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101 The Upstairs Room
102 The End of the World

I remember not being able to stomache this lead single when it received much airplay back in 2004. Not because it doesn't sound like The Cure, but just because the melody is really bad to their standards. - Bicyclerepairman

This song is great

This song is a thrilling experience in itself.
Come on this song deserve someplace better.

103 Mint Car

Why isn't this top 10?!?! this list is all wrong lol lets go to bed should have been top 10 too.

104 The Hungry Ghost

This is an absolutely magnificent song. #86?

105 Trust

The music on this track is hauntingly beautiful

106 If You Leave

Can't believe this isn't already on here. I love this song laugh out loud.

107 How Beautiful You Are

It wasn't until 20years later that I found out the song was inspired by a poem written by Charles Baudelaire around 1869. The Poem is called The Eyes Of The Poor. It starts with the line, "So you would like to know why I hate you today? " and goes on to explain the story just as the song does.

I'm surprised that HBYA doesn't have almost any votes. One of my personal favourites

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108 Lament

Probably one of the most underrated and overseen Cure songs. Great atmosphere. Great song.

109 Piggy in the Mirror
110 M
111 Three
112 A Reflection
113 There is No If...
114 The Loudest Sound
115 Going Nowhere
116 Three Imaginary Boys
117 2 Late
118 Fear of Ghosts
119 Ariel
120 Treasure
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