Best Songs From Nirvana's Bleach


The Top Ten

1 About a Girl

Just plain awesome!

of course

very good

2 School

Get this to number one!

Repetitive, Addicttive.



3 Negative Creep

Ain't a girl no more

Why isn't it #1?!?!?! It's the definition of nirvana before all the mainstream stuff. what people!

4 Love Buzz

It's easily my favorite, there's barely and vocals and it's catchy

In my opinion, the catchiest song on the album

5 Blew

Not only the best song from "Bleach" but one of the best songs nirvana ever made

Very distorted and rage-fueled. Love it!

Best one hands down

6 Floyd the Barber

One of the best Nirvana thrash songs, along with Tourette's and Territorial Pissings. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

7 Paper Cuts

I feel as if Paper Cuts was just one Nirvana song I would headbang to all day. Not kidding. If Kurt were still alive, I would be happy. "For the lady who I have maternal love for cannot look me in the eyes, and I see hers and they are blue and they cock,twist, and masturbate! I said so! " That line/part of the song reminds me of Courtney Love even Nirvana made the a few years before Kurt even met her. Her eyes are blue and she took meth! One more thing you need to know is that, Courtbey hired a guy/police man to shoot Kurt in the head and I'm guessing that the guy had gloves on the entire time while he shot Kurt in the head. Before Kurt died, he took his last thing of the bad heroin. I know this song doesn't have to do anything with Kurt's death but the heavy grunge and deep sound reminds me of the pictures of Kurt with a little hole in his head. I love Kurt and hate Courtney... Be careful Frances.

Those emo pussies who think they're Nirvana fans just because they've listened to Nevermind wouldn't go two minutes listening to this song without having their faces melted off - Kfox101

Probably the most intense song on the album

8 Mr. Moustache

This song screams "underrated"

Really underrated this song - Danielsun182

9 Sifting

I'm currently obsessed with this song. Also, you guys should watch "Soaked in Bleach" on Netflix. It's worth it & will teach you A LOT.



10 Swap Meet

The Contenders

11 Scoff

This is easily my favorite song by the band. It's their most underrated. - Alpha101

12 Big Cheese

This song is so damn catchy!

underrated - Tijsprimo

13 Downer

CAN'T BE 13! SHOULD BE IN TOP 5 - Tijsprimo

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