Best Songs From Owl City's All Things Bright and Beautiful

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1 Galaxies Galaxies

This is a question I struggle to answer but if I HAD to pick a favorite Owl City song it would be Galaxies. When I heard this song for the first time my heart exploded. The Challenger disaster was awful but memorable and I love the religious ties as well. I have always loved anything to do with astronomy and this song just takes me away. The tune is wonderful and I can visualize the spinning Milky Way and constellations, the rocket taking off, the horror on people's shocked faces, and the faith in God's perfect and wonderful love for us.

It has a great sound and lyrics, and it's Christian. I like 'Alligator Sky', but for outer space songs, this one is definitely better.

An awesome Christian song

Dear God I was terribly lost when the galaxies crossed and the sun went dark!

2 Alligator Sky Alligator Sky

Where was I when the rockets came to life and carried you away into the alligator sky... Even though I'll never know what's up ahead, I'm never letting go~

Such a great song!

Was a fun song you can't help but listen to.

Good song, but-
What's with the "alligator sky? " Can alligators fly now or something? - AlGalaxy

Who knew Owl City colaborating with a rapper would work so well?

3 Plant Life Plant Life

Id rather waltz to this song then just walk to any other

4 Angels

Great song, reminds me that we may not be the only ones out there.

This one could also be a Christian song about angels.

An amazing song about the surreal reality of angels.

5 Deer In the Headlights

You're kidding. You are kidding me. ALL THE WAY AT THE BOTTOM!?! This is one of the best songs in the history of ever and I cannot believe that its all the way down here. GOSH!

It should rank up

This song reming me of my first crush on a mysterious girl and its kinda like a trailer from the scene.

Love it! Its awesome and upbeat please vote fr it aftr you listen 2 it you will love it

6 The Real World

My first song of him I ever listened to. It made me feel alive, like I had a true purpose in life. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

If we disappeared, would the real world even care?

Probably not, but someone would, and that makes me feel needed.

The lyrics are very meaningful

7 Honey and the Bee

This is the best duet ever! Come on people! It should be the first!

8 Dreams Don't Turn to Dust

I love this song. It has an amazing riff, and the sounds of this song are so euphoric; every time I listen to this song it gives me a great feeling, like I'm on top of the world, and I'm reassured that... well, dreams don't turn to dust.

This song is the best!
It tells you how being a dreamer feels like

9 Kamikazi

Another awesome Christian by Adam

Its so musical. The echos add so much. It moves you withthe faraway feel a lot of adam's songs have

10 Hospital Flowers

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11 Lonely Lullaby
12 How I Became the Sea

Although it was on the bonus edition of this album, definitely a great joy to listen to, made me love Owl City even more.

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