


24 Stone Dead Forever - Motorhead
25 Too Late Too Late - Motorhead
26 Free Speech for the Dumb - Discharge
27 The More I See - Discharge
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1. Am I Evil? - Diamond Head
2. Turn the Page - Bob Seger
3. Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate
1. Stone Cold Crazy - Queen
2. Breadfan - Budgie
3. Am I Evil? - Diamond Head
1. Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult
2. Turn the Page - Bob Seger
3. Am I Evil? - Diamond Head

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